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Forge Worlds and IG Tithes

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#1 antijoke_13



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Posted 04 March 2013 - 04:47 PM

Can Imperial Guard Regiments be raised from Forge worlds? I know they're mainly the purview of the AdMech, but I think it'd be cool to run a Regiment drawn from the Machine Cult. I'd also Like to put forth my own idea for Forge Worlds as a Regiment Homeworld

Forge World

Increased Attributes: add three to any two: Intelligence, Strength, Perception.

Starting Skills:All Forge Worlders begin play with Common Lore (Machine Cult) and Tech Use.

Fit For Purpose:Guardsmen Born of Forge worlds are rigorously trained for their task. chosen from birth to be soldiers of the Imperial Guard, their upbringing reflects their predestined career. Guardsmen from Forge Worlds add three to the Highest of their Ballistic skill or weapon skill.

Stranger To the Cult: Guardsmen of the Forge WOrlds are raised in the shadow of the Omnissiah, and know very little of the Imperial creed, their ignorances often coming off as offences to those more devout in their following of the Creed. Forge worlders treat all interaction tests with members of teh Ecclisiarchy, Sisters of Battle, and guardsmen belonging to Regiments based off of Penitent or Shrine Worlds as if they were one step more difficult.


#2 Blood Pact

Blood Pact


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Posted 04 March 2013 - 06:20 PM

The Mechanicum is largely free of Imperial law, like the tithing of regiments. Though requests can be made for use of Titan Legios and other forces to support wars (often involvement is somehow to their benefit).

Their main obligation is that they produce massive amounts of war material for the Imperial war machine, through the byzantine quasi-fuedal system that is setup throughout. And aside from that, they're largely free to do what they want.

#3 ranoncles



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Posted 05 March 2013 - 12:30 AM

As I understand it, Forge Worlds are technically independent from Adeptus Terra rule (see Treaty of Mars) and thus not subject to most regulations and tithes.

So while forge worlds generally don't provide IG regiments, there is nothing to prevent you from having a particular forge world raise a regiment of non-augmented menials for service to the munitorium in exchange for some service, favour or promise of support provided by the munitorium to that particular forge world.

Depending on the particulars, the forge world could be happy to provide the manpower, thus sending good quality troops with decent equipment or they could feel they were forced in the deal, hence dregs of their society with (relatively) simple equipment….





#4 Lynata



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Posted 07 March 2013 - 08:47 AM

Blood Pact said:

Their main obligation is that they produce massive amounts of war material for the Imperial war machine, through the byzantine quasi-fuedal system that is setup throughout. And aside from that, they're largely free to do what they want.
This is how I see it as well.

I still go by the old IG Codex fluff which detailed how a regiment is raised exactly, and the text basically had fresh troops make a "detour" to the next Forge World in order to take on additional vehicles, heavy weapons and other assorted equipment not sponsored by their own homeworld, and only after this would the transport proceed to the staging area and its cargo's actual destination.

However, OP, this is not to say that it absolutely has to be this way. 40k background is very inconsistend and conflicted when it comes to details such as these, and you are just as free to deviate from established norms as any official writer. All that matters is how you and your players would think about the end result, so perhaps make it dependent on your group's reaction?

Aside from simply ignoring some fluff, one could also try to find a compromise. ranoncles already mentioned one option on how you could pull this off.

For another, how about you have a Forge World that was originally conquered and occupied by the Imperial Guard and only later turned over to the AdMech, who quickly proceeded to erect gigantic manufactorium and habitats, importing large masses of labour to speed up construction? The soldiers that once settled the planet remained as a garrison and integrated into the local populace - at first seconded to the Mechanicus for maintaining law and order, then simply forgotten. In other words, the regiment was never officially disbanded. Fast forward a couple centuries and some clerk finds a datatome which contains the regiment's battle record and the Adeptus Munitorum files a request to the Mechanicus to return the regiment to them. Needless to say, all the original soldiers are long dead, their battlegear having become lost, traded, recycled or heirlooms. Still, on paper and by Imperial law, the Munitorum has the right of it - and so the Adeptus Mechanicus proceeds to re-establish the regiment. For added lulz, they might even attempt to track down the grand-grandchildren of the original garrison to conscript them for military service. Sounds just wacky enough to fit right into the nightmare bureaucracy of 40k, no? :P

#5 ranoncles



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Posted 11 March 2013 - 09:41 PM

Actually, going after the descendants is not that uncommon. Dark Heresy fluff (book of judgement IIRC) mentions trials lasting centuries after which the verdict is enacted upon the descendents of the original involved parties….

And Deathwatch has the descendents on an Imperial penal planet dragged off as conscripts in a penal legion 4,000 years after the Imperium abandonded the planet….


So having the descendents of an IG regiment suddenly conscripted again as their ancesters were never formally discharged seems par for the course.

#6 Cortez



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Posted 15 March 2013 - 11:44 PM

I would think that a Forge World would have a planitery defece force (PDF). I would not be hard to adjust a PDF for to be come a IG unit. 


#7 TorogTarkdacil812



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Posted 16 March 2013 - 04:03 AM

Well, there are only two known Imperial Guard/PDF forces from Forgeworld I know of (so I do not claim they are the only ones), first is Urdesh with its Storm Troops in Gaunts Ghosts novels, and second is that forgeworld from Titanicus. Yep, both are created by Dan Abnett so it depends on how much you like his work. Otherwise, standing forces are almost always under supervision of Mechanicus, be it Skiitari, Protectors or Venatorii.

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