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Updated Card errata text

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#1 SOGra



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Posted 19 March 2013 - 08:48 AM

I am a new player of WI. Bought the game over the last month or so, and am just learning it. I like what I have played so far.

I bought a brand new copy. Imagine my disappiuntment in reading the latest FAQ and discovering that my brand new unopened copy did not have the updated card text, and that there are 45 cards in the FAQ across the Core Set, cycles and expansions. Even worse, there are no corrected cards available from the FFG site…not even for sale! 

How do you all play in tournaments when you have 45 cards that have incorrect printed text that you need to refer to a separate sheet of FAQ correction in order to correctly play the game? I would think it would be a major headache. I cant imagine all the checking to FAQs that must be going on at local tournaments. 

I thought I had read somewhere in the Forums about a site that has the corrected text on new versions of the cards that can be printed. As I sleeve my cards, slipping a prinout of the updated cards into the sleeve would at least solve the problem for me to some degree. Anyone know which site this would be (if it exists)? I have the same problem for LOTR LCG as well, and I suspect corrected cards for that game might be found there as well. 

BTW, I bought the Core set, and also have Assault on Ulthuan as well in order to complete the 6 races for play. And I am just starting the Corruption Cycle Battle packs. I intend to play casually with my wife and my 21 year old son (separately, of course, as it is a 2 player game). Because I intend to play only casually within my family, I have no desire to get multiple Core Sets or expansions to get all cards to 3 cards. I just play with the house rule that you can build only what is available. 

Additional background, I have always been a Board Gamer, and wargamer, but never a Card Player until my wife and I bought LOTR LCG. We both enjoyed it so much, I decided to research the other FFG LCGs and found Warhammer Invasion to be of most interest to my son, so I made the investment into it. I will introduce it to him when he gets home from college on Easter weekend, and if he likes it, he will get a Core Set for his birthday in May. He was into card games like MTG, YuGiOh, and Pokemon when he was younger.

Again, if anyone knows of a site (or where here at the FFG site) you can find corrected card images for sale or printout, please post it here. If this is redundant (has been posted elsewhere), my apologies, just point me in the right direction.

Thank you my fellow WI enthusiasts.







#2 Mallumo



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Posted 19 March 2013 - 10:40 AM

Welcome to the game and the community!


This isn't Magic where you have a base edition that gets updated every year or two with reprints because people will just throw money at the publisher. It's not economically feasible to reprint a LCG core set just for errata. Things work just fine at tournaments, not all of the cards that have errata are used on a competitive level, and once you're somewhat familiar with the game, it's easy to remember the errata, or at least the most important ones. There's not much FAQ checking required.


You can find images of all cards on deckbox.org and cardgamedb.com, but these are just scans of the original cards, no changes to the texts. I'm not aware of any site that provides "fixed" cards. If you think you really need it, you'll have to print out the updated texts and slip them into the sleeves.

#3 SOGra



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Posted 19 March 2013 - 05:38 PM

Thanks for the response. I will have to make due then with the hand we are given (so to speak…pun INTENDED). 

I do enjoy the game so far. And my son will be home from college this weekend as well as next, so I expect to get a lot of WI time with him. As well as LOTR gaming time with both him and my wife.

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