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A Few Rules Questions

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#1 Renvale987



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Posted 16 March 2013 - 05:16 PM

Okay, so after playing our third session of Dark Heresy, I, as GM, have a few rules questions and would like some help if possible.


1)  First, if you are directly next to an ally and an enemy engaged in melee and you are weilding a pistol, are you considered to be in melee with the opponent(since you can wield a pistol in melee), and therefore giving your fellow acolyte a +10 bonus to melee to hit said enemy?

2)  What can you sell items for?  If you find a las rifle from an enemy and attempt to sell it, how much does it sell for?  Are there any hard and fast rules on this?

3)  What skill would you use to get a group of bad guys who are threatening you to stand down by appealing them?  Is it charm?

4)  If you roll on the aquisition chart, the chart that has how hard it is to find something in a given community, and you fail your fellowship roll, when you can you reroll your fellowship to attempt to find said item again?  A day?  A month?

5)  Does a psyker have to use Psyscience to sense the presence of other psykers or psykic pheonemena(sp?)?  


Any help with these questions would be helpful.  Thank You.


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#2 FieserMoep



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Posted 17 March 2013 - 03:32 AM

1)  Yes, as long as both of you are considered to be in melee you support each other. The method of attacking has nothing to do with it.

2)  There are no strict rules I know but for example you can take an inquiry roll to find a shopt that might buy the specific stuff and then sell it with a 40-60% reduced value. Though this was never realy important for us for we do not like the idea of Akolythes of the Inquisition that have to scavange for their living and loot corpses of heretics just for 3 thrones more…

3)  Yes, I would say it is charm but those felowship talents can be used in several ways in my opinion. For example even intimidation can be used to somewhat appeal some baddies. Do not use it to threaten them but to make yourself look stronger and maybe even somehow familiar with them aka make them friends by beeing the same bad-ass as they are.

4)  There are rules how long you actualy waste time when your inquiry fails. The fail of the roll does not mean you turn in a cycle and after a minute you say: "Nah, there is nothing." There are rules of how long it actualy takes you time if you search for something. After that you can start another search.

5)  It is the same with Awarness and depends on the GM. If something is very obvious and may be important to the plot it is quite easy to spot it maybe even without a psy-test. The Test would then only important to gain more and detailed informations. But for the small things that might be helpfull and benefitial and not essential to the plot it is the same as it is for awarness.

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