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Tired of reading and not understanding right. Couple of noob questions. Sorry…I dont understand right

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Posted 24 February 2013 - 03:04 PM

Hello! Sorry for asking about the same rules…but Wherever I look here or on the boardgamegeek forums I get different answers.


-Ion cannon range:

1) Why does it says range 1-2? Then people ask about if the deffender gets a defense roll on range 3… 

So the weapon can be used on range 1-2 outside firing (360) arc and 3 inside your arc?


2) Confirmation on this: 

Y wing shoots at Vader. Gets 2 hits and vader gets 1 evade and one blank. Vader takes damage but since it has 2 shields, one of them absorbs damage. Ion token still takes effect and his next move will be 1 foraward.


3) Overlaping:

Example and question:  I move my ship foraward and I pass trough another ship, mine or enemies… (I end up far from but on the way I passed trough it)

Does something happens?


4) Two ships fly for the kill. One in front of the other. One ship chooses 2 foraward and ends up going backwards because its gonna end on top of the other. That ship looses action and cant shoot that ship. The enemy chooses 1 foraward and the same thing happens with the action and attack.

a)What happens on next movement turn?

b) I try to do a 180 but my ship ends on top of the other. I move backwards and dont do the 180 and I get a stress token right?


5) Asteroid:

I move my ship and make a bank 2. The ship ends on top of asteroid. I then throw 1 attack and deal damage if any. 

a) If im on top of the asteroid and an enemie shoots at me…do I get +1 extra defense die because of the asteroid?

b)When I move on my next turn…do I get to roll another attack die and take damage because im passing trough the asteroid to get out?


Thanks in advance.


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