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[Rogue Trader] What's written in an ancient Warrant of Trade (Great Crusade era)?

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#1 Evilref



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Posted 22 April 2013 - 12:50 AM

My players have picked an ancient warrant of trade, we've also decided to pull it a century or two back from the Age of Rebirth, so their warrant was issued by the Council of Terra, putting its dating in the period immediately up to, or after the start of the Horus Heresy but before the age of Rebirth and the formation of the Senatorum Imperialis.

My current notes on what would stand out as being different or particularly distinctive:

Signatories: Malcador the Sigilite, First Lord of Terra, The fabricator-general Kelbor-Hal of the Martian Mechanicum, Chief Custodian Constantin Vazdor of the Custodian Guard, Master of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Master of the Administratum and the Paternoval Envoy of the Navis Nobilite.

Contents: Obviously the Ecclesiarchy doesn't exist at this point, instead there should be mention of 'Spreading the Imperial Truth' and bringing worlds into Compliance.

Mention of the Exploratory Fleets and ranging ahead of them to discover new worlds for 'reclaiming' by the Warmaster/Primarchs and diverse other authorities.

Scarus Sector was discovered by Captain Scarus of the 52nd Company of the Word Bearers Legion, Segmentum Obscurus - next to Calixis and then Koronus so a good starting point for a Dynasty to be sent to, bonus points for mentioning the Word Bearers in the Warrant.

 I don't want to go too heavy on the Imperial Truth and 'there are no Gods' as it'd overly push the group into excessive trouble with the Ecclesiarchy/Inquisition (though the dynasty will have had many ups and downs over the millenia, almost vanishing for long periods of time).

Anything else that would stand out as a pre-Heresy/pre-Ecclesiarchy warrant of trade?

#2 Erathia



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Posted 22 April 2013 - 03:04 AM

Perhaps a mention in there that your warrant was granted to you so that you would act on behalf of the Emperor and his eighteen sons?

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#3 Evilref



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Posted 22 April 2013 - 05:27 AM

I think acting on behalf of the Emperor is largely explicit or implicit in all RT Warrants, save perhaps the more limited, less all-encompasing ones issued by a planetary or sector governor in more recent times of the Imperium.


While not one of the earliest 'signed by the Emperor himself' warrants, this is intended to still have that majesty of age and distinction, it comes from the days of the Great Crusade with the RT and their dynasty charged to go forth and claim worlds in the name of the Imperium (bringing them to compliance), kick the arse out of Xenos and so forth. The original RT would have ranged ahead of the Exploratory fleets, identifying those planets and systems to be brought into compliance, going beyond the borders of the growing Imperium etc.

#4 Nikitas



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Posted 24 April 2013 - 06:05 PM

One way to show off the age of a warrant is by giving it a history within it's own text. For example, a living document, like a warrant of trade, would likely accumulate all kinds of addendums or amendments over the years. Here are a couple I addendums I added to a warrant of trade I prepared for my group. The first one in particular deals with the evolution of the imperial faith as has been mentioned in this thread:



In the Name of the God-Emperor of Mankind and through His Authority, Wisdom, and Guidance, His humble Servants, the Senatorum Imperialis, do set down these addenda to the foregoing Warrant of Trade and hereby COMMAND that these addenda shall be read into the forgoing Warrant of Trade as if writ within it, to wit:


XXXV: The Trader shall understand that as regards to the Fourteenth provision of this Warrant, recognizing and celebrating the infallibility of His Holy Word and the fidelity of His Servants, the Senatorum Imperilias, the Imperial Truth spoken of therein being and meaning and representing the Faith, as kept and defended and pronounced by the Adeptus Ministorum and that the Iterators spoken of therein shall be the properly ordained and appointed clerics, missionaries, and ecclesiarchs of all orders and rank recognized by the Adeptus Ministorum: And the Trader shall glorify the God-Emperor in word, through the adherence to the Fourteenth provision of this Warrant, and in deed, by commissioning the erection of a worthy monument or temple to the God-Emperor on whatsoever world the Trader claims under the Fourth provision of this Warrant.


Given under our Great Seal, and the Signature and Seal of our Recorder, at the Imperial Palace, Holy Terra, 0.220.685.M32


XXXVI: In regard to the actions of Rogue Traders and their Captains and Factors and Agents, recognizing actions both the honorable and not, and deeds performed by them and their kin, and the actions of their lineage bearing this Warrant, we deem it necessary to decree, as to ensure continued development of the Imperium of Mankind as well as to allow the bearer of this Warrant to show his duty, devotion and loyalty to Mankind: That each new paterfamilias of the Trader lineage will have to undertake a Grand Endeavor of exploration outside the realms of which is known as the Imperium of Mankind, to broaden humanity's knowledge of the realms of the Without, and to bring the children of the Golden Throne, lost in dark ages of strife, far astern in time, back under the guiding light of the God-Emperor's Authority and Rule: That the tasks and objectives of said Grand Endeavour, as they are laid down individually for each Trader by the Adeptus Administraum, or by any other subject of our choosing suited for this task, but excluding all of those which are not blessed with knowledge of trafficking, shall be completed without neither haste nor delay, within the time of one and a half years, in consideration to the unfathomable rules regarding travels through or by the Immaterium, as recorded on the bridge of the ship of the Trader's choosing, for all there to be seen, or any other place he places his foot and steps unto: That the results of his exploration shall be compiled and sent to us and our appointed representatives among the Adepta as, pending further notice, the Imperial Sector Commander of the Calixis Sector, the Administratum Master of the Calixis Sector and the Lord High Admiral of the Segmentum Obscuris, with no more time than three months elapsing after the finish of the Grand Endeavour.


Given under our Great Seal, and the Signature and Seal of our Recorder, at the Imperial Palace, Holy Terra, 0.457.101.M39 


XXXVII: In recognition of this Imperium's great Need for those scarce metals and organics that sustain and drive the God-Emperor's Grand Vision for the unity of Mankind: And for the encouragement of the collection and processing of these materials, specifically the material commonly known to Terra as Therazail and as designated by the Most Venerated Masters of the Priesthood of Mars as MXA.44.1.32b7, we hereby decree that until the male blood of the Korvin line from Terra shall perish from the stars, no inhabitant of the Imperium of Mankind shall be permitted to sail to or from the systems and worlds within the expanse of Koronus, being within the Segmentum Obscurus, from the Rifts of Hecaton to the warp storms known as The Cauldron; nor to traffic within the worlds of the Halo; nor to traffic to the Heathen Stars, beginning at the one hundred and fourth world of Calixis, by the straights of Benetek and Nostromo, or any other straights and passages situated thereabouts to the straights of Anaian, both to spinwards as well as trailing, or to any worlds situated on the one side or the other, or between both, nor in the rimward or trailing lying sectors, and between both the meridians, from the God-Emperor's Scourge, from spinwards to trailing, to the Galactic Rim, inclusive for the purpose of trade in the market of Therazail.


Given under our Great Seal, and the Signature and Seal of our Recorder, at the Imperial Palace, Holy Terra, 0.536.685.M40 

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