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Expanded Living Index (addendum)

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Posted 30 March 2013 - 02:49 PM

The index hasn't been updated in 2 years..so here it is.   It's not completed or formatted yet. Any comments or feedback on completion are welcome.



Living Index Update (March.26.2013) – updated by Jay Hafner

This living index allows for easier reference of key terms, rules, and concepts by indexing all four books found in the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Set. This index will be updated as new products are added to the line.


The indexed listing uses the following shorthand for book titles:

+ Lure of Power (LoP)

+ Liber Ecstatica (LE)

+ Omens of War (Oow) – expanded

beyond what was covered in the last Living Index update (12/10/09)

+ +Hero’s Call (HC)

+From the Grave POD (FtG)


Where more than one reference exists, the primary reference is listed first, followed by additional references from the other sources where that topic is covered.


Lure of Power (LoP)

Nobility/Noble rules…LoP 27

Retainers and Retainer Cards.. LoP 29

Social Encounters.. LoP 32

Influence defined..LoP..32

Duel of Wits.. LoP 35

Shame and Shame Threshold.. LoP 36


Liber Ecstatica (LE)

Mark of Slaanesh..8,15

Obsession Tracker (rule)..27

Secret Societies.. LoP LE 19

Slaanesh…..ToB27; LE 3

Slaanesh details..LE 3

Hordes of Slaanesh..8

Bestiary of Slaanesh..LE 9


Liber Carnagia

Mark of Khorne..11

Bestiary of Khorne..16


Liber Mutatis

Hordes of Tzeentch..11

Mark of Tzeentch..10,20


Liber Infectus

Hordes of nurgle..10

Mark of Nurgle ..9,15


Omens of War                   

Jousting (RULE)………………OoW 28

Enhance Cards (RULE)…..OoW 48






Hero’s Call (HC)                                

Ogres as a PC race..11

Halflings as a PC race..13

Alternate Human Races..14

Alternate Dwarf Races..19

Tiered Careers by Trait (RULE)..21

The Epic Trait (RULE)..21

Action Card Inherent Difficulty..22

Epic Order & Faith Cards..22

“Any” talent socket..22

Enhance Cards (Action)..22

Skill Mastery at Rank 4..22

Heroic (Epic) Difficulties..22

Further Complications of (4d+) Difficulty Checks (Optional)..23

 Skuttles, game of..23

Dice and the Narrative in Extended Challenges (RULE)..25

Fame,Renown, & Notoriety  (RULE)..31  

Epic Threats..42

Anatomy of a Creature Card..43

Epic Threat Sheets, Anatomy of..44

Epic Antagonists..45

·         Archaon the Everchosen, Khazrak One-Eye, Grimgor Ironhide, Manndred von Carstiein, Greyh Seer Thanquol, Golgfag Maneater, Lokhir Fellheart, Galrauch the Great Drake

Epic Monsters..51, 54 (stats)

·         Arachnarok Spider, Ghorgon, Hell Pit Abomination, War Hydra,

Treasures of Chaos (epic magical items)..45



From the Grave

Bound Ghoul ..FtG 3








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