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Tourney Report: March All-aBoard AGoT Tournament by Gaming Library

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Posted 30 March 2013 - 07:14 AM

Title: March All-aBoard AGoT Tournament by Gaming Library

2nd Joust of 2013
Date: Saturday, March 23
Place: All-aBoard Event by Gaming Library in Robinsons Galleria, Manila, Philippines

1st: Arvin - Targaryen, House of Dreams - Hatchling's Feast
2nd: Pau - Martell, Knights of the Hollow Hill - Burning on the Sand
3rd: Alvin - Lannister, Power Behind the Throne - Castellan of the Rock
4th: Dylan - Neutral, Brotherhood - Narrow Escape
5th: Nikko - Greyjoy, No Agenda - Search and Detain
6th: Cuki - Lannister, Power Behind the Throne - Castellan of the Rock
7th: Patrich - Stark, Siege of Winterfell - Meera Reed
8th: Joscar - Targaryen, House of Dreams - Aegon's Hill
9th: Brian - Greyjoy, House of Dreams - Fear of Winter
10th: Mikko - Targaryen, Knights of the Hollow Hill - Long Lances
11th: Koko - Lannister, Power Behind the Throne - Castellan of the Rock
12th: Edu - Greyjoy, House of Dreams - Search and Detain
13th: Ponci - Baratheon, No Agenda - Narrow Escape
14th: Bob - Greyjoy, House of Dreams - Island Refugee

House Count:
Targeryen - 3
Stark - 1
Baratheon - 1
Greyjoy - 4
Martell - 1
Lannister - 3
Neutral - 1

Knights of the Hollow Hill - 2
Siege of Winterfell - 1
House of Dreams - 5
Brotherhood Without Banners - 1
Power Behind the Throne - 3
None - 2

We had the 2nd best tournout since last year's nationals with 14 players in attendance. We had returning players in Ponci and Patrich who attended their only their second tournament after more than half a year in hiatus and new players in Joscar and Edu.

With the recent FAQ that nerfed favorite decks, House of the Dreams was the back up choice for many players and looks like will be the case in months to come.

Arvin took it all in this event that saw him have the longest matches in round one thru three and lost to his friend, Brian, in the final round. Always a solid deck builder and methodical player, Arvin brought a resilient Targ burn deck with Meraxes as his House of Dreams location for the "quick" power grab and card draw.

Pau brought a tweaked Martell kill/discard all characters that he brought last tournament. Trimming his characters even further, he packed even more control with Burning on the Sands together with Red Vengeance and Westeros Bleeds. He met his match in his Dylan's "The People's Deck" when he couldn't do anything to get rid of Beric Dondarrion.

Alvin, one of the players who was on hiatus for several months, packed a Lannister PBtT kneel deck. His only loss was to Cuki in a mirror match in the 3rd round.

Dylan brought a tweaked version of his Neutral Brotherhood deck. Tighter, leaner and meaner, his only loss was to Ponci in the last round when he couldn't handle the Asshai rush.

Nikko, wanting to bring a non-control deck this time around, brought his Greyjoy Holy deck to the fore. He had a solid showing of loses only to Arvin and Alvin.

Cuki once again brought his Lannister PBtT. He only lost to Nikko in the first round and Pau in the last.

Patrich had a solid showing of losing his frist two rounds to Alvin and Dylan but rallied back with wins against Koko and Edu.

Joscar, one of the new players in the scene in his first tournament, brought his Targ House of Dreams with Aegon's Hill that had everyone not wanting to face him. Solid showing of victories against Ponsi and Bob.

Brian brought his retweaked GJ Winter deck that had House of Dreams Longship Iron Victory. Ironically, he lost his first two matches which were to other Greyjoy players, Bob and Edu, but won to Ponci and Arvin.

I, Mikko, brought my Targ KoTHH choosing the Long Lances build instead of burn. I had convincing wins against Ponci and Koko, but lost the endurance game to Arvin. I volunteered to drop out of the last round as Koko had to leave the event because of work so that the numbers would still be even.

Koko brought his Lannister PBtT similar to the other Lannisters decks that day that focused on kneel. He won his first match but lost the next two. He had to drop out to attend to some urgent work matters.

Edu brought his GJ mill deck that had Corpse Lake as his House of Dreams location. His only victory was to his mirror match with Brian.

Ponci brought his Baratheon deck centered around the Asshai theme. He was able to go for a rush win against Dylan in the last round.

Lastly, Bob used his Greyjoy deck also with the Holy theme. I wasn't able to see what location he used with his agenda, but he didn't walk away empty handed with a victory against Brian in the first round.

As always, many thanks to Gaming Library for hosting the event and giving AGoT LCG another tournament opportunity during this month's All-aBoard.

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