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New Regimental Home-worlds

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Face Eater


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Posted 20 February 2013 - 01:45 AM


Frontier World

Points: 3

On the many frontier worlds of the Imperium there is are vast differences in terrain and wildlife but the one consistency is the strong self-reliant citizens. Frontier worlds are inherently dangerous places and outside of a few major settlements the only law is enforced by whoever has a gun drawn. Civilians often have to cluster together in small homesteads near to natural resources and have to protect themselves from bandits and the indigenous wildlife.

Characteristic Modifiers: +3 to two of the following, Ballistic Skill, Toughness, Perception

Skills: Survival, Common Lore (Imperium) or Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Linguistics (Common)


Gunlaw: On such dangerous worlds locally made solid projectile weapons are common-place. Regiments from frontier worlds treat pistol and basic solid projectile weapons as 1 availability rating lower (e.g average items are treated as common) rating for their starting kit.

Frontier spirit: These dangerous worlds require quick thinking tough people. PC's can choose one of the following talents; Weapon Training (solid projectile), Quick Draw, Iron Jaw

Rustic: Those living on these frontier worlds are self-reliant and have little respect for the formal etiquette of polite Imperial Society. They suffer -10 a penalty to Fellowship test in formal situations such as with Nobility, Naval, Adeptus Tera and Imperial Guard Officers. This does not apply to the Ministorium staffs that are usually highly respected.

Starting Wounds: Add 1 to starting wounds

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Face Eater


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Posted 20 February 2013 - 01:46 AM


Void Stations

Points: 2

Although in general the Voidships and space stations of the Imperium are the domain of the Imperial Navy this is not always the case. In many core systems the population of orbiting stations, often around gas giants, rivals that of Hive worlds and others have massive numbers of asteroid mining facilities. In these giant void settlements contribution to the Imperial guard is not only a good way to increase their tithe but also to ease the overcrowding suffered in these conditions. Those conscripted from Void Stations are usually used to close range combat in the twisted corridors of the stations and often have a grounding in some of the ever present tech that is both used as tools and as life supporting measures.

Characteristic Modifiers: +3 to two of the following, Intelligence, Willpower, Weapons Skill

Skills: Tech Use, Common Lore (Imperium) or Common Lore (Void), Linguistics (Common)


Micro Grav Adaption: Even in the most well maintained stations and mining facilities the inhabitants are accustomed to the strangeness of fluxuating gravity and they suffer no penalties to movement in low gravity environments.

Voidborn: The Voidborn (as they are known) have their own customs and culture, born out of the necessary differences between living on world and the cramped dangerous confines of the Void stations and Ships. As such they suffer a -10 to all fellowship tests when dealing with non-void born and non-Imperial Naval personnel. Note that non void born and non-Imperial Naval personnel do not suffer a penalty when dealing with the void born as they accustomed to strict discipline.

Starting Wounds: Subtract 1 from the starting wounds

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