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LCG legacy starter - which cards would you prefer to be (re-) printed ?

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#1 Old Ben

Old Ben


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Posted 14 March 2009 - 12:46 AM

This discussion about reprints which felt by part of the community are necessary usually appears with every new official FFG announcement - yep, i´m guilty too. I thought it might be interesting to have players list their top 40 cards to printed, reprinted (maybe modified) on the boards. And who knows maybe the topic might catch Nate´s attention too and we´ll probably see a legacy starter anytime. So here´s my wanted list:

  1. The Red Viper (Promotion, modification: add renown and a noble crest)
  2. Arianne Martell (ACOS, modification: add Noble crest)
  3. Myrcella Lannister (5KE)
  4. Darkstar (ITE legacy starter)
  5. Doran Martell (ACOS, modification: add a noble crest)
  6. Nymeria Sand (ASOT, mod.: remove the doomed icon)
  7. Princes Loyalist (ASOT, mod.: remove doomed, add +1 gold cost, make the response a limit once per round response)
  8. Obara Sand (ACOS, mod.: add a war crest)
  9. You murdered her children (ATOS)
  10. We have the princess (VED)
  11. Balon Greyjoy (5KE)
  12. Euron Greyjoy (WED)
  13. Victarion Greyjoy (5KE)
  14. Andrik the unsmiling (ATOS)
  15. The knight (ATOS)
  16. Asha Greyjoy (5KE)
  17. Aeron Damphair (VED, mod.: add holy crest)
  18. Maester Murenmure (ITE)
  19. Not listening (VED)
  20. Risen from the sea (ITE)
  21. Paper shield (VED)
  22. Price of failure (I&F PS)
  23. An enemy disgraced (VED)
  24. A hostage rescued (VED)
  25. Bastard (ACOS)
  26. Where winter lasts a lifetime (VED)
  27. Roving pillagers (WED)
  28. Iron throne (ITE)
  29. Put to the torch (mod: "response: after you win a military challenge, choose and discard from play a location controlled by the losing opponent. (cannot be saved) Limit 1 per challenge.")
  30. Fallow fields (WED, mod: add the trait kingdom)
  31. Outfox (ITE)
  32. First snow of winter (ASON)
  33. Battle of blackwater bay (5KE)
  34. Battle of Oxcross (5kE)
  35. Rout of the riverlords (5KE)
  36. Breaking and entering (5KE)
  37. Scouting the pass (5KE)
  38. Let my porridge fly (5KE)
  39. The swearing of  oaths (5KE)
  40. Our heart´s desire

#2 Rozy



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Posted 14 March 2009 - 01:53 AM

I think that the promo Viper with all the stuff you wrote would be too powerfull, at least without renown. I like the Drawstar, but that would seem a little too powerfull too in LCG so I would vote for the 5KE one. 5KE Myrcella for everybody without spending 1000$ for her is nice. And the idea of Princess Loylist modified is good, but carefuly about them, we do not want an other broken card.

For Greyjoy I defintely vote for WED Euron, he is awesome, maybe he deserves a crest too. With him ot would be nice to see Old Wyk to hit the board again. And personaly I would like to see ITE Theon :)

From your list of events I am for Paper shield, but against Put to the Torch, I would welcome some other discard location efects. Not just winning the military challenge. And I see no point in giving the kingdom trait to Fallow fields.

As plots concerning, I would like to see more usefull 2-claim plots and traits as well...


#3 Old Ben

Old Ben


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Posted 14 March 2009 - 02:27 AM

Perhaps the Promo Viper is too powerful with all the stuff, but another Viper without renown is a no-go for me. :-) So yes, some modifications could still be done in the Viper´s gametext like "remove a charachter with a strength of 3 or less from the challenge", which could be nedly because every Ser Gregor version had 4 strength. ;-)

WED Euron is realy strong and i felt a crest would possibly make him too strong.

Put to the torch- i must admit i also felt a little uncertain about that in fact, i guess the general message is, let´s have an event that could remove locations but isn´t as overpowered as the old put to the torch was. 

The idea behind fallow fields and thekingdom trait is that cards like heart of the kingdom and Mance Rayder finally  get a gametext in for the LCG format.

Some more plots would be good i agree, but i tried to limit the number of cards to a chapter pack size to see what could be done with a 40 card expansion. I think that 40 (re-) prints could help a lot with the themes:

  • almost no unique chars for Greyjoy/Martell
  • not enough resource cards for Greyjoy and Martell- granted there´s only one card on my list: fallow fields
  • some more Martell and Greyjoy related cards in general
  • cancels
  • attachment and location control
  • military, intrigue and power traited plots for LCG

#4 LordofBrewtown



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Posted 14 March 2009 - 05:37 AM

Old Ben said:

  1. The Red Viper (Promotion, modification: add renown and a noble crest)
  2. Arianne Martell (ACOS, modification: add Noble crest)


Good Topic

I would suggest giving the Viper the Learned crest as opposed to the Noble

I agree strongly with the Arianne choice, as well as:  Bastard, Where Winters Last a Lifetime, A Hostage Rescued

Personally, I would be in favor of releasing what is essentially a Martell pack, and a Greyjoy pack (two separate Chapter packs, instead of a Legacy pack).  Of course, if I was in charge, I'd also have a Tyrell, Arryn, and Tully pack (as their own houses).  I'd put one plot in each (Fleeing to the Wall would definitely be in one of them), 3 copies of their fiefdoms, and include a couple of nuetrals and dual-house to appeal to players of the other houses.  I've been meaning to draw up/post 5 chapter packs similar to what you did above - I'll try to get to that/add on to this thread

#5 JerusalemJones



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Posted 15 March 2009 - 01:22 PM

I personally feel the best Darkstar was the one from Song of Twilight. He was a solid character, who got better when he worked alone. The KE is a decent card, but Drawstar beats him every day of the week. And I would easily give him up for Lonestar.

I'd like to see a new Arianne Martell myself. CoS Arianne isn't a bad card, but all she really gives is Claim Raise, and I don't see that belonging in Martell's court anymore. In a melee game with CoA Areo Hotah, you could get a rather high claim. No, CoS Arianne doesn't work for me.

What's wrong with ITE Euron? The discard mechanic for Greyjoy fits well into there plunder theme, and has always been a nice piece of control. Giving all greyjoy characters stealth seems overindulgent. In some ways, I'd rather see the King version of Euron and Balon, just to balance out the Kings/Queens in the game more. Although the Targ Kings and Queens don't get shut down in the LCG, so perhaps some new Kings/Queens might be necessary.

#6 Dr.Cornelius



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Posted 15 March 2009 - 08:10 PM

The LCG really needs more Plots.  Especially more interesting ones - the current plot pool seems flat.

#7 Old Ben

Old Ben


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Posted 16 March 2009 - 06:53 AM

Dr.Cornelius said:


The LCG really needs more Plots.  Especially more interesting ones - the current plot pool seems flat.




Without hesitation i agree, but which plots do you feel are missed? Which are interesting ?

I like the interactive plots that were printed in the 5KE, such plots as Scouting the pass. I like the idea behind it: play active to receive an award. Also a lot of good/playable outside of melee 2 (or more) claim plots are missing- i´m not talking about some crazy stuff like Gathering storm, but something like Rise of the kraken. Also there are only few constructibe/build up plots for a joust game - some stuff like Called by the gods, building order, Under one banner is really missing. Of course an FAQ errata could fix the matter rather quickly for a joust game, if the plots building season, counting favors, summoning season would be erratad to "When revealed and there are 2 or more opponents, choose an opponent. (.....)". The interaction part of the named plots is great for melee, but so disgusting for joust play.

#8 Rozy



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Posted 16 March 2009 - 10:27 PM

I also like the 5KE traited (understand MB, IG and PS) plots. For me it was always a must to have at least 2 or 3 traited plots in each deck. The are good and can work nicely with cards like Robb, Cercei, Stannis, Dorne, Iron island and Dragon stone. Also the abilities are good. But one thing I never fully understood is why Breaking and Entering and Taxed at Swordpoint have a positive text and Siege of Riverrun as same plot type has a negative ability. Other that that I would like to see some search like On ravens wings and posibly some more high income plots with 5-6  gold or more.

And of course I would welcome some more AGENDA these days. It seems that Summer/Winter works good, but it is a little limiting play only Winter/Summer or nothing.

#9 Stag Lord

Stag Lord


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Posted 17 March 2009 - 05:15 AM

Yes to First Snow of Winter. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes.

No to YMHC,. Never, ever ever ever again.

Half the stuff on your list we are still playing with anwyay, so i'm not in a rush to see it reprinted. i'm only looking at winter, VED and I&F blcoks for new stuff - most of teh good westeros block stuff is already back. (though some Sea of Storms stuff for Greyjoy would be fun. isle of Pyke for instance. and the 0 cost save lcoation).

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