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some questions…

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#1 wensdeil



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Posted 08 March 2013 - 09:03 PM



I have the doubts…
1  A quest card can be played on your battlefield or kingdom?
If the answer to the first question is yes.
2 Can I play a unit on a quest? (of course I can not activate quest action or effect)
Example: I put new trade route in my field of battle, then I can activate the action of Werner Ludenhof quest to move on?
3 When you activate the action of bloody dragon knight?
Before or after the counterattack?
Before or after the ambush?

4 The forced of Friedrich Hemmler also applies if he attacks an area where there are no defending units?

5 Temple of sigmar applies its effect also on the cards that do not have specific goals like troll vomit or judgment of verena?

6 Festering Nurglings  corrupt themselves, if there are no units in an area corresponding?

7 With Call for reserves I can pick up a unit and play immediately?  (the same unit)

8 This last question is a translation problem …

Shadow Warrior:
Forced: At the beginning of your turn, each opponent must assign 1 damage to any units in his battlefield.
In my language "any" can be translated in many ways …
For this reason it is not clear …
The damage is assigned to 1 or more units? (two-player game)
Thank you very much to all who respond.
Good bay

#2 Barakudas



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Posted 26 March 2013 - 03:15 PM

1.  Per the rule book page 11, quests are played in your quest zone.  Some newer quests have specific text that allows them to be played elsewhere.

2.  See Answer #1

3  The Blood Dragon Knight's action is triggered off of it becoming the attacker and declaring a zone to attack.  There is an action window just before Ambushes are triggered to allow for the Knight's action to happen before you are able to declare an ambush.  A similar situation exists for counterstrike, since that keyword requires the unit to be declared as a defender.  This happens after the window where the Blood Dragon Knight's action can happen.

4 Only if he is opposed in combat does his effect trigger.  If there isn't anyone to defend (or no defenders are declared) then his forced effect doesn't trigger.

5 If you are talking about Church of Sigmar (Not temple of sigmar) then only if the card targets a unit does the player have to pay extra resources.  Cards like troll vomit don't target units.

6 Correct they have to corrupt themselves if there isn't another creature

7 Yes you can replay the same card.  This is a common tactic with Rodrik's Raiders and their ilk.

8 The damage from shadow warriors is dealt to each opposing player, who then has the choice of which unit to assign the damage to. So in the case of a 2 player game your one opponent would have to assign one damage to one of his units in his battlefield.

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