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The Enemy Within - Actual Play (Averheim GLORY HOUNDS, Ohio)

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Posted 09 March 2013 - 06:29 AM

My group finally got into the meat of the module.  I started them off in two sessions of "Pit Fighter prison" partly to relearn the combat system (fighting each other, then fighting ogres as a team) and partly to make sure they were broke and *had* to go to the docks when they got out!

Group dynamic: There are 4 of us who played the original TEW and all speak to each other about how great it was but none of us actually remember any details (except it was awesome…and before we had kids).  There is one person who played through the Stormdorf module and two others who are completely new to Warhammer (both are 3rd edition D&D lubbers).



OUTCAST AGITATOR Tough4, Int4, Fel4 (Roderick the risible, of Reikland)
CRIMINAL GAMBLER Agil5 Fellow4 (Jacquez)
HAFLING GENTLY BORN SMUGGLER. Agility4 Fellow5 (Blotchkinwitz the younger)
ACADEMIC BARBER-SURGEON Str4 Tough4 Int4 (Kastion Von Scheiensteiger)
ELF FOREIGN MESSENGER MYSTIC (Lysandir GoldeneyesNote this guys move out of state so he has his same character from the Stormdorf campaign (all others are new starts).  He participates in some "email banter" and helps me with story (kindof a player/GM helper who plays when he is in town). 


DAY 1 I gave my players a list of people they could "get intel from" or a disappearance they could "ask a lot of people about.  Note that I did not give them the option to talk to characters "B & C" as these two seem way to close to solving the mystery on Day 1 (I'll probably let players notice them on Day 3).  Also, I started off by having them talk with Frederick Grosz (get all his rumors) to get the ball rolling from a "friendly" face.

Here is the list:
Ute Herz – busker (musician); Kurt Guth - beggar; Rambrecht - agitator; Mathilda – fence; Gottfried Hanson – gong (poop) farmer; Hans Muller - knacker; Victor Keller – cattle drover; Werner Klebb (RAT Boss); Gerd Knakk (FISH Boss); Random daytime other; Random Nightime other (must do some day sleepin or get penalties)
Dockworker Rolf Haller – Wharf rat, reward offered from Werner Klebb (RAT Boss)
Fisherman Olga Klinski – his wife is very worried (flyer handout)
Franz the beggar – You’re surprised anyone realizes there is a beggar missin…
ASK ROUND ABOUT THE BLACK COWL (shhhh…quietly.  Taverns have ears and the barkeeps aint talkin)
DIG DEEP ON ANY ACTION (in this case you dedicate two of your three actions to the cause)
The ELF probably had the best line of all "the only thing weird about a beggar missing is that someone noticed a beggar missing" and set off on that mystery.  I used Valvorik's material here (Frans does some labor for Amalie Steiner who is a VonKMAN lady in waiting).
Battle-scarred Mace LeBrot was most concerned with the beggars because "I'm sure many of them are veterans with no other options."  Cue up nightime weird walking mutant/leper rumor.
Being a party with fairly high fellowship, they made quick work on gathering Docks intel…
 The Criminal Gambler "Jack" was the only one remotely interested in the Black Cowl rumors.  He approached both the Rats & Fish boss wanting to know what they thought of him.  This put me in a difficult spot (can't remember seeing any direct reference in book) but after it seems that the "gangs" aren't really involved in the criminal underworld at all.  Now they probably get affected some, as it seems the cost of being a criminal is going up (ala Fritz notes), but I like the idea of the "gangs" being more of a "labor union" that isn't involved in the underworld crime struggle. 
The others pretty much got all the rumors and the key intel of the missing fisherman Jurgen and Rat Rolf (days they were last seen and both near the White Horse).  When the Outcast (saved by fisherman) agitator Roderick decided to "survey the scene around the White Horse" I gave him this info (mostly from pg24):
Roderick walks out on the pier that is just outside The White Horse tavern.  The Aver is not as broad or majestic than the River Reik but he realizes at this moment that it is more significant than "a crick" he used to take it for.  Indeed he notices a retaining wall for this "little" river!  Between the wall and the natural banks of the Aver are a narrow strip of mudflats, a stinky morass of sticky mud; sewage outlets and sluice pipes empty their loads of waste onto the area.  Here and there a mudlark combs the flats looking for salvageable items that may have been dropped by boatmen or dockworkers.  With the Lime Kiln, the Tanneries and the gong farmer nearby it is all so smelly and disgusting that you actually find yourself pining for pit fighter prison.
I was just about ready to send Fritz into action and have a body turn up but we ran out of time. 

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Posted 09 March 2013 - 07:22 AM

Good stuff.  I too made a point of mentioning that the dockers are more "trade halls" and while involved in "things falling off the back of barges" etc. they are really a working man's association not a criminal organization.  Waterfront union kind of criminal not mugging/drugs/extortion kind.

I see the Black Cowl's criminal unification drive leaving the dockers alone (part of indicating Rolf vanishing wasn't considered by locals to be related to the Black Cowl's strong arm tactics on membership).

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Posted 25 March 2013 - 06:14 PM


This group was started in Pit Fighter prison.  Well 3 of them were: Mace (Battlescarred vet Merc), Roderick (Agitatin outcast) & Jacquez (Gamblin crook).  The Barber-Surgeon Academic & The Smuggling Gently Born started on the outside and they all conspired together for a “jail break.”

There is some “legal” dispute going on as to whether it is ok to “rush onto the arena floor and attack” during an “epic pit-fighter bout for freedom.”  Roderick did just this after a representative was appointed for his bout during the contest.  The other 2 got out (free but broke!) but the Gently Born Halfling Smuggler, Blotzkinwich the younger, spent 2 gold crowns bribing the ogre to take a dive.  We did a session about jail-breaking an ogre down the docks to the smuggler’s warehouse (located on the far side of Fish territory just off the map).


SECOND TEW SESSION (there were a couple pit-fighter pre sessions)

With most of the rumors talked out of the NPCs and the info on the mystery missing gathered from the first session and over email (PM me if you want rumors xls), we set about the events.


Late night on Backertag (the 18th day 1) they found the body of “I’m not joining the BC Klauss Keller” and had to talk down some fish and the rats from fighting (a Rat saw them see the body and started yelling it was Rolf).  Stealing some from Valvorik here, when they Barber-Surgeon passed the first aid check on the wounds I reiterated “soft like Bretonnian cheese, you’d expect it to be rigid.”


Morning of Bezahltag (the 19th day 2) they woke up to the burning barge encounter.  Instead of letting the democracy drag on about what action they take, I gave each of them a red, green and white die and said you gotta pick one:

Red is help Adolph straight away; Green is look for a bucket (it helps!); White is chase the perps.  Put one die in a hand, hold out for 3 count and….


Two chasin the perps - Opposed checks on 3 STR for Mace (4 STR) & Gambler Crook skilled shooter Jacquez (2 STR).  The opposed check rules are brutal if you have a lower attribute but Jacquez went straight to shooting one anyway.  He rolled 5 hammers, a boon and a chaos star on “trying to shoot for the leg to cripple one.”  I called it a kill.  Mace gained on the other perp.  He totally whiffed on the observation roll for the open back door but said “I go out the back door” and ran him down.


The Barber-Surgeon Academic Kastion Von Schewinsteiger searched the smugglers warehouse for buckets while the Outcast Agitator Roderick (of Reikland) rushed to the boat.  Opposed checks for these guys on the fire were fun.  Average Agility checks (2d) vs. their Agility of 2 ha ha.  They pulled a lot of fortune dice and rolled nice to make some progress but stalled out and lost the buckets to chaos stars. 


Jacquez, the gambler crook shooter, decided to drag the corpse back to the smuggler’s warehouse instead of fighting the fire.  Agility 5 would have helped but instead he is making ‘dragging a corpse through the street’ roles (his STR 2 vs. 3 purples ha ha).  They are still debating about how to dispose the body.


Mace subdued, hogtied and took the surviving perp to the guard house across the bridge while Jacquez finally made his way 7 rounds of dragging the corpse later over to the boat to put out the fire.  Kastion had abandoned the fanning the flames effort and had moved to rescue one of the twins.  A 3d Athletics (STR) check is tough even for STR 4 character; he eeked out success with a chaos star which put the 2nd twin in the mudflats (following behind and fell ‘don’t leave without my sister’).  Important points about the mudflats are reiterated at this point…


Mace interrogates the prisoner at the guard shack and the rest join Adolphus (merchant I)  for breakfast, wine and info.  The Glory Hound crew colludes and decides what they wanna do:

Kastion Von Schweinsteiger has got to stay with the ogre.  Somebody’s gotta do it and the ogre trusts him and him alone (he fixed his arm once in pit-fighter prison, I believe the medical term is ‘Reduction’).  Note KVS actually paid the ogre the 2 GC bribe orchestrated by the gently-born smuggler.  The majority of the group wanted to kill the ogre and keep the coins but KVS stood his ground and paid out.


Mace LeBrot wants an audience with BEERFAST to shut down the Pig.  With the events (bodies!  Burning barges that could spread!) that are going on and the intel they’ve gathered that the Pig is the heart of the BC operation, he wants it shut down and everyone questioned.  He gets an audience with Arta Schaffer who says she will run it by BEERFAST. 


Jacquez and Roderick go into the pig and ask around about what you gotta do to join up for the BC org.  I’m not sure if they want to do some undercover or if I have them so broke that they will do anything for some shillings. The few shillings they do have are on Jacqez who of course is targeted by Fritz (M).  The PP succeeds but is spotted by Roderick, who I gave an observation check to because these 2 were operatin on the buddy system.  Jacquez doesn’t spot anything (tanked INT) of course; Roderick catches the 2 boon spot as the thief scampers off.


Jacquez knows who lifted his purse and I think he is gonna shoot poor Fritz.  Instead, he uses his 5 Agility and expert skulldudgery to cut Fritz's purse!  Sometime later he approaches Fritz and says “Hey hey.  Don’t be coming for my coins anymore.  We are on the same team with BC.  We don’t want any black on black crime you know.”

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Posted 10 April 2013 - 06:12 PM


Day 3 my three main players are into:


Battle Scarred Merc LeBrot gets an audience with BEERFAST about shutting down the Pig.  The Capt. agrees the evidence is mounting but complains of a corrupt magistrate that overseas the lower city and no elector to appeal to for sanity (not that the previous one would've helped).


Criminal Gambler & Agitating Outcast (Jacquez and Roderick) pursue joining up with the Black Cowl.  Their first assignment is to "NEUTRALIZE" Mace Lebrot; someone they are known to be associated with that is causing a ruckus.  They convince Mace to stage a fight in the Pig with Jacquez and then lay low for awhile and toss the body from the barge encounter on the docks dressed up as Mace (mangled face; signature shield on back).  They squirmed and debated long about where to drop it when I asked "point exactly where on the Mudflats" but before they decided this…


Mace wanted to stage a fight where Jacquez fakely shoots him into a rigged to explode with tomatoes breastplate and he swims to the bottom of the Aver into a barrell that had trapped air for him to breath while he takes off his breastplate.  Yeah; dumping a fake body with Mace's clothes and shield was a good idea.

Oh and Mace refused to drag his own fake body to the dump sight.  The Gambler and Agitator both have STR 2.  Ha ha.


Day 4 morning:

Jacquez and Roderick head to the coaching office as the body of "Mace" is discovered.  They are over the moon about the 5 shilling advance.  They are going to "claim the kill" at the Pig on their way out of town and smuggle Mace over the river (gently born halfling smuggler Blotzkinwitch).


So they'll head out and do the track down the shipment encounter.  Back on the Docks…I think BEERFAST will bring a force of guards to the Pig and do some intimidation and questioning.  Battle Scarred Merc LeBrot has been nothing but loyal; if he is the BC this will help him appear like he cares and if he isn't then he actually cares!  Pig folk will finger criminal Jacquez who will be on the wanted posters when he comes back to town.  The players have completely forgotten (or miscalculated) that there is some law enforcemnt; Jacquez is going to be arrested or Mace is going to have to show up as not dead…  

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Posted 23 April 2013 - 04:28 PM

The Glory Hounds easily dispatched the day 4 mutants, kept the one with “pendulous wattles” alive and questioned him until he cracked.  Battle-scarred Merc Mace Lebrot, Criminal Gambler Jacquez, Agitatin Outcast Roderick and KV Scheinsteiger the Barber-Surgeon Academic headed back to the docks.

Jacquez was arrested upon returning to the city for the murder of Mace Lebrot. Mace snuck across on a Blotzkinwich smuggling boat and immediately sought out Lt Arta. She was happy to see him alive but a bit upset about the circumstances. She took him to Capt Beerfast for a full debrief.

LeBrot detailed their ruse and beseeched them to let him "stay dead" and "release the gambler" because now they have some real inroads into the BCs organization. "If I reveal myself, then we are not just back to square one - the gambler and the agitator will be 'marked for death' by the BC." LeBrot explained how the BC is not just involved on the docks…the mutants they encountered outside of town were also under his

Mace asked the gambler be released on lack of evidence but Beerfast explained that it would be difficult to just let him go. Multiple folks at the Pig saw them arguing the night before, his signature xbow bolt to throat was found at the scene and the populace already thinks that the docks are too unruly - the people need justice. Also, the Capt is no fool - obviously it wasn't Mace but it was indeed a dead body and maybe Jacquez is still the killer (indeed he is the killer although none of the Glory Hounds will cop to it). Beerfast says he will think about and dismisses Mace.  This convo was during the night of day4 (thus no capt day 5 dock visit).

Late into the night of Day 5, Capt Beerfast makes his way to centralbooking and interrogates Jacquez. He asks the gambler if given a second chance how squeaky clean he would be while in the city limits. The gambler makes promises of course but they aren't all that convincing and the Capt just doesn't trust him. However, he does leave the door open when he leaves while giving instructions to the guards…basically opening a huge window of escape that Jacquez sneaks through.


Roderick (Outcast Agitator) and KVS (Barber-Surgeon Academic) spend the morning of day 5 dumping the Mutant’s heads on Curd’s desk.  They haggle him up to 70 shillings and agree to come back tomorrow for more work for the ‘Golden Arrow’ coaching line (changed to avoid confusion with Red Crown).  These guys are punch drunk over being “rich” and start adding up all the stuff they will buy and of course Fritz is in action when they head back to the warehouse.  Roderick is trained in observation but his 4 blues, yellow and white all come up BLANKS vs. 2 swords on the single purple die LMAO!!!  Beatrice is certainly not going to get any help now…


<<I've kept my players broke but this is a kick them while they are down moment I really didn't see coming.  VonKMANs missions are so easy to "sell" as GM when you keep your players broke ;D>>


We break with Roderick having to decide how much he wants to push into the night if/when the BCs henchman makes contact.  If he does, he now has the ability to meet the henchmen and get the inside scoop from the men inside the criminal empire.  Of course they have no f’n clue why the folk are disappearing and they all think “one of the other ones” is the one killing the racketeers!

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Posted 30 April 2013 - 04:51 PM

Roderick falls in with the BC rank & file thugs, loansharks etc. easily with his fellowship skillz and street cred.  He doesn't even bother to ask about the missing folk who have taken a back stage but he does talk up the racketeer slayings.


Jacquez, who *might* have been let go by Beerfast or Arta, certainly is not a free man.  He is very concerned about pinning the fake murder of Battle-Scarred Mace LeBrot on somebody…they attempt to frame a southlands expedition survivor now BC thug recently reinstated to the docks. 


And of course "dead" Mace is disguised and keeping quiet.  Both Jacquez and Mace are keeping a low profile at the coaching office and let the gently born halfling do the dealings (player isn't able to make it, but the other 3 are so toxic I feel I have to use him). 



Jacquez is now going by "Alexander" and hops in the carriage with Clothilde.  Roderick chooses to be a hanger on outside the back and Mace rides a horse in front of the carriage.  They get to the blockage, fail a round of observe checks and clear the roadblock.  They are on edge that the attack is going to happen here right now when Roderick spots the tracks.  Mace charges the bush slashing with his sword and barely avoids killing Gert (a hit would've killed her…he missed!)  He dumps her bag out, finds the horn and stomps on it until it is crushed.  The screams bring Clothilde out of the carriage; she demands Mace let the young girl go.


A bit later down the road Roderick spots the outlaws riding hard to catch them and the quote of the night is "oh I wish I had a horn to blow" (broken horn blowing ensues).  The carriage draws to a halt and Jacquez wants to start shooting before I can even read the flavor text.  Roderick performs a stunt to get on top of the coach and hide!  Mace, who is not all that observant, continues riding himself away from the engagement (misses first round, last in initiative 2nd round).


Criminal Gambler Jacquez, er I mean Alexander, uses all his tricks on the first xbow bolt unleashed and slays an outlaw right out.  He now is the main target though and he takes a beating.  Finally Mace arrives and, as Roderick relays some inspiring words, the Outlaws are routed.  They subdue and hog tie one, one escapes and there are 2 pin cushion corpses.  Clothilde wants to get "Alexander" to her house for medical attention and they agree. 


I talked up the V Altraum mansion like they just won the survivor awards challenge.  After they torture their prisoner and get him to spill the beans, they get a bath with some warm water, a meal and a very little bit of good wine.  This is a looooong way from Pit Fighter prison and the stench of the docks with all its missing people and murders has been completely forgotten.


And then it is time to leave and head back to all of it.  Mace and Alexander decide it is best to get smuggled back in the city on a boat.  Roderick tells the outlaw prisoner, who is now very injured and needs medical attention, if he makes a scene at the entrance he will turn him over to the watch but if he keeps his mouth shut he will drop him off at the PIG.  I thought he was just using charm and still going to take him to Curd but the outcast agitator actually drops the outlaw off at the PIG!!!

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Posted 15 May 2013 - 12:01 PM

The gently-born Halfling & Roderick (outcast) have negotiated a “good deal” from VonKMAN for services at “a small fete in the Averburg gardens to show off some of the wonders the Southland expedition brought back.”  


Our forked tongue Halfling got a small ‘finder’s fee’ for introducing the ogre to Curd.   GorWack now works for VonKMAN.  On the lamb Jacquez is now going by Alexander.  Playing possum Mace is now Cestus.  Cut throat Meinhardt is after Roderick; the framing didn’t work (he uses handaxes and has too many connections). 


As Roderick, Alexander and the battle-scarred mercenary formerly known as Mace keep low profiles on the docks, Kastion Von Schweinsteiger has taken up the cause of the missing people.  He is helped by a strange elf (foreign messenger high elf Lysandir Goldeneyes) who claims he has mystical sight.  “I can see into the spirit world you humassholes…” this loon from Ulthoooan has staked out the White Horse vicinity for almost a week and is (failing) to rally a mob to hunt some river monster.  “No not the red bellied pirahnas nor a pariaba but maybe a sahuagin although shorter in height, the ‘cripply-mutant-leper’ in the dark cloak is to be feared.” 


<<the elf player is participating some over email, a future visit is in the works>>


Roderick heard some genuine concern from the Black Cowl’s “Brotherhood” about Ute missing.  You know Fritz (the pickpocket) was one of their own; he went missing the night of the “escorting the noblewoman fight with outlaws” day.  The missing “brass dockers” and the assassinated racketeers seem to be unrelated, the former seeming to have no explanation.  The recent murdering of racketeers and the corpse of (*cough*) a famed pit fighter, Greatsword veteran with a short stint as a watchman (*cough*) solidified the BC’s “Brotherhood” grip on the docks.




THE Major Plotline is Revealed

A man named Templeman was hired by VonKMAN to lead the Southland’s expedition.  He died in the Southlands.  Witchhunter Adele Ketzenblum “crashes” the Menagerie party.  She has evidence that connects Templeman to the Red Crown (mutant org) and wanted to burn him at the stake.  Given the Templeman/Red crown connection she believes everyone involved in the Southland’s expedition to be suspect.  Ketzenblum has also been on the trail of “The Man in the Black Hood” and is convinced that person is associated with the Southland’s expedition AND an influential person in Averheim.  


The Glory Hounds* Witness the Political Situation

VonKMAN, a minor landless noble, is seeking the extremely popular Clothhilde Von Alptraum’s hand in marriage.  The Von Alptraum family ranks #2 in Averheim and could potentially win the next elector seat. 

The #1 ranking family, the Leitdorfs, have not put forward a strong candidate.   Claudia Leitdorf is dismayed at the sight of the VonKMAN ladies in waiting “having a grand old time” with Clothhilde.  Waldemarius is the top Halfling in Averheim and he too warms up to Clothhilde.  The Leitdorf’s are despised by the Halfling community because of how the moot riots were handled years ago. 

The #3 family, and it is a distant 3rd, is the Tuchtenhagen family.  Theodosious arrives with a jester, a “pet” fat Gold Wizard and a single lady in waiting who is out of place.  The jester cracks bad jokes at both Clothhilde and Waldemarius.  They are all very annoying except for Wanda, who seems to have a lot in common with the Brass tier Glory Hounds.


BEERFAST has a heated discussion with the Leitdorfs over how he should be given more power until the elector succession is settled.  He is extremely mad that his soldiers are not permitted on the grounds during the Menagerie party (VonKMANs doing, with evidence gathered from the Glory Hounds on deserters being Highwaymen).  His request is dismissed “We will not turn over power to any temporary authority, the one thing we all agree on is preserving established privilege for the noble houses…even landless ones with no title claims.”


After the Falconry show, the Southland’s Expedition Exhibits are Unveiled

VonKMAN is quite the showman and he is always most focused on what Clothhilde likes.  If she seems interested in an item he certainly points that out saying “Oh you like this one my dear” etc.  The revealed exhibits include:

·         Many Ivory Carvings of Savage Figures and Strange Gods

·         Large Green Egg - advertised as a “flightless Southland’s Dragon” egg

·         A Golden Plaque – Exotic Square patterned sigils and cryptic writings are carved onto this extremely valuable item.

·         A Leering-Faced Effigy of Smoky Jade – Luminary MAUER demands this item be turned over to him to be destroyed.  VonKMAN says it is the pride of his collection and the two argue.  Clothhilde interjects saying there is another wizard in attendance who can give an opinion on if it is evil.  Theodosious “pet” fat Gold Wizard can’t take his eyes off the Golden Plaque and quickly agrees with VonKMAN before anyone realizes he wasn’t paying attention. 


A Game is Proposed to Break the Tension

Amalie Steiner (LIW of the VonKMAN retinue) proposes a game that she will go into the Hedge Maze and wait at the Statue of Verena.  Those who want to participate will wait 5 minutes and then try and find her.  The first to find her will be rewarded with “many honours.” 


THIS IS WHERE WE ENDED.  NEXT SESSION’S starting location for each player and brief notes on what they did during Book 1 Part 2 Act 1 follow:

Alexander (formerly Jacquez, criminal gambler pistolier) – Is following Amalie Steiner in the hedge maze.  He spent the majority of the Act flirting with the various Ladies in Waiting and Clothhilde Von Alptraum.


Blotzkinwich the Younger (halfling gently born smuggler) – Stands just outside the Hedge Maze with Waldemarius drinking a now half gone bottle of wine.  He started off perusing the artwork and bought the “stressful to gaze upon depiction of the death of Templeman.”  He convinced the Halfling elder not to leave after the jester’s poor taste joke (wine used).      


Kastion Von Schweinsteiger (aka KVS, academic barber-surgeon) – Is at the entrance next to Arta Schaffer and a couple other of the Captain’s men who aren’t allowed inside the Menagerie grounds.  He followed Witchhunter Ketzenblum out after she intimidated/interrogated VonKMAN & Luminary Mauer and witnessed her have a go at BEERFAST (witnessed all of her convos and therefore is the best source of the Major Plotline info above).  He also spent time learning the hedge maze before the guests arrived.


Roderick of Reikland (outcast agitator)– Spent the majority of his time at the Menagerie speaking with Luminary MAUER (infatuated with the new creatures from the Southlands) and the Falconer Albrun.  He is currently in a hedge behind the bear cave where a strange smell was coming from.  Thinking that someone has infiltrated the party has him quite on edge however for some reason he cannot stop giggling about it.


Cestus (formerly Mace Lebrot, battle scarred merc) – Tried to calm down BEERFAST “Now now you might be forced outside but I’m your man and I’m on the inside.  We got this!”  Of course Mace isn’t so sure what side Roderick is on anymore and he knows “Alexander” will start shooting way before shooting should be started.  Cestus can choose his starting point.


* The group has chosen a new idiom, Gang of Thugs IIRC, but I will continue to refer to them in notes as the Glory Hounds as it has a much better ring to it…

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Posted 14 July 2013 - 12:34 PM

Book 1 Part 2 And then the party goes wild…

The “Cripply mutant River Monster” has launched his wicked plan…Albrun surely would’ve perished if not for the distractions of Roderick (agitator) & Blotzkinwich (gently born halfling smuggler), the beast fled into the maze where Alexander (criminal gambler pistolier) & Amalie were having a moment.

Cestus LeBurger (‘Mace’ battle scarred veteran) decided to guard the tent – he followed the trail of the “Cripply mutant River Monster” thief who had launched a weirdroot laced smokebomb into the tent and was making off the artefacts! 



Roderick convinces the nobles to argue outside as Alexander shoots down the Beast.  After dealing with the authorities in the aftermath, the Glory Hounds retreat to old man Blotzkinwich’s house to share information, plot their next move and debate who IS the black cowl.


<<I assigned my “core 3 players” black cowl suspect capsules (one each) and had a “mock trial” on which one was the BC.  If anyone wants these capsules, pm me your email.>>


As the Glory Hounds go through the various scenarios Old Man Blotzkinwich pipes up.  "So let me get this straight.  All you have to do is avoid crazy Meinhardt, kill the “River Monster” hiding round the docks, recover the artefacts and collect a handsome reward?  Doesn’t sound so tough to me…"

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Posted 14 July 2013 - 01:07 PM

TEW Book 1 Part 3:  

After a lively debate, the group leans to Von KMAN in open voting.  Kastion Von Schweinsteiger (academic barber-surgeon acting as “judge” for the debate”) contends that BEERFAST is the main suspect in closed voting. 


<<Roderick (outcast agitator) will not openly accuse BEERFAST while Mace/Cestus (battle scarred merc) is around.>>


The matter is put aside as all take some rest.  When dawn comes, Old Man Blotzkinwitch kicks out the lot including his son and they set off for the day.  Cestus LeBurger (aka Mace LeBrat) speaks with Lt Arta Schaffer while the rest go talk to MAUER (he invited Alexander aka Jaquez for a visit).


The Luminary beseeches Alexander to unload his pistol into the thief of the mask and bring the artefact to him so it can be destroyed.  After some small talk over tea, the "Diplomats" discuss what they observed in the wizards apartment:

  • Everyone notices the picture of the effigy that Luminary MAUER drew and the word EVIL below it.  Yes, even illiterates know how to spell EVIL.
  •  Roderick can't wead but does note a couple books turned to pages having the numbers 3 and 1.  No not page numbers....something else.  These texts had some type of beastman illustrated and a whole lot of people watching him...uh...her...uh..it...do something.  Is it a comedy routine where it juggles a skull and a knife maybe?
  •  Kastion Von Schewinsteiger, who actually can read, noticed those same books and after discussing what the illiterates thought they read..uh oh.  Yikes.  Those books where about some strange beastman ritual that required 13 human sacrifices!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How many people are missing?

The matter is set aside as everyone arrives at the Sword of Siggismund, an upscale inn just off the Penzerplatz, at high noon.  Alexander, Roderick and Blotzkinwitch have lunch with Von KMAN.  The matter of the Oh What A Lovely Day at the Menagerie payment is settled before the noble starts into the pitch Old Man Blotzkinwitch predicted.  "Bringing Giselbert's murder to justice being my upmost concern, I of course am a businessman and would appreciate if my artefacts were retrieved.  Let's say a gold crown for each artefact and a third for the murderer dead or alive?"


Blotzkinwitch the younger, having been readied for this moment by the old man, knew the offer was a low ball.  A GC for the murderer...meh this is simply posturing for the ALPTRUM chick; he don't care about that dude.  A GC for the effigy mask that MAUER claims is evil...hmm...OK not a bad deal given that he might not get to keep it.  But a GC for a Gold Plaque?!?!  Ha ha...


While this goes down inside the inn, FGROSS approaches the outside door and speaks with the KVS (academic Barber-Surgeon).  The BC has taken over and it is too hot to operate anymore - he needs an escort out of town.  With lots of eyes suspiciously watching, Cestus/Mace and KVS walk him out for 20 shillings.


After whispering to the halfling, Von KMAN takes his leave.  Soon after, Roderick and Alexander find themselves being practically pushed out the front door by the staff and being ambushed by the "Brotherhood of the Masked Man in the Black Hood."


Just off the Penzerplatz, at around one o'clock, Alexander unloads his pistol.  The "Brotherhood" was beat back but city guards are now after Alexander who has "snuck" down to the docks.  Cestus leads guards to the "a real criminal" cut throat.  Blotzkinwitch the younger starts cooking in the Sword of Siggismund and steals a chicken at an opportune moment while the extremely charming Roderick weaves a fine innocent tale to the guards. 

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Posted 14 July 2013 - 01:23 PM

TEW Book 1 Part 3 Act 3:


The Glory Hounds realize that their dock intel is not just extraneous information for security gaurds.  If they can find the lair of this "River Monster" and recover those artefacts then they will be rich beyond imagination.  And undoubtedly Famous.  And most likely able to switch to back to their real names.  And perhaps personally thanked by Clothhilde Von ALPTRUM.   


The gang is hiding out at the smuggler's warehouse trying to determine exactly where the lair might be.  And they are hiding from the Brotherhood...and Jacquez/Alexander is wanted by the city gaurds...


<<the high elf messenger player, Lysandir Goldeneyes, was able to join us for this session.  he had been scouting out the white horse and I fed him lot of intel to solve the mystery.  they put it all together nicely>>



The Glory Hounds collaborated with the “Loon from Ulthuan” in the smuggler’s warehouse on where to find the “River Monster” responsible for the disappearing people.  If they could find the monster's lair, then surely the artefacts could be recovered.  They investigated down by the river, off the disgusting mudflats at the entrance to the sluice pipe and found some tracks.  But they decided to follow up another lead on suspicious tanners who had closed up shop due to “flooding”.  In back they found a covered pit full of bodies; no one would look at the terrifying sight long enough to count the corpses to see if the 13 needed to complete the ritual were present.


<<perhaps the funniest moment of the campaign so far.  First guy to look failed his Fear 2 check and no one said they would look.  Roderick’s player started pointing and appeared to be counting and I looked over at him and said “oh you want to count the bodys?” while fishing for fear check dice.  He said “heck no I’m doing eeny meeny miney mo on the snacks!”  LOL he grabbed the classic combos>>


Inside the tannery they found:

  • The broken nose off the strange mask Luminary MAUER demanded be destroyed (no signs of the rest of it)
  • Most of the gold plaque (a corner was missing)
  • A green glowing bell clapper
  • A large jar containing…approximately…13 hearts

<<I ran into a dilemma here.  The players could find the artefacts and never face the triad.  So I had the triad assault them here with the motivation to 'save the nose'.  Using RB_Bergstrom's tanner location from page 6 from GM prep ideas really set the scene nicely.  Note I always refer to triad members as beastmen because none of their characters have learned about the “sub-species” from Mauer >>


Skraab, the ‘river monster’ encountered by our heroes at the Menagerie party, stealthily and swiftly stalked Jacquez / Alexander.  A keenly intelligent and skilled hunter, perhaps the Man in the Black Hood had tipped off Skraab about the deadly pistolier’s shot.  Or maybe the expert assassin had heard about “Alexander’s exploits” while pursuing one or more of his…approximately…13 victims.  The gambler was wanted by wharf rats for overzealous ‘murders’ in the pit, wanted by the Brotherhood of the Man in the Black Hood for killing multiple members and wanted by the city watch for using a firearm in the Penzerplatz!


A jittery Roderick guarded the back door.  He might have caught a rare fleeting glimpse of Skraab but he certainly did not miss the other two members of the beastmen triad.  Grott, an ogre-sized-brown thick-furred monster with a glowing chest rune, lumbered forward.  Kraaasulk lingered behind on the fence line.  The gangly creature adorned by a skull mask and white fur coat chanted an incantation which seemed to make the sky rumble.  The terror-stricken agitator ran screaming.


The Glory Hounds gathered their wits and faced the peril of the beastmen triad.  The keen sight and steady shot of Lysandir Goldeneyes saved the unobservant gambler for he unloaded his gun in the direction where the High Elf’s arrows were landing.  “Alexander” would’ve been slain easily but instead he “merely” got stabbed in the leg by Skraab’s weeping blade and fell unconscious.


A lightning bolt destroyed the make-shift table cover “Cestus LeBurger” set up as Grott ferociously charged the veteran.  After saying prayers to Sigmar, Ulric, Verena and coming to terms with meeting Morr, Roderick emerged from his hiding place to tip the scales against Grott.  The greatswordsman formerly known as Mace smote the monstrosity; the killing blow left LeBrot off balance and he fell into a disgusting tanner pit.


A wounded Skraab did not realize the odds were now stacked against him – Kraaasulk had scampered off.  The assassin ignored the clumsy weapon wielding of Woderick; indeed the agitator was surprised that his skill-less slash felled such an evasive adversary.


Paranormal tattoos glowed on the slain beastmen and the two turned into writhing piles of maggots.  At this point the “Diplomatic Entourage” realized the watch would arrive soon; the gambler had rolled the dice by discharging his pistol again.  Frantic searching, pilfering and escaping ensued by most while Cestus greeted the guards by saying “I am Mace LeBrot and have solved the mystery of the ‘River Monster’ on the Docks.”

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Posted 31 July 2013 - 11:29 PM

And that is where we ended book 1. Before we started Book 2 one of our “core 3” PCs mentioned that he was moving cross state. Ugh…a hefty blow from life.

I’ve never been more on the verge of killing off a character before. The criminal pistolier just would not stop shooting everyone everywhere with the pistol he picked up from the highwaymen. Gunning down a Gyrphon in a thicket is one thing but fights in the Penzerplatz…sha as if. After firing in the Penzerplatz, the criminal pistolier chased Black Cowl Brotherhood Thugs down to the docks and fired some more.

After the “cripply/mutant” encounter, the gambler criminal pistolier had been stabbed by the weeping blade, was wanted by the watch, the dock gangs, the brotherhood and the “smugglers warehouse safehouse” had been infiltrated. His only option was Mathilda’s hideout which he should not have known about. He went there and she took ALL his stuff – pistol, gold nugget…well he kept his clothes.

<player and other players gave me lots of grief on this one.  I gave him a choice – give it up or die.    Maybe I’m too soft.  Just got Signs of Faith because he wants to be an Assassin now.  Going to make a 3rd identity.  Good news maybe he’ll go undercover…at least in the city. I did reiterate that NOT using guns in cities is important (extraneous security guard info - as AdKetz will certainly shoot her pistol in Middenheim). More good news I can disease the crap out of him.>>

Barber-Surgeon academic got arrested outside Wurtbad after ratmen were killed trying to steal his lead box containing the bell clapper. It took the party almost 2 weeks getting him out of prison (delay helps “battlefield news” realism as suggested by other threads).


<<skip a bit brother.  first though shall count to 3>>

Battle-scarred Mercenary wants to become a Highwayman. Outcast Agitatin is moving into Inspectigating. Barber-Surgeon Academic transitions to Physician.

I told the gently-born Halfling smuggler he couldn’t level up yet. He threatened to drop out, but he rarely shows anyway so I called his bluff. Having the gently-born who is doing the negotiating with VonKman an infrequent attender works well; “them damn nobles sheisted us again” is fun to RP. I gave him a roll to see how well he convinced VonKman that the “Glory Hounds” succeeded in their mission.

Battle-scarred Mercenary gave the remains of the plaque (about ¾) and the weeping blade to BEERFAST. I found the argument regarding who gave what to who very interesting and entertaining. The BC debate really fanned the fire…the bell clapper went to a priest of Ulric because they did not trust giving it to Mauer. The gently-born halfling smuggler ranted and raved about how the ¾ plaque should be given to him to give to VonKMAN for better payment.


<<less than ¾, more like 2/3, is now in VonKMANs possession.  But did BEERFAST cut the extra chunks before he turned over the plaque to VonKMAN??”  PCs were honing in on Mauer so I used this to steer them toward the other 2.  Gently-born Halfling smuggler knows this info; played on it to VonKMAN to get better payment.  He also talked up how noble it was to avenge the death of Giselbert.  And then daisy chained not 1…not 2…not 3 but 4 gold hammers on charm; 8 GC payout.  Split will not be fair.  Much party tension to ensue.  Battle-scarred Mercenary gets nothing because someone saw him pocket some chunks>>


We get on our bikes and ride. Well we get in the coach and head towards “The Empire Needs you” encounter. Then I’ll rough em up with chaos army calvary Marauders before we start the Middenheim saga. The gently-born halfling scheister is now sharing a coach with all the guys he has been scheisting. He clutches to his “death of Templeton” portrait; purchasing it from the Tilean at the Menagerie brought him great luck then...

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TEW Book 2 Part 1

After traversing Averheim to Wurtbad, being delayed in Wurtbad, then Wurtbad to outside Talabheim, the Chaos Marauders charged the coach, jumped on and attacked like lunatics (The End Is NEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAARish). Werther took a whack, fell off and the horses went wild. Gently-born Halfling Blotzkinwich actually tried to fight and twice stabbed his dagger for….2 damage. Criminal Gambler turned Assassin who gave up his pistol for a quiet hand X-bow Jack/Alexander/ThinkingOfNewName executed the Execution Shot perfectly and then fired a bolt for something like 18 damage (the math is still fuzzy to me but the rulebook lawyers claim it was legit). Mace LeBrot fought bravely while Roderick shouted inspirations and coordinated attacks; the Glory Hounds beat back the peril as Kastion protected the bell clapper in the lead box. Onto Middenheim!


<<we did one travel check for Averheim to Middenheim…trying to move things along.  Explained all the skips avoided and passed out news/rumors>>


Book 2 Part 2 ACT 1

The Glory Hounds really do become a Diplomatic Entourage.  The make progress through the 3 tasks…


Wizard: they parlay through the red tape and eventually realize they must get wolf skins in the Drakenwald!  They get permission for the ritual but debate if success might be jeopardized from the blackpowder weapons used during the hunt.


Noble: They are onto Markheim (office & cellar at WH) and seem extremely motivated to save Graf Wolfgang.  They goto the Draken and stealthily get away with Brenner’s book.  However, the trial goes on with the other evidence.  I have Adele as prosecutor & jury, but the priestess is the judge (small chance for reasonableness).


Captain: They follow Adele and find the false bottom in the chest at the Brown Owl.  Good thing the Gambler/Assassin followed her after the “opening remarks” day of the trial as Mace LeBrot decided to get drunk at Koch’s (for free…all that Averlander hero love).  They save the battle-scarred LeBrot from certain peril but not before he recites a “tell-all story of the Glory” detailing the bell clapper…and well…everything.  She’s onto them now!


<<LeBrot's peril was Slaaneshi Ecstatica.  They wrestle down a couple cultists at koch's before she easily slips away.  They are paranoid Adele is going to steal the bell clapper now but....nothing more happens that night.>>

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Continuing to be a fun read.  


Couple of questions, 


Did le Brot's player roleplay revealing all or was that the GM narrating the dice?


How many advances do the players have at this point?

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Posted 29 August 2013 - 12:47 PM

It was a combination of dice and RP. I forced LeBrot to give up the details of the clapper but the rest was up to him. It was interesting to hear him tell Adele about how "we are both on the same side" in regards to the BC. He very much wanted to exchange notes with her as she tortured him. Of course i didn't let him know he was being tortured until after his mates rescues him (i told Mace he loved the woman in the jade dress and she loved him - drugs and S&M at work with a residual insanity after).

The one guy who hasn't missed yet is at 17 advances although we did i think 3ish sessions before hitting the meat of book one.
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Posted 30 August 2013 - 10:48 AM

"didn't know he was being tortured" - I love it, sounds like some movie/tv scenes that play on that a bit, "of course I'll tell you everything, this is wonderful, just whip a little harder...."

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BOOK 2 PART 2 (Continued)

The Glory Hounds tell Gregor Helstrum about the den of Iniquity at Koch's. Helstrum does what any self respecting witch-hunter would do...he burns it to the ground. After the burning, they try to convince Gregor that his protege is actually the priestess of this cult. They dimplomatically present the evidence with a "winning smile" and he is a little bit convinced...he will send word to Altdorf for a witchhunter to investigate Adele.

the daunting check (pg96) is brutal.  The outcast used his once per session reduce a purple and they all used talents to add white dice.  The result was 6 hammers and a chaos star.  I felt locking them up would be too brutal and instead treated it as a 2 hammer.

After a tense night, Mace came out of his delusions with the "It is all my fault" insanity. The gang headed over to the Temple of Verena before the trial started and tried to convince priestess Lector Helena that Ketzenblum is corrupt. She has seen Adele 'immolate first and ask questions later' but says this is above her authority....perhaps they should contact Gregor Helstrum. When the Glory Hounds sigh and say "been there, done that" she agrees their story is persuasive and grants them asylum in her temple.

Adele spent her remaining night convincing the watch that Mace LeBrot is the Jade Sceptre leader and should be arrested.

The group approaches attorney's Rangel & Schpinn with the evidence they have. They have the logs from the Warehouse office showing Markheim's embezzlement AND Brenner's book which shows Aschenbeck's guilt. Gently Born halfling Blotzkinwich tries to sell both of these to the attorneys!! After a lengthy conference, they say they don't want to buy anything (they think the evidence is too flimsy to convict). They also mention that Markheim is the one who "pays their bills" so they aren't interested in presenting any evidence of his guilt.

The greedy Blotzkinwich now wants to sell Brenner's book to Adele but the rest of the group convinces him that the 10 GC reward will be more than what she will pay.

The trial starts and the Watch come in to take Mace LeBrot away - someone tipped them off that he was at the trial. The Priestess stays the Watch's authority in her temple as promised.

The trial proceeds to the point where Markeim takes the stand and breaks down crying about all the atrocities he unwittingly committed. Defense counsel looks at each other, shrugs their shoulders and opt not to cross examine (he pays the bills you know). That is when the noble halfling Blotzkinwich, struggling to walk with the "heavy" log books, makes his way through the gallery and presents them to (the Judge) Priestess Helena. He presents the case of Markheim's treachery to the ooohs and aaaahs of the gallery and the fierce objections of Adele. The Priestess calls for...immediate recess so the "scholars" can examine the books!

Flustered by the recent events, Ketzeblum wants to kill the all the Glory Hounds now.


The Glory Hounds are paranoid that Adele is going to confiscate the bell clapper before the ritual so they spend the night in the professor's office. Under the full moon of Morsleib, Ketzenblum rallies a mob "to sequester the corrupt artefact!" The impossible mission becomes transporting the bell clapper and professor across town to the Temple of Vereena where they have asylum. Stealth out the back door works for the assassin Reginald (formerly criminal gambler Jacques/Alexander) who easily gets the bell clapper to the temple. The rest get caught up in a massive melee where Adele is shooting to kill.  Strangely, some of the mob helps them (the RC trying to ensure ritual success)...


When Reginald got to the Temple of Vereena gates he cried out "I need asylum for me and my 2 friends!!!"  Sometimes we only have 3 playing but on this night we had 5 and the professor was 6.  So the guys starting counting off..."er 4" and "uhhh 5" and somebody added "what about the professor." :D

 After some serious injuries, the Glory Hounds successfully retreat with the professor inside the temple and the watch arrives on the scene. Ketzenblum begins parlaying with the watch when Roderick leaves the safety of the temple and bravely joins the conversation showing off his bullet wound. The witchhunter does not deny shooting him and is asked to "come down to the station for questioning regarding this matter." She becomes irate and the captain arrives. Roderick, who is on good terms with the captain (cooperated after the Drakken incident), details how this witchhunter has been firing her pistol in the streets a lot lately (he left out the whole bit about her being a chaos cultist). Finally, Roderick's winning smile works! Adele is taken into custody...

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After a long hiatus…we finally resume.  With one of the “core 3” across state, we’ve moved game HQ to the most logistically favorable “non-core players” house.  He keeps cancelling…and I haven’t had the conversation yet with his wife if the rest of us can still play in the basement while he is stuck at work.  We’ve (temporarily) given up on his house now, and moved the game to another friend’s house who is almost but not quite as logistically favorable.  This guy played the Rat-catcher in the last campaign (Stormdorf) so of course we dug-up his character Rattadon.  The Rat-Catcher, IMHO, is THE best class in WFRP.  The small but vicious dog rocks!


Big rewind to the last campaign. 

Another friend was GM; Ad-Razir was the bright wizard I played that everyone hated.  I played him as a Brettonian with an outrageous accent (I thought it was funny).  Falcon was a javelin throwing Mercenary that tried to pile up insanity so he could become a witchhunter. 


In the TEW campaign, I started the “core 3” out in Pit-Fighter prison because one of the Glory Hounds sold a coat to Ad-Razir.  Falcon of course had become a “witchunter ‘insane’ zealot” who arrested them.  Falcon wanted to bring down Ad-Razir because the wizard had (allegedly) turned to the ruinous powers.  The coat helped the wizard escape Averland and Falcon would have executed the Glory Hounds if not for Rattadon and the small but vicious dog who intervened and convinced the enraged witchhunter to sell them into “pit fighter prison” slavery.      


And now back to the conclusion of Book 2:


The Glory Hounds have "sanctuary" in the Temple of Vereena. Because they revealed they had the bell clapper, Hector Leena (High Priestess of Vereena and judge in Von Aschenbecks trial) demands each of them be "screened" for corruption. Throughout the night, her ‘Oracle’ casts a portent on them (one at a time) which feels like a Tarot reading.


This was an individual recap which gave a few hints about the BC but also where I told them how much corruption they carried (High/Medium/Low).  Gambler now Assassin Jaques/Alexander/Reginald by far carried the most corruption.  The oracle made a big deal of the wound from the weeping blade which I described as Frodo’s wound from Weathertop.  He carried a lvl4 critical from it, the Grievous wound.    


After a grueling night of questioning (and stress), the sun finally comes up.  At the top of the morning, witchhunter Falcon arrives at the temple. He has tracked Ad-Razir to a chaos cult in Middenheim called the Jade Sceptre and Gregor Hellstrum suggested he talk to Adele Ketzenblum about the matter.  The underling priests suggest he talk to the Glory Hounds.  Thus Rattadon (our host) and Falcon (me as witchhunter NPC) conduct questioning about Adele & Ad-Razir.  “She tortured me” and “she shot me” and “she is a slaanesshi priestess” they claimed.  Falcon was not convinced.  He asked Rattadon to keep an eye on the motley crew while he went off to try to find Adele.


Ad-Razir is a Jade Sceptre cult member who is in love with Adele.  I tell Mace Lebrot he remembers seeing the wizard while he was being tortured at Kochs.  The battle scarred Mercenary is still suffering from "it's all my fault" after the love/torture and I tell him the only way to get rid of it is to role-play how much he 'loves' Adele.


I then put the guys to a decision.  The trial was about to resume, now prosecuted by Gregor Helstrum, but Von Aschenbeck was certainly not out of the woods.  They also had the Sacred Flame reserved!  They huddled and decided to do the ritual.


Professor Von Oppenheim (badly) explained the roles of the ritual.  Mace Lebrot went for the Keeper of the Sanctitiy (Howler).  Reginald (assassin who easily picked the lock) took  'Flame Processor.’  Roderick (Agitator/Inspectigator Outcast) took 'Chalice Steward’ and Rattadon took the opener of the box.  I allowed the Howler’s comet to be a yellow die bonus to the Chalice Steward, as Roderick’s STR was about to fail.  But he heard the howl!!!  Mace made a big deal of piling all his clothes/weapons etc right near him.  I had some fun with jr priest picking through his pile but he didn’t stop howling.


When the ritual completed, I explained all their corruption was gone.  Except for Gambler now Assassin Jaques/Alexander/Reginald who still had a little bit of corruption but finally his lvl4 critical Grievous wound was now cured.  I thought this was a big hint that not all the corruption was cured…


They then rushed over to the trial (near end; late afternoon) and heard Gregor Helstrum talk how either the Graf or Markheim is guilty but who knows which.  Markheim was not present though so the Glory Hounds offered to go find him.


At the Graf’s mansion, Markheim (backed by Bravos) were forcing Margarete to sign over stuff.  A bloody fight ensued where Markheim threatened to kill Margarete “if anyone comes closer”.  The heroes just killed the Bravos that had engaged them…“we aren’t coming closer.”  A couple rounds of back forth ensued and a chaos star popped up; one of the bravos transformed into a chaos spawn (a purple hand loyalist and Bravo)!  Rattadon dumped all his fortune into his attack and pulled out the magic hammer card (from Stormdorf campaign) that hadn’t been looked at in like a year (7 years game time).  “This says I get +2 damage per fortune point against chaos and deamons…is this a deamon?”  The attack did 25 damage after 2 criticals and the fortune bonus were calculated…a dead chaos spawn.

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Posted 14 November 2013 - 04:30 PM


This session is mainly "off-book".  I gave the players a chance (and they took it) to get resolution on the Pit Fighter prison story that preceded book 1.  That story is now intertwined with Adele because the wizard Ad-Razir is now in the Jade Sceptre cult.  Ad-Razir is being hunted by the witch-hunter Falcon for betrayal, improper use of magic and association with chaos gods.

The session opens with Markheim attempting to escape, two of the Bravos running in fear of the now dead chaos spawn, Margarete being passed out (chaos spawn trauma!) and Gregarious bleeding out (was trying to stop the Bravos forcing Margarete signing over documents).

<<Gregarious is a Middenheim Agent PC; an out of town friend that joined for one session and now is a big contributor over email.  We play about twice a month, so I use email for recaps and to help “set up” the session which allows people who can’t make it contribute to discussion.  I must admit I’ve set a new personal record here.  We now have EIGHT PCs weaved into the TEW equation!>> 

Kastion and Mace take off to chase down Markheim.  If Markheim gets away he will rally the Bravos and get out of dodge as explained on page 102.  However, Markheim’s 2d coordination check to “slip off into an alley” pops up two chaos stars!  He has fallen, hit his head and lies unconscious; Mace says “you’re f’n nix me old beauty.”

Meanwhile, Roderick rushes to apply first aid to Gregarious and Reginald attends to Margarete...he is a ladies man.  Lucky for the Glory Hounds, an initiate of Vereena followed them after the appearance in court.  If she makes it back to the temple (alive), she will tell their story of heroism!  They all agree that it is important to escort the ladies back to the temple.  Both Gregarious and Reginald are sweet on Margarete...   

<<I’m devising an encounter in Altdorf where Jacquez/Alexander/Reginald encounter Margarete and Amiee Lee Steiner at the same time.  His changing identity along with constant womanizing will all come to a head>>

With Markheim captured and testimony from Gregarious (a Middenheim agent in good standing) corroborated by the initiate of Vereena witness (chaos spawn Bravos! Assaulting Margarete!), Graf Wolfgang is set free.  10 GCs are paid to Blotzkinwich (nobles pay nobles) and the Halfling splits the proceeds evenly (all are stunned).

Now the Glory Hounds have a big decision to make.  Should they set off to Altdorf immediately with the cleansed Bell Clapper?  The Graf’s finest coach is now at their disposal and they are wanted dead by not one but two chaos cults.  Or should they look into what is happening with the two witchhunters (Adele/Falcon) and Ad Razir?  They decide to stay just one more night... 

<<They know that the Purple Hand and the Jade Sceptre hate them so staying in town is certainly not safe.  But they also think Adele will seek revenge for ruining her trial, burning down Kochs and for spreading “rumors” about her being a cult priestess.  They decide to stay in town and look into what is going on with Adele.  She still has no idea that they know about the Brown Owl. 

Remember, Ad-Razir (the bright wizard now in love with Adele that I played in the Stormdorf campaign with a bad Brettonian accent…I THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY!) and Falcon (PC witchhunter from Stormdorf campaign) are the reason they got locked up in pit fighter prison before Book 1 of TEW.

Also remember, Adele was being held by the watch for firing her pistol in the street at Blotzkinwich and Roderick.  Falcon had long been on the trail of Ad-Razir who was now linked to the Jade Sceptre cult.  This led Falcon to the Glory Hounds at the Temple of Vereena (referred by Gregor Helstrum because they had info on the Jade Sceptre cult).

After talking with the Glory Hounds, Falcon went to the watch jail to talk to Adele about their claims (“let’s just say she is not a rank and file member of this cult”).  Adele sweet talks Falcon and he arranges her release.  She convinces Falcon to “go to the Temple of Sigmar to pray about what we should do next about this cult and get counsel from the priest there.” 

Ad-Razir and Adele use the Temple of Sigmar as their “emergency rallying” place.  Since the war broke out, it is low on staff and the priest is a gimp.  Ad-Razir tried to get Peter Gospodin to go down and arrange for Adele’s release but he was reluctant.  The angry wizard came back in broad daylight with cult brutes and audaciously took over the temple!

Now Ad-Razir is working on his “I’m a priest of Sigmar” disguise and trying to learn what official documents/seals are required to get Adele out of jail when Falcon and Adele walk in.  Adele could give Falcon his perp and send him on his way but she actually has feelings for Ad-Razir (it's the outrageous accent of course, and the superior intellect).  Poor Falcon finally finds Ad-Razir but he is vastly outnumbered…his torture/execution will be a glorious offering to Slaaaanesh tonight.

Adele decides it is time to leave Middenheim (after all the BC is in Altdorf).  She wants a grand send off where she will appoint her favorite priestess as the acting queen of the cult while she is gone.  A massive orgy in the Temple of Sigmar headlined by the torture/execution of a witchhunter would be perfect!  Word is sent out to arrive at the temple at midnight.>>
While others heal, shop and try to get more of the dead prof's books,  Roderick and Jacquez make their way to the Brown Owl to gather intel.  Jacquez sneaks back into Adele's quarters; this time he takes her Slaaneshi texts and notebook.  Roderick makes discreet inquiries; his "winning smile" and his "i know a guy" routine allow him to not be singled out however he isn't exactly "in the club".  Roderick overhears that there is something going down tonight "at the temple of Ulric".
<<His roll for eavesdrop was successful with a chaos star....so he misheard Ulric instead of Sigmar.  They could have followed one of them!  What ensued was comical.>>
Blotzkinwich went to wake Gregor Hellstrum while the rest made their way to the Temple of Ulric where nothing seemed unusual.  Finally Priest Frost, who they knew from ritual dealings, greeted them and said everything is fine.  Eventually Roderick realized his hearing might not have been perfect...they debated for an hour about what to do.  They went back to the (empty) Brown Owl and threatened the barkeep but he didn't know anything.  Finally, they devised a plan to visit just about every place on the map.  They left Kastion behind to tell Blotzkinwich (and Gregor) what places (in order) to go to.  When they got to the Temple of Vereena, Hellstrum accused them of being bungling idiots and said he was going to bed.
Finally at the Temple of Sigmar, Ad-Razir disguised as the "head priest" answers the door.  The Glory Hounds recognize his attempt to cover the bad brettonian accent and combat begins; Ad-Razir flees into the basement where the party is raging.  Gregor Hellstrum might still not be home so Blotzkinwich decides to run after him...imagine the noble "halfling marathon sprint" across town!  Out of breath just outside the Graf's Repose, he says "Sigmar, Sigmar...." and feints from fatigue.  Gregor, relunctantly, decides that this halfling would not have run so far if something was not afoot. 
Criminal Assassin Jacquez/Alexander/Reginald, Outcast Inspectigator Reginald and Battle-Scarred Mace Lebrot pursue Ad-Razir.  The scene is a dimly candlelit weirdroot cloud with strange music (The Ravi Shankar Minstrel Band!) and all kinds of lascivious acts in deamonette costumes.  Everyone fails their insanity rolls; Roderick fails with a chaos star so he gets to pick 2 insanities!  In the center of it all, Falcon is tied to a chair clinging to life with Adele straddling him. 
Ad-Razir hurls fireballs at the Glory Hounds but that doesn't affect the Assassin's aim.  The sniper puts a shot through Adele's neck; blood spurts all over Falcon, the nice pillows and the half-dozen half-naked cultists nearby.   
<<It was a daunting 4d check through the crowd but no defenses for Adele...I think the damage tally was ~30>>
Enraged by his lover's death, Ad-Razir directs the cultists to attack the non-believers!  Some attack, some flee, some are hit by "friendly-fire fireballs" and some are cut down by the the Glory Hounds.  Everyone is badly wounded when Ad-Razir miscasts and is levitated to the low ceiling.  He is helpless, enraged and accepts that the end is nigh.
But the Glory Hounds decide not to run him through!  They tie the wizard up for the authorities to deal with.  Gregor arrives, shoots a few cultists who refuse to surrender and surveys the scene.  He begins to accept that indeed his protege was a cult priestess and starts damage control (I would appreciate you not speaking about this matter).  Both Falcon and Ad-Razir are insane and continue mumbling "we loves the woman in the jade dress and the woman in the jade dress loves us."  Hearing those lunatics and looking at the corpse of Adele, Mace Lebrot finally shakes that thought from his mind...
<<I am still stunned they didn't kill Ad-Razir.  I set the whole thing up so they could!  Eventually...in another campaign, now he'll have to reappear.  How long can the Empire resist NOT using a master of fire on the battlefield?  Oh yes.  Ad-Razir lives and his bad Brettonian accent will be returning to a campaign near you.  Blame the Glory Hounds!>>

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Posted 14 November 2013 - 05:45 PM

That is all a thing of beauty to read.glad you came back to it.  I know write ups are sometimes a bit more or less beautiful than play, I hope play was equal or better in this case.  A wonderful end for Adele and love how the PC's were mixed into it.

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Posted 24 November 2013 - 12:04 PM

Thanks for the kind comments Val - the whole campaign has been very satisfying for the group.  The printed module is awesome (of course) but this community deserves alot of the credit!



So the next session after some equiping and healing, we start the road to Altdorf.  We do the Dwarf parlay and then the Beastmen attack.  I didn't realize how badly beat up most of them were...as they kind of rushed out of Middenheim (they could've rested safely one night but they thought the cults or the bravos might come after them).


Even though when recharged his abilities/defenses give 8 black dice, the beastmen put criminal Assassin Jacques/Alexander/Reginald unconscious at 3 crits (ie on the brink of death).  Battle-Scarred Mace Lebrot finishes off the Wargor who then launches his "dying" attack.  That attack puts LeBrot unconscious with 3 crits (ie on the brink of death).  Neither Roderick (outcast agitator/inspectigator) nor the gently-born halfing Blotzkinwich can do much in a fight but luckily the death of the Wargor sends the rest of the beastmen retreating.  Roderick & Blotzkinwich both have criticals and 1 wound left.  Academic Physician Kastion didn't make the session but I let the players use him to administer first aid...


The discussion for the rest of the night was whether to turn the train around and head back to Middenheim.  Eventually they decide to press on! 

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