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Rules on game aids?

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#1 Holliday88



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Posted 05 April 2013 - 02:22 AM

I looked through the tournament rules and didn't see anything. I am hoping some of you guys that play the other LCGs can have some insight. Does FFG allow game aids in tournament play? For instance, a card list set to the side or on my phone? Or that action window chart from BGG?

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#2 Hida77



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Posted 05 April 2013 - 03:25 AM

The action window chart is in the back of the rulebook, so I would be shocked if it wasnt allowed.  Not sure if the BGG one is different, but if its even close, I'd probably allow it.  Honestly, after a while you memorize it =)

Otherwise, it will likely be a case by case basis.  If you wanted to have your decklist or you wanted to look up some card or whatever, I'd be more on the fence.  In reality, you should really know what the cards do (to some degree) and what's in your deck.  That being said, if you were my opponent and  wanted to look up some card I'd be okay with it here and there as long as you realized if the game went to time (in a tournament, otherwise ignore) because of it you would have to concede due to delaying the game.  I'd likely say the same thing as a TO, if you needed to look up card/deck related items that are common knowledge to both players I would force you to concede any games that went to time.

Again, this would be on acase-by-case basis, and many TOs would simply not allow this at all.

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#3 cleardave



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Posted 05 April 2013 - 09:04 AM

Netrunner specifically bans any kind of note-taking or "outside the game" player aids beyond the card that comes in the Core Set, and the framework chart for making a run from the FAQ, so FFG has certainly addressed "outside" information in other games.

To be quite honest, in casual play this wouldn't bother me, especially if your goal was to try and learn the Objective sets and that was your training tool, but in a tournament, you need to put that stuff away.

You get one hour to play TWO games, playing both your Light and Dark deck.  There is simply not enough time to play both matches if you're stopping to reference your various charts.  This would slow the game down and make every match go to time, which would mess with your opponent's scoring, especially if they were about to get a clean win off of you.  In a Swiss tournament, you always want the full win over the adjusted, so you're basically stalling their ability to make finals.

Even being a complete neophyte would probably frustrate your opponents, especially if it was a Regionals type thing with more prizes at stake, but in the interest of sportsmanship, as the opponent of a total rookie in a tournament, I would be supportive of that.  If you honestly feel like you need all kinds of player aids, then you need to practice more.  Use flash cards if you have to, if you want to memorize all the Objective sets, but don't bring that stuff to the game.  I think the only acceptable "player aid" would be the framework chart at the back of the rulebook, since it's an official game document, and it would be helpful to quickly reference Action windows, which can make for some complex interactions in the Conflict phase.

At most, your setup should be;

Objective Deck

Command Deck

Affiliation Card

Tokens, organized for easy access

An optional communal rulebook open to the framework page, placed in a way where both parties can see it without moving it around

An optional playmat

Remember, sportsmanship goes both ways.  I've played tournaments where my opponent openly admitted to having never played against a live opponent before stepping up to me in the first round.  I happily guided them through each part of the process, step-by-step, narrating everything I did, and asked them to do the same so we can be sure they didn't forget something critical.

However, as the person with no experience, know that your game-delaying actions are going to hinder the opponent's ability to place higher because of the scoring system.  In practical terms, it would be no different than spoiling the clean win on purpose, because either way your opponent can't get full points, not because the "game" took that long, but because you were stopping the game all the time to reference your charts and your phone.

Go and work on your game playing skills.  By that I mean play some solo games where all you do is play through your turn against nothing, just to get the various actions and order of operations drilled into your mind.  If your issue is finding regular opponents, try playing online with OCTGN, or over web cam if you're brave.  If you honestly won't be able to get in any actual gameplay in before the event, you just have to do drills by yourself so you can go in as knowledgeable as possible.

Use these boards in the meantime to answer your rules related questions, read the FAQ and the rulebook.  Then read them both again.  And again.  And probably again, because those little details will screw you up.

"Play" versus "put into play" is a good example of a small thing that messes new players up.  Just like using Red 2's ability when you pull Focus off it mid-conflict.  There are so many little things that will completely bone you if you're not aware of the subtle interactions…

…like using Force Choke on your own character to get Vader's direct damage to take out the last point of health on Home One

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