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150 point tournament coming up

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Posted 18 February 2013 - 06:18 AM

So my local game shop is having a tournament early next month. 150 point total. I'm not sure how big of a play area. I am thinking the bigger point total is to encourage use of the wave 2 ships. Only thing is, I'm not positive I will have them in hand by then. I preordered 2 A wings, 2 TIE-Is, 1 Slave 1 and 1 MF. So I am going to plan a squad consisting of all wave 1 ships and a mixed squad of both waves.


Any suggestions? I have no tournament experience, so any advice is appreciated. So far my best squads at 100 points have been 2 rookies, Wedge , and a gold squad Y wing with ion cannon. I am not 100% sold on Wedge since he usually gets targeted and taken out first. I usually use the Y wing pretty effectively to ionize a TIE and then use the rookies for focused fire to deal the damage. 


With 150 points, I think I could use a few rookies, then also add Wedge and maybe another elite X wing pilot. I think I would still like to use a Y wing with ion. Here are my thoughts:


Rookie pilot x3

Biggs with R2F2

Wedge with R5 astro

Dutch with R5 astro and ion cannon


The idea here would be to split up into 2 elements. The first would be Wedge, Biggs, and Dutch. Dutch would give a target lock to Wedge so he can fire with TL + Focus every turn. Biggs would be there with R2F2 for protection. The 3 Rookies would split off and try and flank the opponent and provide some heavy focused fire. I like this squad because I think Wedge would draw most of the fire, but the 3 Rookies would be capable of dealing some good damage. Also hopefully Biggs would help Wedge last a while.


My second idea would be:


2 gold squad Y wings with ion cannons

Wedge with swarm tactics and R5 astro

Luke with swarm tactics

Rookie pilot x2


With this one, I would pair Luke and Wedge up with a Rookie. I would try to keep all 4 together, but could split 2 and 2 if I had to. Then the Y wings would fly interference and try to ion the enemy ships to set up shots for the x wings.


Third option is:


Rookie pilot x4

Horton + proton torpedoes x2

Wedge + proton torpedoes


I would try to split up these into 2 squads and bring the Rookies ahead aggressively while I hang back and range 2-3 to strike with Horton and Wedge using torpedoes. I don't like this one as well because of the 2 high value targets. I would be afraid of losing them early before getting the torpedoes off. If I could get them off though, I think I could put down 1-2 enemy ships with the torpedoes.


I don't have any wave 2 ships yet and I haven't looked at them much, but my preliminary thoughts are that I would use the Millenium Falcon with a named pilot and as many X wings escorting as I could. 


Any thoughts? I am dedicated to playing Rebels and I would love to hear any strategy ideas you guys have as well as squad builds. It seems like the majority of the talk s about Imperial builds, so i would love to hear ideas about competitive Rebel builds and strategies.

Also i blame my tablet for any typos.

I posted this on bgg as well but didnt get any bites, so i thought i would try here.


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Posted 19 February 2013 - 04:33 AM

100 views and no suggestions? Anyone have any ideas?

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