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Devastating Rancor (Navy Deck)

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#1 Ravncat



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Posted 20 February 2013 - 08:37 PM

So, something i've been toying with - it needs more vehicles probably, but its a starting point, and im curious to see if anyone else is working with something like this yet. Played a few games on octgn, managed to deal with luke and trust your feelings.


Navy Affiliation


Shadows of Dathomir X 2  (RANCOR!!!    (Everything else ,edge battle, or situational usage - sisters sometimes great for force control and damage)

The ultimate power X 2  (SUPERLASER!  Tarkin for force control and ability.  Resources, chuds.)

Looking for droids X2  (PROBE DROID (let the rancor eat them all day long if you need, pitch them to edge battles, replay them from discard. Also helps you match sith resources - and it's worse (which can be awesome) )

Death and Despair X2 (DEVASTATOR - your damage machine - and other awesome cards)

Endor Gambit X2  (ATST - immune to rancor, 3 health!)


this deck can win force struggless - but is more concerned with destroying objectives

This deck can win edge battles - but is not worried about it so much - only 4 fate cards (2 heat of battle, 2 attack of opportunity)

This deck doesn't have lots of blast icons (12) and 8 edge enabled.

80 force icons in total (1.6 per card)


You'll need to play lots of units, so your hand size suffers (probe droid helps) - but you don't need to win the edge battles - you do need to do the rebel trick of spreading damage out - attack multiple objectives, and with crazy unit damage (26 and another 6 from edge) attacking will kill opponents chuds. Rancor swiftly takes out r2 and 3po, as well as opponents chuds - and can outright kill luke or obiwan depending on your edge.  If you have the ability from objectives - being able to play the hands blessing and disturbance in the force can also do some fun lockout steps.


I hope this is a fairly different navy design to the "trooper and tie-fighter" designs. 

#2 MasterJediAdam



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Posted 21 February 2013 - 05:52 AM

Do you feel it does well with decks that can focus other units? It seems like you have some expensive big units, but not enough of the mid-cost characters …

Welcome to the machine!

#3 Kordos



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Posted 21 February 2013 - 08:50 AM

Thats a lot of 3+ cost cards, if you dont get your extra resource cards in your hand you are going to be stuck playing 1 card a turn


I forsee that becoming a problem in too many games for this to be a reliable deck

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