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Death, and taxes

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#1 illyankesh



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Posted 28 March 2013 - 01:28 PM

Here is another one.  So in the section of infamy where you burn perm infamy to not die like a chump…  page 307…  Here is a question that is not answered…


What happens as the result of critical damage?  Does it stay after you have been miraculously saved?  the language is written that you somehow survive either due to John Mclain like stubborness, or warp intervention?  Sort of like Abaddon.  Abaddon does not come back onto the field missing arms, nor has he yet been completely replaced with augmetics… So…    The question is if I have a character get nickled and dimed down to death, and he/she takes lots of mediocre critical damage, loss of limbs, eyes, etc. why would I not just let the character die out, rather than have them end up like a sad case of Ravenor?

Or is the language meant to mean, say, convey, that the character somehow may miraculously survive, and yet retain fuction of thei bodies, but maybe have some pretty awesome flavor scars?  Like Lucious Worna the scarred mangled (but still kicking-butt) bounty hunter from the Ravenor series?

Or is this something that is left intentionally vague so that each game master can have thier own flavor of doritos?


#2 Alekzanter



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Posted 29 March 2013 - 02:43 PM

The rule clearly states the PC may not be killed by any other events during that session. I would interpret this to include Constution Tests that are to be rolled as a result of amputation or Blood Loss. The character is "bedridden" (though may be able to interact verbally) for the remainder of that session; reading this now, sitting here without a group of Players around the table and no immediate need to make a ruling, I have an opportunity to think a bit about this.

Let's say, for sake of discussion, it's a -10 Energy Critical to the Head that kills the PC. The character is bedridden for the remainder of the session, capable of verbally interacting with his companions, but all the while without a head…? That doesn't make sense, Chaos Powers or no. So instead, the PC gets to keep his head, and perhaps has some horrific burn scars to show for his narrow escape from the clutches of death by decapitating immolation (-1d10 Fel). Even without a reduction to Fellowship, dying is a Failing, and living through the near-death experience costs the PC Infamy Points and nets 1d10 Corruption Points, and if these CP cause the PC to reach the next Corruption Threshold he rolls once on the Gift of the Gods Table, and may not modify the result by his Infamy. I'd say all of this is enough punishment for "dying", without requiring the PC to replace a lost appendage (or head). 

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