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#1 hive angel

hive angel


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Posted 15 March 2013 - 03:27 AM

Using the base Arkham Horror game.


A Location with multiple open and or sealed Gates.

Turn 1. Location X has no Gate.

Turn 2. Location X gains Gate A.

Turn 3. Location X gains Gate B + Monster surge.


Is there a limit to how many Gates can open on a Location?

When an Investigator goes to the Location with multiple Gates can the Investigator chose which Gate to enter?

When an Investigator returns  exploring a Gate to a Location with mutiple Gates and seals the explored Gate, how does the other open Gate affect the location? So in the example above assume Gate A is sealed and Gate B is open.

I assume no more Gates can open or monsters can appear at the Location. The Investigators have to close the remaining open Gate in order to interact with the Location such as a Location card.

Flying Monsters

I understand if there are no Invetigators in the Streets and a flying Monster is ordered to move then it will move to the Sky because there are no Investigators in the Streets.


If more turns pass and the flying Monster has an order to move, but there are no Investigators in the streets during the passing turns does it always remain in the Sky or does it alternate between the Sky and Streets.

Location icons

I understand the icons on Locations are either light or dark to indicate the chance of finding the shwon item type or a guaranteed chance of finding the shown item type. 


Does the light icon refer to the location cards and the dark icon refer to the actual location such as merchant shops?

Eder Sign  - Unique Item!


Does using the item along with the cost (1 San and 1 Sta) cover both the closing roll (Fight or Lore) and the sealing (Five clue tokens)?

Spell Casting

Assume an Investigator fails to cast a Spell.


Is a failed Spell immedietaly exahuasted or can the Investigator attempt to cast the Spell again if there is enough Sanity to cover the Sanity cost?

I would assume a yes, because the Spell in theory failed to cast correctly.


#2 allstar64



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Posted 15 March 2013 - 03:32 AM

1. There's no way for a location to ever have multiple gates. If a gate would open where there is already a gate then a monster surge happens instead.


2. Stays in the Sky till there is someone to attack


3. Dark refers to things you are garanteed to be able to get based on the specific location ability. Light refers to what type of this your are likely to get from an encounter there.

#3 Tibs



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Posted 15 March 2013 - 05:27 AM

Only one gate per location. If another gate tries to open, a monster surge occurs instead.

The flying monster stays in the sky. It can't leave the sky until there is a valid target (in a street) and it is instructed to move.

Yes, a light icon means "via random encounter." An inverted icon means you can obtain it via the location's special ability.

Yes, using the elder sign bypasses the check and the clues. The gate is sealed without any resistance; your only costs are that you must first have an Explored token, and must lose 1 sanity and 1 stamina.

One of the costs to attempt to cast a spell is to exhaust it. If you fail the check, you can't cast the spell again until it's refreshed (Upkeep). This includes spells that say "cast and discard to …": you have to exhaust the spell to attempt to cast it. You only would discard as part of its pass effect.

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