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Glory of Days Past polish spoiler

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#1 Virgo



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Posted 20 February 2013 - 10:57 AM


Legend: Thorek Ironbrow
Acton: When this unit attacks put into play from hand dwarf support with printed cost X or lower. X is the number of resources in your pool

U: 3D Minning Engineers 1P 3HP

Dwarf Only. Ambush 2
Action: When this unit ambush heal up to 3 damage from your capital.

S: 1D Karak-Hirn Mine
Racial village.

Q: 0DDD Reclaim mitril mine(Unique)
Works just like every other order quest from this cycle.
Forced: When ou place here third damage token sacrifice this quest to put into play in any zone top four cards from your discard as developments.

U: 3E Ostland Swordsmen 1P 3HP
Raider 2


U: 2HeHe Qhaysh Master 1P 2HP
Action: When this unit survives attack on enemy's zone place 1 resource token on a card wiht at least 1 resoure token.

T: 1HeHe Protective Gift
Action: Until the end of the phase each unit with mage trait you control deals +1 damage in combat and gains: Redirect first damage assigned to this unit to target unit in any corresponding zone.

S: 1HeHe White Lions Master
Attachment. Title
Attach to target unit you control.
This card enters play with 1 resource token on it.
Action: Remove 1 rosurce token from this card to cancel just triggered action targeting attached unit.


2O Get'em Boyz
Orcs only. Ambush 0.
Action: Choose zone. Until the end of the phase draw 1 card for each damage dealt to that zone.


U: 7CCC Chaos Dragon 5P 5HP
Creature. Dragon.
Battlefield Only.
Action: When this unit attacks discard top card form your deck. If the discarded card is an unit corrupt target unit in defending zone/

T: 1CCC Crippling Disease
Action: Choose trait. Until the end of the phase every unit with this trait loose 1 power and get -1 HP if they participate in combat.

S: 1CC Painful Mutation
Attachment. Mutation.
Attached to target unit in any battlefielf.
Attached unit gains 2 power.
Forced: At the beginning ou your turn deal X indirect damage to player controlling attached unit. X is the total power of that unit.


U: 2De Outlaw Sorcerrer 1P 2HP
Dark Elfs Only. Ambush 1.
Action: When this unit ambush dicard a card from attacking player's hand.

U: 2DeDe Ghrond Mounted Messengers 1P 2HP
Action: When a card is discared from opponent's hand move thuis unit to different of your zones.


U: 3 Warrior Bandit 0P 2HP
Ambush 1, Raider 1
This unit deals +3 damage in combat.
Forced: When this unit survies attack on opponent's zone turn it up as a development.

T: 1 Emperor's Might
Action: Heal all damage from target unit, then draw X cards. X is the number of damage healed.

#2 Doc9



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Posted 21 February 2013 - 01:18 PM

'Get'em Boyz' has the potential to be very powerful for the greenskins. Thanks for the list Virgo!

#3 Primus_Magicus



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Posted 22 February 2013 - 03:13 AM

Whuhu great, new cheap Dark Elf Cavalry!

Also the neutral cards look amazing

Rebels: 4 X, 4 A, 4 B, 2 E, 2 Y, 8 Z95, 4 HWK, 1 YT1300, 1 YT2400, 1 GR75, 1 CR90.

Imperial: 8 Fighter, 2 Adv, 6 Interceptor, 2 Defender, 2 Phantom, 2 Bomber, 1 Firespray, 1 Lambda, 1 VT49.

Scum: ordered: 6 Scyck, 4 Y, 8 Z95, 4 IG2000, 4 Starviper

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