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A must-have ship - Habrak Q-201 “Moonminer”

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#1 Toronus



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Posted 14 April 2013 - 02:27 AM

As a RT, what would you do to have this one? :D



Habrak Q-201 “Moonminer”


Hull: Transport

Class:  Juggernaut-class astro-miner

Dimensions: 13 km long, 1.4 km abeam at fins approx.

Mass: 54 megatonnes approx.

Crew: 77 000 crew, approx.

Accel: 0.5 gravities max sustainable acceleration


The Juggernaut-class Astro-Miner is a piece of incredibly old technology, rooted in the Dark Age of Technology. During the Angevin crusade it was used as a weapon of terror due to its massively armoured prow and fearsome prow armament, which was originally designed to crack moonlets and shatter them to processible fragments. Ultimately, however, the ship proved to be a weak link in the fleet, as it was otherwise defenceless and sluggish, lightly plated at all sections but the prow. As compensation, the ship was escorted by two Lunar-class cruisers until it was prepared to unleash the fury of its Moonstriker battery upon the greatest vessels of the Yu’Vath.

These ships are often regarded as relics by the Adeptus Mechanicus, as their bellies are occupied by ancient manufactorum systems , ore-processors and archeo-servitors. The agents of the Machine God thus exercised pressure against completely retrofitting Juggernaut-class ships for combat purposes – no Tech-Priest would willingly tear out the delicately integrated industrial systems of such miraculous, ancient ship.


Speed: 2                                              Manoeuvrability: -25

Detection: +25                                     Hull Integrity: 60

Armour:  25 prow,  12 all                    Turret Rating: 1

Weapon Capacity: Prow 1, Dorsal 1

Void shield: 1                                    Crew Rating: Crack (40)

Morale: 100                                        Crew Population: 100

Essential Components

Jovian Pattern Class 4 Drive, Strelov 2 Warp Engine ,Geller Field, Single Void Shield Array, Mark 1.r Life Sustainer, Voidsmen Quarters, M–100 Auger Array

Supplemental Components

Main Cargo Hold x 6,

Prow Moonstriker Plasmabattery (Macrobattery; Core Architecture; Strength: Spec.; Damage 2d10+3; Crit Rating 5; Range 10;)

Dorsal Thunderstrike Macrocannons ((Macrobattery; Strength: 4; Damage 1d10+2; Crit Rating 5; Range 5;)

Oversized Monstrosity: This vessel's conventional Speed may not be increased by any component. If it would be, simply ignore the effect.

Cargo Hauler: Vessel designed for transporting and store goods. Hull comes pre-equipped with 6 Main Cargo Hold Component(s).

Moonstriker Plasmabattery:  Macrobattery; Core Architecture; Strength: The Strength of the weapon is 3 at first, then, with every consecutive attack against the same target (as long as these attacks hit every consecutive turn) rises by 1 to a maximum of 6. Every hit causes 2d10+3 damage.

Archeofactorum: The integrated auto-grapnels and harvester-macrodendrites running along the sides of the hull automatically collect nearby debris (both rock fragments and wreckage) which is sorted by ancient and inscrutable cogitator-arrays and processed into a reusable form, mostly beams and plates of solid metal, food, semiconductor blocks and polymer-pellets. After a large enough harvesting run the system fills the holds of the ships, resulting in +1 PF above that granted by Achievement Points.

#2 Toronus



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Posted 14 April 2013 - 07:58 AM

Any opinion about the design?

#3 Erathia



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Posted 14 April 2013 - 05:41 PM

Toronus said:

Any opinion about the design?

Well, you didn't provide the Space or the SP which is tricky, but it seems like a more combat-oriented Universe Mass Conveyor. It's interesting, but it seems to suffer from a clash of concept.

It's classified as a Transport and an ancient Mechanicus factory that prowls through debris fields pulling everything into its massive cargo holds, and is incredibly armoured to prevent debris from impacting the bridge. However then you've also given it one of the single most destructive Macrobatteries in existence. It's even more destructive than a Nova Cannon, and even though it has a range of 10 that's only less than another Archeotech Macrobattery that is nowhere near as powerful. This ship is also not even close to being good for combat because with its speed and maneuverability penalties and inability for its massive weapon to fire anywhere but in the prow arc, once a ship gets behind it it's basically toast.

The idea of a "Plasma" nova cannon is interesting, and a relentless salvager and ancient Mechanicus mobile factory are both good, but not when they're mixed together.

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#4 Toronus



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Posted 14 April 2013 - 10:14 PM

You're right, I used the Univers for scaling. I think this ship is not a warship - as you can see in the notes -, and this ships (ca. 2-3 in the Calixis) are unique ones! You don't start with it, but in the late game you can get one, and it is a perfect choice if you use the SoI system generator. For the ship graveyard for example….

You must work for the defense of the ship while it process the wreckage, and the transportation of the goods, but in the end there is a LOT of AchiPoint and sweet PF :)

The "Plasma nova canon" is a completly independent idea from the origina nova cannon - I just want modeling a "weapon" wath can struck a little moon into half. But I'm open to other suggestions for the weapon ;)

#5 Tristonic



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Posted 15 April 2013 - 01:05 AM

I'd just replace the prow weapon with a component instead. Something along the lines of:


Moonbreaker Lance/Drill/Some other name here.

-Insert Fluff here about the item-

This item is used primarily for breaking apart small, and sometimes somewhat larger, moons. This process, though not simple, is accomplished by sustained 'fire' and takes x amount of time.


I would say X = a day, for very small moons/enough to fill 1/2 or one full cargohold.


This would mean that the Miner would be realy vulnerable during this process, and only has their single macrocannon available (Which I would switch to Keel, for more utility.) thus making the cruiser escort very important.

#6 Erathia



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Posted 15 April 2013 - 12:36 PM

As an alternative to Tristonic, turn it into a Lance that works similar to a Stryxis weapon. It starts out with Strength 0, but for every round in which it continues to "hit" it increases in Strength, perhaps maxing out at 3 or 4. Also due to the gradual power of this beam, it is unable to penetrate functioning void shields. This weapon is still potentially devastating, but really not suitable for combat although it is for destroying planets, which very rarely fight back. Unless it's a Void Kraken. Or a Necron tomb. Or Zayth. Or filled with Promethium…

Citizens of Grace! We have defeated both the Dark Eldar and Ork menaces that threatened your system! We need no thanks nor payments, so long as you do not leave the atmosphere during our salvage operations under pain of death! - Jequin Hos of The Hos Dynasty

#7 Kasatka



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Posted 16 April 2013 - 01:43 AM

I'm not sure about this beast starting with that many cargo holds - it should have less than a Universe-class because a LOT of its space will be taken up with the powerful cutting beam and factory components.

I'd also possibly suggest not having the factory stuff as part of the same ship - there is already an Ad-Mech ship that is a mobile factor. Instead focus on it just being a destroyer of celestial bodies. Perhaps per Void Unit it occupies it takes 1 round of firing at a celestial body to blow it up, but it is incapable of firing upon any target that can move 2 or more VU a turn as the ship simply cannot track the target for long enough.

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