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Ideas for an exiled quest / hunt for something lost to the enemy…

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#1 Isador Martellus

Isador Martellus


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Posted 22 March 2013 - 11:58 PM

Basically , in my campaign, my guys (Codename "Team Hypershity" by this point  xD) Has managed to (accidently) unleash a daemonic invasion on the planet Veren via the act of retreiving a necron null field being used to negate the effects of a long disused eldar Webway gate which , due to this disuse , had been penertrated by the daemons of the warp  (hence the rest of the event becomes clear and hence no need to explain it word for word)… 
They manage to get this null field back to thunder's world, but are ambushed on the way back to erioch by an Ork fleet, get somewhat over run / outsmarted, and loose both the Null field, and pretty much any evidence showing their side of the story.
They reach erioch and, as you can imagine, they're quite pissed at the news they have heard of both the daemonic incursion and the near ludicrous stories told by the Kill-Team once they have returned.
After a small intergation of each individual, their report is fed into the databases of the fortress and, just as the deathwatch are considering giving the team the title of excomunicate (or some other such disgrace), they are shocked to see that mere minutes, after releasing even the referance of the Null Orb the team found, the Vault swiftly started to open some of it's anchient locks and security measures to an extent that has not been seen for decades… However no new doors have actually opened, key parts of the doors half unlocked are still quite firmly sealed…
Hence , with this information (which is kept secret from the Kill-Team at this time) they instead mysteriously give the Kill-Team full control of Thunder's World, some basic munitions , and the company of those willing to join them, but with the twist that they are "excileing" them, with the one condition that they are allowed to return if, and only if, they can find evidence to support the reports they have claimed (in the hope they will find the orb, and hence unlock these anchient rooms of the vault).
And hence my kill team is on their way to an adventure which might possibley take them "years (IG)" to complete… 

My question to you lovely people is, I now have a terrible case of writer's block and hence have no Idea of what could be used as their first "trails/ leads they could follow" ect ect :/
If anyone could help me with even the inception / inspiration for some good ideas, that would be great :P 

#2 Alekzanter



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Posted 23 March 2013 - 08:45 AM

I present to you the Nemesis Engine

The Nemesis Engine is a series of planets, a "line in the sand" meant to prevent Hive Fleet Dagon from exiting the Jericho Reach and entering into Imperial space.

In my second Dark Heresy campaign (early 2009) I imagined and expanded the idea of the Nemesis Engine; a disruptive construct powered by Psy-Nulls ("Untouchables"). As it turns out, later publications; such as Deathwatch and its supplements; would serve to further define and cement the concept. I altered some events of the 40K time line, particularly those dealing with Hive Fleet Behemoth's sudden appearance into Imperial space and the affect it would have on the Imperium in later years; in my Deathwatch game, Hive Fleet Dagon is in actuality Hive Fleet Behemoth, though it has been stymied in the Jericho Reach along the Orpheus Salient. In this manner I have placed a greater significance on the defeat of Hive Fleet Dagon in the Orpherus Salient, as letting it slip through into Imperial space will have far-reaching and terrible consequences (such as the Battle for Macragge, etc).

The Nemesis Engine is a series of planets (what can loosely be referred to as a line, grid, or web) that demarcate the boundary between the Jericho Reach and Imperial space proper, and was created by the Necrontyr (a dimly-realized threat that is arguably of high concentration within the Jericho Reach since the publication of 'The Outer Reach'). The main concepts of the Nemesis Engine are as follows:

  • The Necrontyr, a race of beings ancient beyond realization and possesed of paradoxical knowledge, foresaw the threat Tyranids would pose to the galaxy during their Time of Awakening, and prepared accordingly
  • After much experimentation and artifice, the Necrontyr constructed the Nemesis Engine as a means to deafeat the Tyranid threat without ever having to engage them, thus leaving them free to awaken and reconquer a galaxy of riches rather than a barren void
  • Each node (planet) of the Nemesis Engine is powered by Psy-Nulls (ideally Pariahs, many hundreds of them)
  • When the Nemesis Engine is ignited it will create a disruptive barrier between the Jericho Reach and Imperial space that baffles and silences the gestalt of the Hive Mind, with similar results as killing a queen bee or ant would have on its hive/nest, preventing its communication and coordination, effectively disrutping, dispersing, and negating the Tyranid threat

Another aspect to consider is the Dyson Sphere-like object located outside the boundaries of the Veiled Region (from the most recent Necron Codex; also see map here: http://images.wikia....40k_starmap.jpg). It will eventually have an anomalous affect on the movement of Hive Fleet Leviathan as it moves into the Imperium from below the galactic plane, detouring it toward the galactic core (and Terra). It is rumored to be of Necrontyr construction.

During my 2009 Dark Heresy campaign, Acolytes of the Ordo Xenos investigated two aspects of the Nemesis Engine, though they never exposed the entirety of its significance. In 2011, during a series of Deathwatch Missions, the Kill-Team were exposed to the Nemesis Engine and the possibilities of its use, but came to a realization that a price equally dire would be paid in return for utilizing this alien technology to negate the Tyranid menace.

The Ordo Xenos, Callixis, have only the faintest glimmer of an idea regarding the Nemesis Engine's purpose, and intend to use it as a "back-up" (Plan B) in the event the Orpheus Salient folds under Tyranid assault. They alone horde this knowledge, and it is knowledge the Dead Cabal would pay dearly to possess.

The Null Orb you mention the Kill-Team having lost could perhaps be an artifice prototype, a "test" model that was more easily studied due to its portable and intimate (small) nature. Once the Crypteks were satisfied with the success of their experiments, they moved forward with construction of the Nemesis Engine (and the Dyson Sphere, though this for a completely different purpose). The reasons for the Null Orb being at the Eldar Webway portal need not be important; small things get misplaced or are lost, the point being things happen for reasons that no one will ever know, and you can leave it at that.

Here are my suggestions for your campaign:

  • The Kill-Team are exiled, their return dependent upon providing proof of the Null Orb (which unfortunately has been misplaced or lost by the Orks, so dead end there)
  • Moments prior to their exile, a member of the Dead Cabal (see 'The Outer Reach') provides the Kill-Team with an incomplete account of an investigation by the Ordo Xenos of the Callixis Sector that makes mention of a monstrous construct referred to as "The Nemesis Engine"; the account includes fragmentary descriptions and hypotheses that suggest effects quite similar to those displayed by the Null Orb, but operating on a far larger scale…
  • This mysterious member of the Dead Cabal suggests they seek inquiry with the Ordo Xenos, Callixis; perhaps they can confirm the location of the Nemesis Engine node visited by their Acolytes? (There is opportunity here for you to insert two or three "one-off" scenarios, though none of them should have any bearing on the Nemesis Engine, and none of them should be significant enough to derail them from their quest for too long; one of them might require them to perform a favor for/act as escort to a Rogue Trader or other important personage in return for passage…I don't think letting the Kill-Team take Thunder's Word; the Deathwatch's finest vessel within the Jericho Reach; for an extended journey across the galaxy would sit well with Deathwatch Command. What if they fail to return? That's a wretched waste of Deathwatch resources.)
  • At Scintilla, Callixis Sector, the Kill-Team make inquiry with the Ordo Xenos. "Knowledge is Power, Guard it Well" means the Kill-Team may have a Mission set before them by the Ordo Xenos, Callixis, and only upon the successful completion of this Mission will they be given the location of Node XLVII (which is located in a region of space the Kill-Team recognize as the Orpheus Salient…)
  • The Kill-Team finally return to the Jericho Reach (after another two or three "one-offs"), and arrive at Node XLVII. It is a barren and lifeless world, devoid even of atmosphere. A survey of the planet eventually reveals a site of ancient alien structures http://3.bp.blogspot...on-complex1.jpg, just one node of many hundreds within the Nemesis Engine grid which are scattered widely across the entire galaxy…even into the darkness between galaxies  
  • The Kill-Team must overcome the guardians of this node (Scarabs, Tomb Spyders, Wraiths, Destroyers, perhaps a Tomb Stalker) to enter and reach its inner sanctums
  • During the climax of combat against a Tomb Stalker, the Kill-Team witness an as-of-yet unidentified Necrontyr (a Pariah) awaken from its stasis and step into the Node Catalyst, activating this node (planet) of the Nemesis Engine; the Kill-Team may be led to believe this is not a good thing, and so may attempt to stop or destroy the Pariah…remember it is completely immune to any and all Psychic Powers, but otherwise has the profile of a Triarch Lychguard.
  • An impossibly ancient star chart is precision-machined into the wall of the Node Catalyst chamber; it maps the location of Node XCIV (and no others)
  • There are hundreds of Nemesis Engine Nodes located along the boundary between the Jericho Reach and Imperial space (and even out into the lightless void beyond this galaxy). Each Node is powered by one Pariah. Each time the awakening protocols of a Necron Tomb World come online, one Pariah is awakened and sent to take its place in its Node Catalyst. Each Node has a similarly ancient star chart designating the location of only one other Nemesis Engine Node. The implication is that there are hundreds of Necrontyr Tomb Worlds; only a relative few of them are located in the Jericho Reach
  • Imperial agencies might be able to hasten the ignition of the Nemesis Engine by interring a sufficiently powerful "Untouchable" (or an agent of the Culexus Temple) within the Node Catalyst, but the act is reciprocating; hastening the ignition of the Nemesis Engine hastens the awakening of Necrontyr Tomb Worlds…
  • However, once they've found Node XLVII and can relate its coordinates (and those of XCIV) to their superiors, their quest and their exile are at an end. That is if the mysterious Dead Cabal don't intercept them before they make their report…

EDIT: The Warp Gate is a great way to get the Kill-Team to the Callixis Sector (relatively) quickly, and there is plenty of opportunity to draw from other game lines (the Koronus Expanse and the Screaming Vortex being excellent settings for miscellaneous "one-offs") to flesh out the journey there and back again (Gah! A Hobbit reference! We hates Hobbitses!). Getting to the Warp Gate could mean going through the Murdered Worlds or The Greyhell Front, so there's plenty more that can be experienced even before leaving the Jericho Reach.



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#3 Isador Martellus

Isador Martellus


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Posted 24 March 2013 - 01:57 AM

Thank you so much for this information, I can tell this concept must have at least been developed over the course of a year or so aand, trust me I am very gratefull for you sharing this work you have done with me for my own campaign :3 
Looks like I have my hands full now getting stuff ready :P 

#4 Alekzanter



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Posted 24 March 2013 - 11:38 AM

Certainly! My pleasure!

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