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Is there anybody out there…?

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#1 Adeptus-B


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Posted 17 March 2013 - 11:11 AM

As of now (my now, not yours), its been two full weeks since there has been a post on the Deathwatch GM's Forum. What's up with that? Is it just a fluke, or is enthusiasm lagging for this game? It's not like there has been a shortage of support material for DW. Is Only War pulling gamers away from DW? Or is everyone so content with their DW games that they haven't felt the need to post recently? What's your take on it?

#2 Alekzanter



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Posted 18 March 2013 - 11:48 AM

It may be exactly that; Only War dragging people away from other lines.

I've been running a Dark Heresy game since March/April of '08. I've purchased almost everything released for the 40K RPGs (except Final Testament and Stars of Inequity). Most of my players have purchased (at the very least) the Core Rules for all five lines. There is something very engaging about the games, both in terms of background setting and rules refinment that draws players from one to another, then back again. It may simply be a matter of being spoiled for choices.

I'd love to run Only War, but only two or three sessions at a time before going back to Dark Heresy. Same goes for Deathwatch or Rogue Trader; engage each setting for a Mission or an Endeavor before snuggling up with my first love (Dark Heresy) once again. Sadly, we meet only once per week, and it can be time consuming putting the weave together for just one game, let alone two or three or four.

I'd like to point out that my only reservations with Black Crusade stem from being a long-time (20+ years) moderate GM/Player. Black Crusade does not lend itself toward moderation, and with good reason; after all, it is the game where the PCs vie for the favors of the Ruinous Powers, and "The Big Four" don't ***** foot around. But I really enjoy the setting for the source material it offers. I can include what I want, and keep it on the fringe, barely witnessed if I so choose.

Perhaps it's time I start my own web page…? At least some of these ideas will see the light of day, rather than moldering in a pile of notes and sketches.

But back to your concerns: I don't think they'll be gone for too long, Adeptus-B. When the new-shiny of Only War wears off they'll be back…until the next game drops. The same thing would happen again in ten months if they released Warhammer 40K Roleplay: Eldar.

(P.S. *cough* Vermillion Codex installment soon? *cough* Oh, the anticipation! You're killing me, Smalls.)


#3 Mithras



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Posted 19 March 2013 - 01:30 PM

I've been G.M.'ing Deathwatch for 3 months, now every week. I've also just been using FFG scenarios, so I've been doin alot of reading of said scenarios, and quite frankly, have had no time to read/post on this forum in addition to my other hobbies of painting figs and computer games, etc, and of course work dragging all these said hobbies into the ground! But I'm trying!  The fact that I've posted this means I'm getting more time for these posts at all! Just reading the G.M.'s section tends to give me alot of inspiration tho…

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