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Recharging Actions in Story Mode

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#1 Skie



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Posted 12 March 2013 - 08:35 AM

Hi all,

I really like the rules of 3ed, but there is one thing that I can't accept, or maybe it just bothers me: recharging actions in story mode. Since I (player) never know how many scenes are there going to be in the future, I never know how to plan using my actions. 

For example I have a healing spell I want to cast on an NPC. Recharge says 3. This can mean that I'm allowed to heal again in an hour, in 3 days or anywhere in between… The same goes for social skills etc.

So I'm thinking about a solution - in Story Mode recharge times mean hours. Do you think it's reasonable? Has anyone tested anything like that?

Of course when combat breaks out, or a lenghty social encounter those times would reset.

Give me your thoughts!

#2 valvorik



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Posted 15 March 2013 - 09:59 AM

I use "extended turns" in story/narrative time.  This may make "the whole day one turn, you can work one blessing and remove one recharge token", and if you use actions in "interludes" they will still be recharging when the next "First Act" begins.

You can't spam heal in any event (no healing source effective on a giving target more than once a day).

There is always opportunity cost or "the other side's turn" factored in whenever I can.

If players insist, for example on doing 3 things I make sure that the opposition/world then takes 3 steps up from where it would have been (e.g., they wanted to take longer to prep storming a castle than the rally step - rather than say "no you can't do anything more than one rally step" okay - 1st turn extra meant warning arrived to the castle, 2nd turn extra meant castle guards all called out and ready).

This all fits well with the cinematic logic sort of take on things.  Whether its a week or an hour, if the camera shows the good guy doing one thing, the bad guy has time for one, good guy a whole bunch, bad guy a whole bunch.

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