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Expand my armies suggestions needed..

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#1 Mailok



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Posted 16 February 2013 - 02:12 AM

Hello! Until now, I have these units

Lara (rev)
Sigrid (core)
Battle Grenadiers (core)
Laser Grenadiers (core)
Recon Grenadiers (core)
Heavy Laser Grenadiers (rev)
Sturmpioniere (rev)
Heavy Flak Grenadiers (rev)
Special Ops Grenadier

Hans (rev)
Luther/Ludwig (core)


Rhino (rev)
Joe Brown (core)
BBQ Squad (core)
Gunners (core)
Recon Boys (core)
The Hammers (rev)
Death Dealers (rev)
Hellboys (rev)
The Boss
Grim Reaper
Speacial Ops Ranger

Blackhawk (rev)
Hot Dog/Pounder (core)

I'd like to know what to buy next. I don't want heavy mechs or aircraft or SSU for now, I am looking for buy some other units that can give me more options for both sides or fix some weakness, just to give equal chances to every players that wants to play Dust Tactics

Thank you!!!


#2 Kriegschatten



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Posted 16 February 2013 - 04:32 AM

Hey, Mailok.

It sounds like you have a pretty good base already.


Since you asked for some suggestions, though, here's what I would recommend:



(1) Heavy Kommandotrupp.  These guys have really cool abilities (particular Stimulant Kit) which give you some new tactical options.

(2) Lothar.  Since you already have the Observers, you might as well get an artillery unit so you can use them!

(3) Axis Hero Pack.  Stefan is a good basic hero that can add a flamethrower, 4 more hit points, and (most importantly) Assault to any of your Type 2 infantry.  Grenadier X could be a great addition to your zombie squad, as giving them Assault makes them even more of a threat.

(4) If you want some more anti-tank punch, the Laser-Jagdgrenadiere would be a good choice.  The range of 6 on their anti-tank laser is quite nice.

(5) It's rarely a bad idea to buy more Recon Grenadiers.  They are very flexible, since they can take out infantry or vehicles, and their point cost is ridiculously low for what you get.



(1) Corps Officers.  As with the Axis Heavy Kommandotrupp, the new abilities these guys have really changes the game.

(2) Steel Rain.  I think that this is probably the best medium walker the Allies have, and maybe the best in the game.  Rolling 12 dice against other medium walkers is just fantastic.  And the Corps Officers will let you reload the rockets so you can do it twice per game!  It will also give a use for that Observer unit you already have.

(3) Tank Busters.  These guys are a fantastic anti-armor unit that are pretty effective againt opposing Type 3 infantry, too.

(4) Mickey.  Don't expect it to do much against enemy walkers, but it can rip opposing infantry to shreds in short order.  It has the Fast skill, so it can move quickly around the battlefield and it also has Self-Repair which makes it a bit more survivable than most other walkers in its class.

(5) Legio Patria Nostra.  If you want to clear enemy infantry out of a building, these guys can do it like nobody else.



#3 Mailok



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Posted 16 February 2013 - 06:39 AM

Thank you!! What about some light walkers?

#4 fhaugh



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Posted 16 February 2013 - 06:45 AM

I agree with Krieg, but I would also suggest:


Heavy Recon Grenadiers - scary good anti-infantry unit

Flamm-Luther - With 2 range 2 flamers he is amazing and 6 health really helps


Hero pack - Johnny One-Eye + gunners = almost double the firepower and survivability

                    - Action Jackson is great for the new light phaser troops

Chopper/Leathernecks - While fragile, they are so cheap they are almost broken.  15 pts for an artillery unit that can fire every turn, or 13 pts for a machine gun that is more effective than the twin.50s on the heavy allied walker.  Stick them both in cover where the Choppers can defend the Leathernecks and they will pay for themselves.

#5 Mattador Actual

Mattador Actual


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Posted 16 February 2013 - 12:44 PM

Hero Packs.  I love The Priest + HellBQ Squad.  Action Jackson works with Red Devils and DO/LPN.  Grenadier X + Zombies = scary.

Light Walkers.  Love my Heinrich and Wildfire.  Tip:  If you're handy, you can make the Wildfire/Honey weapons fit on your Blackhawk chassis.  My modified HoneyHawk is pretty sweet.

Tank Busters are badass also. 

Any interest in Dust Warfare?  grab more Battle Grens/Gunners and pass on Allied MCWs.

#6 xBeakeRx



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Posted 18 February 2013 - 10:11 AM

Wildfire and Heinrich are great for the points cost, I would definitely get one of each. Steel Rain is also pretty invaluable for the allies.


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