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Range and Movement Question

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#1 wormwoode



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Posted 06 April 2013 - 09:20 AM

Been studying the Beginner set Rules, getting the game ready for my group. What little RPG'ing we've done has involved miniatures, maps, and direct measurement (ie: Grids and 1"=6', type stuff). I'd like to get some miniatures involved with Edge of Empire at some point down the line, but I'm content with the tokens and maps provided for the time being. Proper Star Wars themed minis are easily available and I love the idea of not needing to work Grids into every bit of terrain I build.


That said, I seem to be having a bit of trouble solidifying the Range Bands and Movement rules in my head. I suspect it's my previous reliance on Grids and other visually verifiable hard rules regarding movement. It all seems simple enough: Engaged, Short, Medium, etc., but how it actually plays out when spending maneuvers gets a bit muddy when I try to sort it out. The references to not needing to complete one's full movement (from range to range) during one turn are particularly hard to process.


Can anyone clarify just how range to range movement works out in practical play?

#2 Kintaro1



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Posted 07 April 2013 - 07:04 PM

I'll try to clarify for ya : )

Between close and medium costs ONE maneuver. This means if your PC moves from close to long, or from long to close (or just within the close band itself), by spending one maneuver. This is relative to an object or character.

EX : you could move WITHIN the close band to a new position for one maneuver, and then move to the medium band for a second maneuver. 

Between medium and long, or long and extreme, costs two maneuvers. This means that if your PC moves from medium to long (or vice-versa), or from long to extreme (or vice versa) costs TWO maneuvers.

EX: Following from the example above, you could, on your next turn, move from medium to long, but you must spend TWO maneuvers (either by trading your action for the second maneuver, or taking strain.) then, let's say on your third turn you want to move back to medium. You would need to spend two maneuvers again!

Lets say you want to move from close range to long range. This would require THREE manuevers (moving across two bands). But since you are only allowed two maneuvers per turn, you would spend ONE manuever on the first turn, and then TWO more on the second turn. This is why it speaks to not having to spend all required maneuvers on the same turn. Heck, if I understand it correctly, you could spend two maneuvers on the first turn to move and then one on the second to move from close to long.

One of the things that helps me when I really can't get my head around a rule/rules set is to break it down into parts, and go over each part till I get it : )

Beta book pg 130/131 - Maneuver movement / beginner book pg 16/17

Beta book pg 135 - Range Band explanations.


Hope this helped, and good luck!

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