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The Force is strong with this one…

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Posted 14 March 2013 - 03:25 AM

Hey All,


I finally got my core set and all wave1 expansions yesterday and got to squeeze 2 games in with my 7 year old last night.  Our first game was the suggested game in the quick start guide, just to get used to moving our ships around the table and basic tactics.  A little ho-hum but still fun. 

Our second game we played full rules, but I just kept things to the core set only.  He wanted to be Luke Skywaker, of course (He is his father's son), and took R2-D2 as his upgrade.  I took Mauler, with Determination, and Black Squadron pilot.  We zipped around the table with better precision, and I could see the wheels turning in my son's head as he planned his moves to get a better angle of attack.  He was into every single dice roll.  Each result bringing a loud respone, good or bad.  But most times any hits I rolled, got cancelled out by him rolling a matching number of evades.  A few times I managed to knockout his shields, but he would always pull a string of well rather well-planned moves, get his shields back up, and then dive back in at me. 

It was well past his bedtime and he had only one hit on one of my Ties so I said, "Ok dude, 1st kill wins!"  I had just knocked off one of his shields, with Mauler and was expecting his, now usual, 4 straight moves, which would be followed by a green move to get that shiled back. So I pulled a 3 slight turn to the left and focused, which would have put him right in my sights at his back, with a good chance at being range 1 (My black squad pilot was too far away to be a factor).  Well doesn't he pull a 4 Korirgan turn and we end up face to face, at range 1.  So, as the Force would have it, he rolls 3 hits and a crit, and I roll blanks.  His, "YES, I Win!" was so loud he woke my wife from a sound sleep on the couch.  It was great! 

As I was putting him into bed, he thanked me for buying the game, and asked when we would be getting the Millenium Falcon and Slave 1.  2 games in and he is already hooked!  Life is good.


tl;dr version - My kid vaped me in one roll, and this game is great!



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