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Completely stuck for final part of my mission:

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#1 Isador Martellus

Isador Martellus


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Posted 17 February 2013 - 02:03 AM

The background, Tau contested planet  Veren 
-Psyker/  psyker team got captured via reverse (but unstable) technology of a necron local null field by the Tau
-done all the mission ( with various devices orginatin from this null field seen all across the mission)
-The source of said field is a jet black orb that is being powered by the tau base since it's discovery and, in turn extraporlating the field
-Final part is when they find the tau's main base (after finding many outposts in the local forests, mountain sides, caves systems ect ect)
-Final base is half built into the mountain (hidden from site, think japanese enplacements in WW2 
-Orb is a room or so away from the prison cell holding the psykers, the radius of the Orb's abilities reaches the cell and a few rooms at the centre of the base (closer psykers get to it , the more they feel the effects [to the point of minus infinity]) 
-Heavily guarded but not on high alert unless the marines are detected 
- There is a chance that, via an instance earlier in the mission, the marines have took an auto piloting Orca drop ship back to the base (said ship being used to ship data slates as the devices derived from the necron tech do interfere with communications a bit too)
-They are to rescue, or prevent the psykers from being able to reveal info on the campaign / TRY and find out what caused them to be captured so easily…
-The reason for psyker's capture is due to the tau wanting to further test the capabilities of the orb…

My problem is though that, due to only GM'ing for a short ammount of time, I have no bloody clue how to implement all this into a set of instances.. so…

All I ask of you generous GM's are somewhat of a challange to make, at the very least, a few instanecs in this base I could add to keep things interesting for I am fresh out of ideas…
Books I have are core and mark of the xenos btw , so nothing too extensive xD 

If anyone can help , give pointers/ what I asked above would be an absoloute joy that I would be more than happy for :P (Said begining of the mission will begin on tuesday but, quite possibley, we  might not get as far as the base by then :P 
Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you wonderfull people very soon :P
Many regards
A writer's block suffering GM xD 

#2 MagosSteel



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Posted 09 August 2013 - 01:06 AM

Well that is quite a corner but getting out doesn't seem to hard.  They are Marines so have them infiltrate the base either through the Orca or some classic cooling plant tunnels.  Then capture or destroy the orb by fighting their way through the base, after all the close confines of the base will see all of the Tau get pulped in close combat.  Then either set charges to destroy the base and the unclean psykers or attempt to open the way for Imperial reinforcements to capture the base.  They are either going to need a way of escaping (to survive the station going boom) or a way to take down the base's air defenses to allow Imperial reinforcements to arrive.  Alternatively the psykers could be used to conquer the base after the device is destroyed.


And if you don't want that just have the Necrons show up to reclaim their gear and wipe the base.

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