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Haas-Bioroid with Snare! Feedback please…

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#1 DeckBuilder



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Posted 04 April 2013 - 05:31 AM


This is a first post.

Snare! is currently a pretty unique ambush. It is very versatile, poisoning R&D and HQ while making the runner suspicious of any unadvanced cards. It also plays mind games when retrieved from Archives.

The deck below is an attempt to use it to enliven Haas-Bioroid, a very efficient but often not very exciting Corp, by adding Snare!, always fun to play with.

The deck also mixes and matches various installs in your sole remote server fort to confuse the runner and provoke expensive runs: this includes disposable money assets, SanSan and Ash. The existence of Snare! further helps to make runners wary of accessing unadvanced cards.

And then there is the very brutal Fast Advance theme.

The deck (controversially?) doesn't play Hedge Fund or Melange Mining Corp. The HB core identity encourages an install each turn and should be sufficient drip economy, aided by 6 protected temporary money assets and even 2 Priority Requisitions to aid rezzing the Heimdalls if necessary.

Archived Memories (and Vitruvius counters) are for retrieving disposable money assets, Ash to protect SanSan/Priority Req and insurance for Accelerated Beta Test (which need not be triggered).

I have yet to test it but would be happy to hear any feedback, constructive criticism and/or suggested enhancements.

Thank you.


                Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future


3              Accelerated Beta Test

3              Project Vitruvius

2              False Lead

2              Priority Requisition


3              Snare! (6 inf)

3              Adonis Campaign

3              Private Contracts


3              SanSan City Grid (9 inf)

3              Ash


3              Viktor 1.0

3              Viper

3              Rototurret

3              Ichi 1.0

3              Wall of Static

3              Heimdall 1.0


3              Biotic Labour

3              Archived Memories

#2 Brigaldio



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Posted 05 April 2013 - 05:15 PM

Snare is a good enough trap.  I'm not sure it's doing enough for you here though.  You're probably not going to flatline the runner off the damage unless he's being needlessly careless, and your deck doesn't have any way to take advantage of the tags beyond scrapping resources.  That's not a terrible thing to do, but you don't have scorched earth or closed accounts or something like that.

What I'm seeing is that your list can score an agenda off of an unadvanced card in a remote server at the start of your turn.  Instead of snare, I would consider the Edge of the World trap.  It's the same influence cost, but does brain damage instead of net damage - must nastier.  In addition, the runner can't afford to wait around to see if you start advancing the card on your turn to decide whether to run it.  If they can't expose it, they either go in blind or risk handing you an agenda.  That's a perfect setup for Edge of the World.  Also, since you're HB, they'll probably spend their clicks going though your ice, which means they'll spend their whole turn making one run and giving themselves brain damage.  Fun.

Now blogging Netrunner, Warmachine, Malifaux, Dust: Warfare, and anything else that catches my interest at Dice Minus Seven.

#3 DeckBuilder



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Posted 06 April 2013 - 02:52 PM

Thank you, good sir, for your reply - it was good to get one

I do take your point about Edge of World. It is certainly an option when you are trying to make unadvanced cards threatening.

However, because of 3x SanSan and 3x Biotic Labour (as well as 3x Archived Memories), 8 agendas worth 14 points can be advanced straight from hand with just 1 fast advance card. While 2x Priority Requisition will be tough (but not impossible) to score from unadvanced, hence 3x Ash to protect them when they are advanced.

Just as the Private Contracts is there to be confused with SanSan when unrezzed (and all such assets/upgrades protect vs. Siphon), the Snares exist to cast doubt in the minds at what those unrezzed unadvanced cards are. This is after they have been surprised by a Snare! in R&D or HQ. But their primary purpose is deterrence. Why else would I recall a Snare! with Archived Memories? Except to cast doubt on subsequent unrezzed unadvanced remote fort installs. And to act as a deterrent on HQ runs. HQ and R&D become far more unattractive when you know the opponent is running Snare, a lot of extra precautions need to be made.

You are totally right that there is poor synergy of Snare! in a deck that does not stack damage and/or exploit the tag, The point is not to flatline but disrupt. with random grip hits and destroying resources (like Personal Workshop) after all clicks have been used in the run. Alone out of all traps, Snare! is the only one that cannot be trashed without pain, as long as the Corp has 4 credits ready. It's never a bad draw or access by runner if you are prepared,

However, your input on Edge of World has got me thinking of a Jinteki Fast Advance deck (because Jinteki uses 4 agendas with 4 advances that need a deterrent when laid unadvanced ready to fast advance with SanSan or Trick of Light). Something like…

Jinteki Personal Evolution

Agenda (10)

Code Gate (6)

Sentry (6)


Many thanks, Brigaldio, for your reply. It certainly gave me food for thought and made me appreciate the subtle value of threat.

#4 Brigaldio



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Posted 07 April 2013 - 03:56 PM

Hmm.  I don't run HB or Jinteki much, so Archived Memories usually doesn't make a deck for me.  I do love making the runner paranoid - the Archived Memories / Snare combination is pretty good.  I tend to use Project Junebug or Edge of the World in my corp decks because they provide either lasting damage or game-ending potential.  I also don't use SanSan City Grid though, so I'm not sure how that affects your gameplay.  Fast advance isn't really my thing.

I may have to consider finding space for Archived Memories now.  Being able to threaten a second coming of Aggressive Secretary….  Oh man…


Now blogging Netrunner, Warmachine, Malifaux, Dust: Warfare, and anything else that catches my interest at Dice Minus Seven.

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