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Elite 3-ship Imperials vs. mid level Rebels

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#1 NewTroski



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Posted 06 March 2013 - 04:48 PM

Our first real game with wave 2 ships ended up being a pretty good match and a lot of fun:

My list:

Darth Vader, Engine Upgrade, Daredevil

Soontir Fel, Stealth Device, Elusiveness

Turr Phennir, Stealth Device, Push the Limit

I wanted to make an ace Imperial squad, but I suspected that it would just not be enough ships.


His list:

Garven Dreis

Dutch Vander, Ion Turret, R5-K6

Arvel Crynyd


We refer to Arvel as Ram-man ;)


He deployed with the A-Wing on a flank, and the rest of the group together. I deployed all three of my guys opposite the A-Wing.

Opening moves: He maneuvered his main force over, and did some stalling short maneuvers with his A-wing.

Initial engagement: My aces turn the Rookie to dust in the first round of shooting. I maneuver Soontir poorly and he ends up in the middle of the enemy squadron. Elusiveness cannot make up for all the heat he is taking and Soontir goes down. Then I get a lucky crit on the Y-Wing, and take out its Ion Turret! Now my focus is on Garven.

Mid fight: Garven is on the ropes, but I am paranoid with just my two ships remaining about getting blocked and taken apart by Ram-man. We maneuver for a bit, then I take out Garven at range. It's now Darth with 1 shield remaining and Turr at full strength vs. Arvel with no shields and Dutch with 2 hull left. I think I've got it wrapped up, and get cocky.

Darth can fire at the Y and A, Turr only at the Y. Surely, I think, Turr can score two hits on the Y at range 1, so Darth shoots at the A-Wing (and misses). Then Turr misses, followed by the Rebels blasting Darth, him rolling a whole lot of nothing, and dies. I'm starting to doubt my "sure thing" now.

Ending: I'm being very cagey with Turr. I get an opportunity on the Y-Wing and take it out, just so I don't have to worry about that anymore. Ram-man gets a ram in, and takes out Turr's Stealth Device, but only 1 damage. Then he has no real choice but to K-turn, and I have the advantage at long range, finally getting the last hit in.

I will try to remember to take pictures next time…



Stealth Device and Elusiveness (even with Soontir's ability) do not make up for bad maneuvering. I put him in the middle of the Rebel formation, and he melted fast.

High Pilot Skill + Boost = awesome! Oh, I'm in your firing arc? OK, now I'm not. Darth + Boost + Daredevil = totally crazypants. This guy laughs at tight maneuvering A-Wings.

I forgot to use Turr Phennir's ability for at least half the game.

It will definitely take some getting used to all the new abilities.

#2 Garven Dreis

Garven Dreis


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Posted 16 March 2013 - 01:14 PM

Sounds like it was a really good fight. I personally like running smaller Imperial lists although 3 ships is too few for me. Especially since multiple Y-wings ruin it's day, and I love running Y-wing squadrons.

#3 Sunsteel



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Posted 20 March 2013 - 02:16 AM

My preference for medallion upgrades on Tie Interceptors is Push the Limit.  Especially on Turr Phennir and Soontir Fel, it allows for three actions a turn with a stress token on the most maneuverable (including green maneuvers) ship the Imperial fleet has.  However, I have had issues remembering to use Turr Phennir's ability at times or even worse my ability to maneuver so much is negated by too many close ships.

Stealth device is fickle and if I have a preference it is to improve my chances of hitting as oppose to dodging since the odds are in favor of the former.

Thank you for posting the report.  Cheers

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