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Kingsguard Deck advice

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#1 BuzzsawMF



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Posted 18 April 2013 - 07:28 AM

I want to build a Kingsgaurd deck but I am curious as to what house is the best suited for it. I have been told that Lannister & Martell are best but I wanted to hear from the community as well as any success stories you have had. 

Also, I was wondering what are some other defense decks that are viable. 




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#2 Skowza



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Posted 28 April 2013 - 03:22 PM

Defensive decks arent really that strong in this game; I wouldnt recommend it, but the other defensive option that immediately comes to mind is a Tully deck using Riverrun.  Of course, that depends on how you define "defensive" - one could argue that Lanni hyperkneel and Targ burn are defensive since they can be used to prevent your opponent from even making challenges.

Whitebook is quite possibly the worst Agenda available, mostly b/c Kingsguard guys are relatively weak for a variety of reasons including lack of icons, lack of Stealth that is much needed to defend successfully and all-around crappy abilities.  They do ok in Lanni b/c you can use Infamy to keep power off your House and not lose it b/c of the Agenda; they do ok out of Martell b/c you have access to all those neat revenge effects and Burning on the Sands, but a Martell KG build is even weaker than before since they lost icon stripping abilities.  Both of those Houses also give you in-House KG guys that are better than pretty much all of the neutral ones.  Virtually any kind of control build will wipe the floor with KG since you're focusing on a few key Characters, but unlike other archetypes that count on a few key guys (Bara rush for example), the KG guys mostly suck.  Maybe when the new cycle hits they'll get some better cards…

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