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Running a campaign in the shadow of the Tanith First and Only?

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#1 irontam



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Posted 10 April 2013 - 10:33 AM

Having bought Only War, I dug out the Gaunt's Ghost books again and have been motoring through them again.

Halfway through the seige of Vervunhive it occurred to me that it'd be a great idea (and hopefully easier than starting from scratch), to run a campaign during the Sabbat crusades in the background of the central Tanith storyline.

The theatre of operations in the novels is nearly always massive. It'd be interesting to run a seperate story which intertwines with the Tanith at keys points. The trick would be intertwining the two strands without directly affecting the Gaunt thread. Think the Tribbles revisited story in Star Trek DS9,

Anybody thought about doing similar? Anyone with ideas to contribute.

This may take a while for me to work on (two kids under two). Any help appreciated. :)


Found a useful chronological order to get us started.

#2 Darck Child

Darck Child


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Posted 10 April 2013 - 06:26 PM

I thinks it's an excellent idea.   Apparently Gaun't Ghosts get a write up in Hammer Of The Emperor which might be of help when it hits the shelve.


Dan Abnett's books will be great for reference and inspiration and that link to the timeline will make you job easier in one way and yet harder in another, in my opinion.


Why I think it will be harder stems from that you are restricting your story to Gaunt's timeline.  Should your story ever catch up to the curent time period or surpass it then you'll be treading into material that cannot sync up to the Ghosts as Dan Abnett hasn't written it yet.


Depending what is in Hammer Of Emperor you may have to come up with stats for what Dan Abnett has already created in addition to making up your own cast and places for your story. And then make sure that it all meshes together.


If anyone in your group has read the series then they may end up comparing what they see Dan Abnette's writing to the story your trying to tell.


Having said all that it would be amazing if it all came together - I have played in a game where the storyteller succesfully pulled it off based on an anime tv series.


The core rule book for Only War has a chapter on setting up an Imperial Guard game in there other gamelines that already have published material ready to be adapted into an Only War story.  Thinking of the Jericho Reach from Deathwatch.


Heck the material on the Spinward Marches is a great starting point with several published adventures ready to go making a Storyteller's life much eassier  ;)


I wish you the best of luck on your endeavors though.


A final thought, when I was setting up my current game I asked the Players the type of game they wanted from the regiment they wanted to be part of to the enemy they would prefer to fight.  We spent two nights building up regiment, characters, companions, NPCs.  The story I wanted to tell changed a little based on the time spent with the group building everything up…  Not that this was a bad thing.  We even tok the time to build up the world and star system the Players came from by using the rules from Rogue Trader's Stars Of Inequity.

#3 Robomummy



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Posted 14 April 2013 - 05:12 AM

I ran a tanith campaign a few months ago, they are fun to play but be prepared for ALOT of stealth checks. The OW rules make it somewhat difficult to play them but overall they are worth it if you can make up good enough rules for them.

Scouting missions and actions behind the scenes of a campaign can make for some fun missions but you will need to get creative to avoid it getting monotonous.

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