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Alternate Mechadendrite Rules

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Posted 01 April 2013 - 01:39 PM

So I have the flu, and in my fevered state decided to write a bunch of rules that make mechadendrites a bit more tentacley.  Forgive the poor grammar and possible unbalanced-ness of the following, but I would love some feedback. :)


A Tech-Priest may have a number of mechadendrites up to his TB plus the value of his Machine trait if he has it. Mechadendrites by default feature grasping pincers that can be used to perform any action that would normally require hands, but lack the dexterity to properly wield weapons . A Tech-Priest may attack with mechadendrites in melee, doing 1d5 Impact damage, although instead of adding his SB, he adds his number of mechadendrites. Each mechadendrite may also be upgraded with one of the following upgrades:


Utility Upgrade: Contains several useful tools which count as a Combi-tool, granting +10 to Tech-Use tests.

Also includes a small, but powerful cutting blade. This blade grants +2 penetration to the characters mechadendrite attacks. This stacks with the penetration granted by other Utility Upgrades.


Medicae Upgrade: Includes medicae tools that grant a +10 to Medicae skill tests and Interrogation tests. Also includes six injectors, and a flesh stapler that can stop Blood Loss as a half action. Amputations performed with the aid of this upgrade are Challenging(+0).

When attacking with his mechadendrites, the character may change the damage type to Rending if he so chooses, and may as a free action, inject a target that takes wounds from the attack, with the contents of one of the injectors.


Optical Upgrade: This upgrade contains several visual sensors that link into the characters own senses, functioning as a photo-visor, magnoculars, preysense goggles and providing a +10 bonus to all Perception skill tests.

When attacking with his mechadendrites, the character counts as two creatures for the purposes of outnumbering opponents or being outnumbered. For the purposes of the Double Team talent, only one instance applies per Tech-Priest.


Manipulator Upgrade: This upgrade replaces the flexible pincer arrangement with a heavy metal servo-arm, with a powerful claw mounted on the end. This upgrade grants a +5 bonus to Strength tests made to lift, push or otherwise move objects, Grapple and to Climb tests, for each Manipulator Upgrade that the character has, and allows the character to grab onto something and tether himself to it as a free action.

When attacking with his mechadendrites, the damage increases to 1d10 + the number of mechadendrites. This effect does not stack with other manipulator upgrades.


Weaponisation Upgrade: This upgrade allows the mechadendrite to be fitted either with any pistol-class weapon with the Compact upgrade, or one of several modules for improving melee mechadendrite attacks. Each upgrade may either contain the ranged option listed above, or add one of the following qualities to the characters melee mechadendrite attacks: Balanced, Proven(+1), Flexible, Razor-Sharp, Shocking, Tearing, Crippling(+1).


Base mechadendrites and upgrades are all Very Rare. Upgrades must be acquired separately from mechadendrites and each other.

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