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[Migrated] The Tyranid Hierophant (Santiago)

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#1 Wu Ming

Wu Ming


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Posted 23 November 2008 - 03:49 PM


The Heirophant:
Xenos Terminus

These huge monsters are a true horror on the battlefield easily able to destroy entire batallions of Guardsmen or Space Marines, they are even capable to bring down a Titan or two.

WS: 65
BS: 35
S: 100
T: 85
AG: 25
Int: 25
Per: 25
WP: 65
Fel: 10

Movement: 10/20/30/60 Wounds: 300

Skills: Awareness

Talents: Berserk Charge, Furious Assault, Swift Attack, Lightning Attack, Basic Weapon Training (Bio-Symbiote), Ambidextrous, Two weapon Wielder (Ballistic), Fearless

Armour: 10 AP All

Natural Weapons: (3d10+ 54, Pen 4, Rending, Unwieldy, Cannot be parried)
Bio Cannon: (Range 100, Damage 7d10+10, Pen 10, Blast 10), the Hierophant has 2 Bio Cannons which it can fire each round (If a miss occurs use the rules presented on page 196 of the DH Core Rulebook)
Spore Cloud: Anyone within 50 meters of the Hierophant must make a Toughness test or take 2d10 wounds Regardless of toughness and Armour

Dark Sight, Natural Weapons, Hive Mind, Rending Claws 4, Mega Node, Unnatural Toughness (x4), Unnatural Strength (x5), Quadruped, Massive, Fear Rating 4, Scything Claws, Multiple Arms

No this creature wasn't needed but it was fun to make...

New Talent:

Scything Attack By Hellebore
Your immense strength and size allows you to smash multiple opponents at once. As a Full Round Action you can perform a Scything Attack. You can strike one target if you hit, plus one per DoS up to your WS Bonus. Each target may be no more than 2 metres from the previous one (although you may 'spend' a hit on an empty space in order to strike someone 4 metres away). Scything Attack cannot be Parried, only Dodged.

Rending Claws 4

This talent grants it user +2 damage on attacks with its natural weapons and a penetration of 4, these weapons or no longer primitive.

#2 Wu Ming

Wu Ming


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Posted 23 November 2008 - 03:51 PM


Hive Mind:

This trait allows the creatures connected to work in unison, relay information and communicate amongst each other. Though a very useful trait it requires a node, a more powerful creature of the species to be in the vicinity, if not, all derived bonuses are halved though communication is still possible with a range of 100 meters per point of Willpower Bonus.

For each creature connected to the Hive Mind each individual may add 1 to their Perception characteristic, for every 5 creatures connected they may add 1 to their Intelligence & Willpower characteristic. The maximum bonus derived from the Hive Mind is +20. If no Node is present the bonuses are halved and the maximum bonus to Intelligence, Willpower & Perception are +10.

Example I:
So with a Node present a group of fifteen Hybrids would have a bonus of +15 to Perception and a +8 to Intelligence and Willpower. If no Node creature is present it would only be a +8 to Perception and a +4 to Intelligence and Willpower.

Example II:
A Cult Magus with an entourage of 100 Hybrid are attacking a Imperial base, this swarm truly can call itself a collective adding +20 to all their Perception, Intelligence & Willpower.

Hive Mind

A creature with this Trait can function as a information hub, a node so to say to create a and extend a hive mind. These creatures are almost always leaders of some kind among the cult because they can help coordinate action over greater distances.
Its broadcasting capabilities are limited. The range of the Hive Mind is a Radius with the Node as its centre. The size of this radius is 1000 meters per point of Willpower Bonus, any creature within the radius counts as being tapped into the Hive Mind and gains all the bonuses of being part of it.
If multiple Nodes overlap they are combined to form an ever larger Hive Mind as long as both Node Creatures belong to the same Brood. Bonuses gained from the Hive Mind to Willpower expand the radius even further.

Mega Node:
Prerequisite: Hive Mind

Only the most powerful among the Tyranid can become a Mega Node, these creatures are strong enough to cover entire battlefield and so link with other nodes to so sometimes encompass entire continents, a powerful Cult Magus, a powerful Hive Tyrant or a creature such as a Hierophant posses this Trait.
Treat this Trait the same as the Node Trait but expand the Radius to 100.000 meters per point of Willpower Bonus.

Mass point are something akin to Vehicle structure points, this monster is a large as a Titan and its mass should also taken into note when determining wounds, unfortunately this creature is somewhat beyong the scope of DH, I added it for fun, otherwise just tell me howmany wounds 5 wounds would be in DH and we'll multiply it by its Mass Points...

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