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Arkham Horror Campaign

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Posted 02 March 2013 - 05:19 PM

So, as I am sure most folks on here enjoy to at least have a little 'plot' mixed in with their AH games, I have to wonder if anyone else has ever wondered this: are the games you play considered 'canon' in a sense? If every character has a plot outlined by the game, if everyone of them has an arc (Personal Cards) then is it safe to assume that each game is, essentially, an alternate universe?

In my own solo games, since I am a huge fan of Call of Cthulhu the pen and paper RPG, I have decided to say that no, these are not all separate games, but rather one long narrative.

= If an Investigator is devoured in my game, I make a note of it and am no longer allowed to use them in any future solo games or scenarios. I can re-use any survivors if I want in future adventures, and they keep the effects of their completed personal story cards. If two Investigators have been used in a previous session together, they share a Relationship card; this same card should be noted and is used if ever these two Investigators are used in another game. Investigators also keep all Injury and Madness cards.

= I never run the same AO twice. If I manage to defeat/seal them all then I win and the world is saved until, you know, they make another expansion.

= Heralds are active with their corresponding AO if they have one and, like AOs, cannot be used twice. For instance, King in Yellow is used in conjunction with Hastur, Dagon and Hydra used with Cthulhu and The Dark Pharaoh with Nyarlathotep.

= Expansions must be used at least once during the course of this 'series' if available.

= A record of the Terror Level is kept. Between 'narratives' it is lowered by half of it's current level and the Ally and Shops are adjusted accordingly.

= Pacts do not carry over between games, nor do Power tokens, Clue tokens or Monster Trophies. They do, however, maintain special cards/memberships such as 'Silver Lodge Membership' or 'One of the Thousand'.

= Investigators, upon completion of a session, are allowed to pick on Common Item, one Unique Item and one Spell to carry over into the next adventure. (This is thematically explained by things like losing them by carelessness, or forgetting spells simply to help put the horror out of one's mind).

= Corruption cards are re-shuffled at the start of each adventure.

= Azathoth is ALWAYS the last Ancient One in the line-up.


That's about it for my 'Continuing' campaign idea. I tried my best to base it around how a Pen and Paper game would proceed--what things carry over, who lives, who dies and how the world changes around the INvestigators to give it a bit more life. With all of the expansions, this is actually something that could work and I will continue to keep my own 'story' posted as I progress!

But enough from me: what do you, the audience at home, think?

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Posted 02 March 2013 - 10:00 PM

If you want, you can join the Advanced Players League Avi and I are running on the BGG (here). You'll have a narrative, detailed rules for each scenarios, clever dynamics implemented in the "normal" game and hundreds of hours granted of pure pain. Ehm, pleasure.

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