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Break it Down: The Reader

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Posted 15 February 2013 - 08:59 AM

The Basics:

A 3-Cost, 3-Strength, Unique, Learned, Greyjoy character with a Naval Intrigue icon, a Power icon and the Ironborn and House Harlaw traits

The Text:

Response: After you win an unopposed challenge in which a unique Greyjoy character participated, choose one: draw 1 card or discard the top 3 cards of each opponent's deck. (Limit once per phase.)

The Statistics:

Will be the 84th playable Greyjoy character…

62nd with a Power icon

48th Ironborn

47th with a strength of 3 or more

46th with a cost of 3 or more

35th unique

29th unique with a Power icon

27th unique with a cost of 3 or more

26th unique with a strength of 3 or more

25th with an Intrigue icon

24th unique Ironborn

16th unique with an Intrigue icon

14th with an Intrigue and Power icon

10th unique with an Intrigue and Power icon

5th House Harlaw

2nd with a learned crest


19th Greyjoy card with a discard from top of deck effect

15th with an unopposed effect

12th with a draw effect…

The Reality:

While it may be the 12th Greyjoy card with a draw effect, it is likely the second most reliable draw effect (after Longship Iron Victory) in a very small pool of reliable draw cards for Greyjoy (Iron Victory is really the only other). This alone is going to increase a straight up Greyjoy player's ability to keep up with several of the other faction's ability to gain card advantage.

Additionally, it will be only the 6th repeatable discard effect (and possibly the second most powerful/reliable after Bloodthirsty Crew). This should increase the consistency of a Greyjoy mill deck by the nature of it's multi-card discard and repeatable nature.

The Conclusion

The Reader should fill a fairly good niche for Greyjoy. It is aggressively costed. It is only the second learned crest that Greyjoy can play in house, which means Outwit will theoretically double in strength for Greyjoy. It is one of the few reliable draw engines in house for Greyjoy. It increases the potency of mill.

While this card doesn't necessarily have a stunning effect, it is likely to increase the variety in Greyjoy as a foundational card you can build on. Draw is a key ingredient for any deck and this means that Greyjoy now has one less generic card it is required to play. It plays to an existing Greyjoy theme (mill) as well as not sacrificing a core game strength to do so (draw). It can even be searched for if it begins the game in The Hold. The most interesting thing to watch will be how this affects mill decks. I think anyone would be hard-pressed to argue that this card by itself will not elevate the competitiveness of a Greyjoy mill build.

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