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The Enemy Within and character ranks

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#1 Bercilak



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Posted 13 February 2013 - 06:07 AM

Hey folks,

I was looking for some advice from those of you have more experience as a WFRP GM in thinking about TEW. I'm running An Eye for an Eye before my group starts TEW, and I was curious about the overall pacing of Advances in TEW.

Has anyone got a good sense of how quickly (and when) the PCs should advance in Rank during TEW? The game, in theory, takes PCs to Epic levels, but is it a linear progression where chapter 1 gets them to rank 2, and chapter 2 gets them to rank 3?

Will my PCs gaining 3-4 advances in "Eye" mess up the progression/difficulty in TEW?

Thanks for any thoughts.


#2 valvorik



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Posted 13 February 2013 - 08:24 AM

3-4 advances shouldn't mess things up (my players took 4 sessions for that adventure).  

If connecting, you could make the cult in Eye for an Eye the Purple Hand, just so "it's an old friend" when it reappears.

I think the real issue to manage is that groups can be quite variable in their abilities in WFRP and a GM always needs to adjust encounters and difficulties generally with a view to their table's strengths and weaknesses - removing a foe, giving an extra rally step, adding a gang of henchmen etc. as needed.

The main thing for pre-existing characters is to vary the background tie-ins or otherwise explain why they are looking for missing brass tier dockpeople and hiring on with a minor noble at times etc.

I'm not sure how fast characters will advance in EW.  I've only seen one set of play reports posted, here:


That group has got to Day 7 in 2 sessions (4-5 hours @), just having been hired for the garden party.


#3 AM_Odin



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Posted 14 February 2013 - 12:30 AM

I think it is mostly a matter of gaming style (and willingness to adapt). I use a 2 xp points per game session rule in my campaign. All characters starting TEW are at rank 2 and at the pace we are playing will most likely hit rank 3 somewhere just after the garden party (though maybe/hopefuly after the end of chapter 1). That will mosly mean adjusting some encounters, but that is not that big a problem with WFRP 3rd I think. On the whole I hope my players hit epic rank around chapter 3 so they will actually have some time to enjoy all the super epic powers before we all retire and start a new campaign.

All in all it is down to playing style I think. I like to give my players a feeling of being liberated and empowered individuals traveling through a downtrodden world. I believe another school of thought thinks the players should be among the downtrodden (but where is the fun in that on a saturday night?).


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