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Dark Heresy and other 40k RP books

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#1 Inquisitor Zadok

Inquisitor Zadok


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Posted 16 March 2013 - 04:18 AM

Hi all,
I wondered if other 40k RP rulebooks such as 'The Deathwatch' would work well with Dark Heresy?

For instance, an Inquisition adventure that featured the Tau Empire or the Tyranids.

- I saw in 'Deathwatch' they have an add on which includes rules for these Xeno races - would their rules work well with DH or would they be too powerful for DH?

#2 InquisitorAlexel



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Posted 16 March 2013 - 04:31 AM

Yes they do are compatibles. But they made the stats of the xenos and daemons a little stronger to make them more of a challenge against battle brothers (if you compare the lesser daemon of khorne from deathwatch to the same daemon in dark heresy, there's a lot of difference) but they are compatible,yes. If you want to include Space Marines in your team of acolyte, that's another thing. Space Marines are of higher level (roughly the equivalent of an Ascension character) so you can't include one straight in your game.

#3 glavyin34



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Posted 16 March 2013 - 05:15 AM

I'd say that Deathwatch rules are too powerful for all but the most highly powered Ascension characters, at least in battle. All DW marines have unnatural toughness, at least 8 armor and access to strong weapons with good penetration, and I think the rules reflect that since the enemies have a high damage output and high armor.

I currently play in a campaign with 4 Deathwatch Marines (Apothecary, Tactical, Assault and Tech)  and 2 Throne Agents (Vindicare and Inquisitor Psyker). We use the throne agents to infiltrate and scout, then they call in a drop pod of Marines once they reach the target. Once the Marines arrive and battle starts, though, the throne agents GET DOWN, because even the most basic of enemies is a real danger.

Take the Tau Devilfish, their basic run of the mill troop transport. It has 28 Armor in the front and a burst cannon that can easily kill a human in one shot. And that's just a transport, their tanks are much stronger. To defend against a squad of Tau Fire Warriors in a Devilfish backed up by a Hammerhead tank, normal throne agents would need a hardened strong point with heavy weapons, and even then would probably lose some people to single fickle dice rolls. If they got caught out in the open it would be bad news.

By contrast our squad of 4 Deathwatch marines might be concerned about the rail gun on the Hammerhead but would probably take it out in a turn or two since they are just better equipped. They have access to jump packs or bikes that get them shots at side or rear armor and they have heavy weapons to punch through the front. Also a squad of fire warriors, while dangerous with their pulse rifles (2d10+2 w/ 4 Pen) , still have to get good rolls to even wound a space marine (who has a TB of 8 or 10), let alone stop him.

That being said, our campaign often revolves around covert operation in Tau space, and marines are not covert, so it helps to have a few humans with Deceive, Disguise and the relevant knowledges to open doors and make Inquiry checks. A well-prepard team of Acolytes, maybe with a heavily armored Magos and some heavy weapons, could probably fight limited numbers of Deathwatch enemies, but if the dice go sour everyone could die.

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