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Regiments of the Calixis sector

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Face Eater


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Posted 19 March 2013 - 01:49 AM

Back in days of yore, when Only War was destined to be a source book for Dark Heresy, one of the things I expected to see was details of the more famous regiments of the Calixis sector (e.g. Brontian Longknives). We got the Maccabian Janisaries in the main book, and certainly now that it's about the IG in general they would take a back seat to the famous regiements from the entire Imperium. 

But the Calixis sector is still highly relavent to the OW setting, is still is there plans to include the other regiments in later supplments such as Hammer of the Emperor? Is there a later supplement planned for Calixis regiments? Which would be a good place to add new regiments and flesh out a number of Calixis worlds, would that make it DH book or a cross over?

Here's a list of regiments I could find mentioned in other 40k rpg source books so far:


23rd Drusus Dragoons Regiment (Ministorium influnced Hive World)
Brontian Longknives (Hive world, trained on dead world Morwen VI)
Lacusta Windriders (Feral)
Mortessan Highlanders (Deathworld)
Luggnum Sewer Rats (Mining World)
Scintillan Guard (Hive World)
Gunmetalican Armoured (Hive world)
Volg 3rd (hive world)
Monrass Scythewind Reconnaissance
Merov Penitentiary Indenture (Penal world)
In addition, are their regiments from further a field that could be included to flesh out other lines. Such as regiments from, or sent to the Jericho reach?
Finally, while Leman Russ and Chimera are the most common in Imperial Guard it's often mentioned that the guard has a massive selection of vehicles some of which are used in certain areas. Have any vehicles particular to the Calixis sector or Spinward front been mentioned so far? Are there plans to add some in future books. Perhaps even vehicle generation rules.

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Posted 19 March 2013 - 02:49 AM

By going through this list http://wh40k.lexican...or#.UUhr1jX85Js and adding to what you already have you also get the Windriders of Lacusta.

Also as a correction to what you had put - Montressa is home of the Scythewind regiments

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