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Awards, Accolades, Medals and Honourifics.

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#1 Arkio_Gannys



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Posted 12 February 2013 - 11:19 AM

I noticed in the OW core rulebook that there is a list of a few medals and awards that PCs can be given when they accomplish certain tasks and I thought the list looked a little short, so I thought why not make a post about it, with the name of the award, the reason it's awarded and the planet / battle it's named after. The 100regiments for Only War thread is doing pretty well so we should be able to come up with a good few awards and accolades that GMs can use for thier groups and if necessary, adjust them to fit :) Here are a couple of mine: 

The Wings of Sorit VII: A navy blue ribbon with a pair of brushed plas-steel wings fixed to the front.

Awarded both humous and post-humously to all IG troopers that took part in the liberation of Sorit VII's capital city, Merwoghn (pronounced Mer-One). The IG were inserted via grav-chute and Valkyries. Beneath the liberated city, a partial STC template was found that contained designs for improved engines and aero foils for Aeronautica Imperialis craft. 

Benefit: the bearer of the Wings of Sorit has (+5) to command tests when requisitioning air support from the Aeronautica, and (+5) to the squads logistics rating when dealing with Aeronautica staff. (logistics rating bonus does not stack for each member with the Wings, max (+5) per squad NOT (+5) per member of squad with the Wings.)


The Shattered Chevron: A white ribbon with a vertical gold band through the centre, with a pair of gold chevrons with a split through the middle of each.

Awarded to Sergeants and Squad Leaders who have suffered 50% casualties to their squad, yet managed to still successfully complete the objective issued to them. 

Benefit: The Shattered Chevrons gives (+5) to all command and intimidate test when the bearer is attempting to influence those of lower or equivalent rank. (+1) to the squad logistics rating.

[EDIT: Sorry for the double post, can a mod or someone please remove the other thread.]

#2 whoseyes



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Posted 12 February 2013 - 09:13 PM

A slightly different kind of medal that we used in our game.

Ork "teef" collar: a necklace made of one or more ork fangs. Sometimes it can be found in the form of earrings or medals, but its important that they are made of true ork fangs.

This is not an awarded medal, but its common between IG squads that fight for long periods in ork infested territories to start collecting the big and impressive fangs of their dead enemies and use them as signs of status and as body counters. 

Normally one fang is collected from each killed ork.

Benefit: the bearer can add +1 to his iniatiative rolls when fighting against orkoids. Optionally, better bonuses can be applied for characters that have an impressive bodycount or that have killed ork specialists/nobs or even a warboss…

Bear in mind that this practices are not well seen amongst most of the IG officers and Comissars. Soldiers may have problems if found with these kind of trophies and won't be able to keep them when moving from one planet/campaign to the other unless they are so attached to these that they want to take the risk to keep them hidden…


Note: I know that this medal is "underpowered", but its a medal that nearly everyone can get easily!

#3 Arkio_Gannys



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Posted 15 February 2013 - 01:47 AM

Woo! A start! Does anybody else use this type of reward for their groups? Or have any players been rewarded with these by their GMs?

#4 srMontresor



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Posted 15 February 2013 - 03:24 PM

I really like the idea for the Ork teef 'medal'.  I don't think it's underpowered.  +1 to Initiative tests vs Orks seems pretty generous to me.  Anyway, I feel that medals shouldn't be massive game changers in and of themselves.

I used one of the medals from the Munitorum book but made my own rules to justify it.  One of the players successfully performed Medicae on two critically injured characters while under fire and this earned him the:

Crimson Skull; awarded for successful use of the Medicae test on critically injured characters while the medic comes under fire.

Effect: When first coming under fire while performing any kind of Medicae test, +10 to resist Pinning.  This is a once an encounter kind of thing, but is not likely to come up too often.

I also considered making the benefit  a +5 to resist Pinning in any situation, though the player preferred the rule I went for.

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