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Player Story: How I lost my arm…

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#1 DontEatRawHagis



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Posted 09 March 2013 - 02:42 AM

My GM is running us through the module/adventure that came with the GM screen so spoilers and don't spoil for us. Our GM is going loose with the rules so it shouldn't matter, but I don't want to figure out something that I shouldn't know before hand.

So our group recovered one of the members of the missing Regiment and they attached on to our squad(a ratling sniper). Our Stormtrooper killed off the rest. He was in a tent with 6 chests/footlockers that were moving. I told him to get out of there, he saw it as get out of there their might be enemies in there about to ambush us. He threw a Krakk grenade and blew up the tent. Killing all but one.

We have been going up against mainly Chimeras and vehicles. Which sucks cause we don't really have anti-tank.(Comissar with Chainsword and bolt pistol/stormbolter), Heavy Weapon Specialist(Heavy Flamer, Autogun, Grenade Launcher), Stormtrooper(Hotshot lasgun, Hand Melta[GM liked it, now hates it]). And we have a Chimera with a Multilas, Heavy Bolter, and now we are replacing the multilas with an Autocannon.

So we were tasked with storming an enemy base. The Storm Trooper and the Ratling snuck around back while me and the Heavy weapons specialist stayed in the Chimera to cause a distraction. So we get within range to attack with our Multilas and Heavy Bolter. The gate to the building opens and we pop smoke grenades. I use my Thermal Vision to see through the smoke, but all I see is a giant heat signature. Which the GM didn't describe as bigger than the base(he just said its a huge heat signature), I rolled decent if I recall correctly, but when I saw the huge signature, all I could think of was a baneblade.

My weaponspecialist proceeded to run out of the chimera, my fellowship test to keep him in line failed. And we ran to the Stormtrooper in the woods. Then he told us we were idiots and that I was looking at the Sun rising behind the building so of course my thermal would be off.

We return back to the Chimera leaving the storm trooper to try and storm the base and a small group of Renegade Guard are checking out the chimera. We suprise them and kill a few of them. I decide since I have a chainsword to charge the guy within range, I hit, but only do about 5 damage. He crit hits twice. So my GM looks behind the screen and rolls on the crit table. I lose my arm.

I had a chainsword and this lowly imperial guard sarge had a small knife.

In the end we take out 2 more Chimeras almost wrecking our own. And destroy the base, the Storm Trooper torched the enemy base with Fire Bombs, no evidence was left behind. So we are flying blind. 


Now I am a commissar without an arm. I'm not too upset about it, because now I can just not worry about heavy weapons, but I am only going to be able to use my right arm and I just got a stormbolter, which requires two.

Don't know what I'm going to do for the next game. 

#2 DontEatRawHagis



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Posted 09 March 2013 - 02:43 AM

Forgot to add that we did find a cybernetics bay to replace my arm, but it will give me -5 across a lot of my stats.

#3 puenboy



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Posted 09 March 2013 - 03:45 AM

How does that gives a -5 to stats?

As far as I am aware of, so long as you have requisitioned a Bionic Arm, you can have it attached taking 2d10-TBdays for you to recover. Common quality bionic arm works the same as the old arm, but also gives you +2 TB to that arm. A poor quality one would have a bit of penalty on it, but nothing close to what you described.

#4 Droma



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Posted 09 March 2013 - 10:06 AM

Playing fast and loose with the rules is one thing but this sounds like completely disregarding them to punish you.




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Posted 09 March 2013 - 11:06 AM


   So you opted to not burn a fate point to avoid the critical?

Not a bad option, considering the level of bionics in the 40K universe.

In fantasy, you would probably have right away used the fate point.

Although I had a one armed Gnome back in Warhammer 1st edition who was vicious.




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