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X-wing League: Mission 2

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Posted 18 February 2013 - 12:21 AM

This is the second mission in our local Star Wars X-wing League. Had a total of 6 players for this mission with 2 original members setting it out and adding one. I used the following: X-wing League Rules if you want to check them out. As the rules state each player is a pilot in the newly formed ad-hoc fighter squadron “The Reapers” assigned to the rebel Nebulon B2 Escort Frigate “Timeron“.


2nd Mission: A series of four Sensor Buoys have been positioned just outside of the Bothan system. It has not been activated. Until it is no Imperial ships can be allowed to get within range to make a data scan of the system (Imperial ships can scan a sensor buoy by being within range 1 of the buoy and using an action to scan it. Once scanned they must attempt to leave the area via there board edge). Lose 1 xp for each Imperial ship which exits the game with scanned data on board up to 4.


The Reapers - Active Duty

Y-wings w/Ion Cannon

  • Darkstar – 0/10xp, 2 Kills, PS 3, Swarm Tactics/Marksmanship/Determination & R5-D8

  • Token – 0/7 xp, 1 Kill, PS 3 & /R5-D8


  • Jor'de – 0/8xp, 2 Kills, PS 3, Squad Leader & R2-D2

  • Train – 3/7xp, 1 Kill, PS 2, Shield Upgrade & R2

  • Widowmaker – 3/7xp, 1 Kill, PS 3 & R2 * was call sign Youngster

  • Joker – 0/0xp, PS 2 & R2 * new pilot added to squadron


Inactive – weren't available to play this mission

  • Slash – 2/6xp, 1 Kill, PS 3 & X-wing w/R2

  • Cranky – 1/5xp, PS 3 & X-wing w/R2


The Action


The squadron broken into two elements of three. Darkstar led Joker and Train well Token formed up with Jor'de and Windowmaker. Each group would guard two buoys. After about fifteen minutes a star destroyer jumped into the system and launched three groups of enemy fighters. Jor'de, the squad leader, radioed Darkstar to led his group against the fighters coming in from the right and his group would hit the ones on the left. The center group would have to wait for the moment.


Jor'de immediately target locked the lead TIE fighter on the left and gave a heads up for Windowmaker to TL his wing-man. The TIE fighters opened fire first bracketing Token's Y-wing stripping its shields but Jor'de's first shot resulted in one of the TIE's turning into a rapidly expanding ball of flaming debris. He was well ahead of the other two fighters of his group so performed a koiogran turning around in pursuit of the other two TIE's.


Darkstar's group poured on the speed and opened fire first scoring a couple of hits before blowing past the TIE formation. Joker and Train both lost some shield strength but were quickly able to turn and lay in pursuit courses. Darkstar tight turned to the left throwing some shots on the center TIE formation. All the TIE formations pretty much ignored the rebel fighters concentrating there effort on reaching the buoys.


Token Ion cannoned a TIE fighter in the center group and Jor'de and Windowmaker TL locked it and it disintegrated under the combined firepower. Joker bagged another of the center group fighters but left Darkstar to deal with all three fighters on the right. The remaining TIE's had made slow passes by the buoys and were turning around heading back toward the star destroyer.


Token, having completed his koiogran maneuver ion cannoned the remaining center formation TIE. It was promptly dispatched by Widowmaker. Widowmaker and Jor'de had inflicted a lot of damage but now found themselves out of position to stop the two remaining TIE's from the left hand formation.


Darkstar had taken out one of the right formation TIE fighters and was in dogged pursuit of another. Train and Joker instead of joining up with there formation leader continued pouring fire at the two fighters which had slipped past their squadron mates and were about to escape.


At this point three Mon Calamari cruisers showed up. The rebel fighters had knocked down 6 TIE fighters but three had reached the safety of the star destroyers anti-fighter screen. As soon as they were aboard, the destroyer jumped out of the system


Mission Failure: 3 enemy ships escaped and we fear vital information may have fallen into Imperial hands. One xp will be awarded to each rebel pilot.


  • Darkstar – 4xp, 1 Kill

  • Widowmaker – 7xp, 2 Kills, PS +1 & added Shield Upgrade

  • Jor'de – 5xp, 1 Kill & added 1 Torp

  • Train – 6xp, 1 Kill, PS +1 & added R2-D2

  • Token – 3xp

  • Joker – 4xp, 1 Kill & added R2-D2


Imperial Perspective: Nine TIE fighters consisting of 3 Academy pilots, 3 Obsidian pilots and 3 Black Squadron pilots were sent to scan a rebel sensor net. Even though 6 of them were loss they managed to down load 75% of the data. This information revealed that a high ranking rebel leader would be aboard a CR90 transport carrying critical information. Its departure date and location will be transmitted to Lord Vader.


  • Rebels: 5 X-wing, 3 Y-wing, 3 A-wing, 3 B-wing, 2 Hawk 290 and  a YT-1300
  • Imperial: 9 Tie fighters, 3 Advanced, 3 Interceoters, 2 Bombers, a Shuttle and Firspray 31

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