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Mercenary Fleets - Game variant / campaign idea.

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Posted 26 March 2013 - 06:15 PM


I have been toying with a campaign idea for the group I play with. (In Geelong, Victoria / Australia if anyone wants to join in. :) )

The base idea is that each player fields their own mercenary fleet that over the course of the campaign will grow in experience. Missions for each session will have a bounty hunter / gun for hire theme.

Below are my bare bone notes. Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Mercenary Fleet set up:
Each player starts by building (up to) a 100 point fleet, they may pick ships from either faction.

Note: Only one “Unique” character can be selected during initial set up.

(Tie Adv) Darth Vader: 29
(Tie Int) Alpha Squadron Pilot: 18
(X-Wing) Rookie Pilot: 21
(YT-1300) Outer Rim Smuggler: 27
Total: 95 points

These are the ships in your fledgling fleet. Once submitted, this is your roster. You do not need to field all these ships during a mission, but you cannot change these ships or add to them without paying for them with bounty money.

Equipment / Crew cards are not payed for with Bounty money, but when fielding you squad for a mission, your squad cannot exceed 100 points, nor contain ships that are not part of your elected fleet. Unique character rules still apply though (you can’t have Luke as a pilot and a gunner in the same squad for example).

Example (Using above roster):
Darth Vader (Engine upgrade & Push the limit): 36
Outer Rim Smuggler (Nien Nunb, Gunner & Engine Upgrade): 37
Rookie Pilot (R5-K6 & Proton Torpedoes): 27
Total: 100 points

Note: When writing up your fleet for submission to the campaign, you are required to personalise / rename your pilots, but you must indicate their build rank. (Fleet roster sheets will be designed).

Mercenary Fleet: Mon Grel’s Mongrels
Mongrel Leader = Mon Grel (Darth Vader – Tie Advanced): 29
Mongrel Two = Blood Hound (Alpha Squadron Pilot – Tie Interceptor): 18
Mongrel Three = Pig Dog (Rookie Pilot – X-Wing): 21
Mongrel Four= Great Dane (Outer Rim Smuggler – YT1300): 27
Total: 95 points

A successful mission = 10,000 credits

Bounty Money modifiers per session:

Loss of small base craft = -1000 Credits (Re-build costs)
Loss of Large base craft = -2000 Credits (Re-build costs)
Fly off the edge of the play area (unless stated as a victory condition for the scenario) = -500 credits (Engine rebuild costs for flying past engine capacity limits)
Destroyed opponents squadron leader = +2000 credits
Allowed no opposition ships to escape = +3000 credits
Complete mission without losing a single ship = + 3000 credits

(Note: Even though the ship is destroyed in the game session, it is not lost from the fleet roster)

(Note: Individual missions may include more / unique bounties to collect.)

Campaign rankings:
Over the campaign duration, the total Bounty money collected is considered when working out player ranks. Buying and upgrading ships do not negate from the tally, but pilot deaths, ship destruction and escaping play area penalties do count.

If at the end of a campaign and places 1st, 2nd and 3rd are tied, the total number of squadron leader kills will be used to break ties. If this still results in a tie a 100 point dog fight will have to be played out.

Battle Veterans (Experience gains):
If a ship survives a mission, and you have enough Bounty money, it can be upgraded. (Consider this battle experience). The cost in Bounty money is 1000 x the difference between the current level VS the desired level.

Note: 1000 credits = 1 build point

Rookie Pilot (21) moves up to Red Squadron Pilot (23). The difference is 2 points which = 2000 credits of Bounty money.
Ships can be upgraded to unique characters as per the above cost, but you are still limited to only one of each type per Mercenary fleet. In other words, no you cannot have two Vaders in your fleet.

Ships cannot jump build ranks. A ship must fly at least one session as a build level before it can be upgraded.

Example: Academy Pilot is upgraded to Obsidian Squadron pilot. He cannot be upgraded to Black Squadron pilot until it has flown (and survived) at least one mission as an Obsidian Squadron pilot.

Adding New ships
To add a completely new ship to your mercenary fleet, it will cost the base build points in Bounty money.

Example: To add a Prototype Pilot (A-Wing) to your fleet it will cost 17,000 credits.

You can only buy ships at their starting level when adding to your fleet. They must be upgraded by gaining experience in battle (As set out in the Battle Veterans section).

So only the following ships are available to purchase when adding new ships to your fleet:
Rookie Pilot (X-Wing) = 21,000 Credits
Gold Squadron Pilot (Y-Wing) = 18,000 Credits
Prototype Pilot (A-Wing) = 17,000 Credits
Outer Rim Smuggler (YT-1300) = 27,000 Credits
Academy Pilot (Tie Fighter) = 12,000
Tempest Squadron Pilot (Tie Advanced) = 21,000 credits
Alpha Squadron Pilot (Tie Interceptor) = 18,000 credits
Bounty Hunter (Firespray– 31) = 33,000 credits

Dealing with destroyed ships
If a ship is lost in battle it is not removed from your fleet roster. (Ships are never lost from the roster)

Pilots on the other hand may become injured or killed if their ship is destroyed during a mission.

At the end of a game session roll one red die for each ship destroyed.
Die Result:
Blank = No effect, pilot ejected safely and was recovered in time.
Focus = Pilot injuries mild -500 credits in Bacta Tank fees.
Hit = Pilot suffers permanent injury. Drops one build rank. – 1000 credits in Bacta tank fees. (See notes below)
Critical Hit = Pilot dead. Is replaced with a pilot two build ranks lower. -2000 credits in employment fees.

Darth Vader’s ship is destroyed during the session.

If a blank is rolled, Vader is free to fight in the next session with no penalty to the Mercenary fleet.

If a Focus is rolled, Vader is free to fight in the next session, but the Mercenary fleet coffers are reduced by 500 credit.

If a Hit is rolled, Vader is no longer free to fight in the next session, but the ship can be fielded as Maarek Steel. The Mercenary fleet coffers are reduced by 1000 credits.

Note: This ship can be upgraded back to Vader in the future by using bounty money. The down grade is not permanent. This ship must however play at least one session as Maarek Steel to be eligible for the upgrade to Vader.

If a Critical hit is rolled, this ship may not take part in the next session, but may return for the one after that as Storm Squadron pilot. The Mercenary fleet coffers are reduced by 1000 credits.

Note: This ship can be upgraded back to Vader in the future by using bounty money. The down grade is not permanent. This ship must however play at least one session as Storm Squadron Pilot to be eligible for the upgrade to Maarek Steel, and then at least one session as Maarek Steel to be eligible for the upgrade to Vader.

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