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Through the Force, Things You Will See

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 11:05 AM

“A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind.”
–Yoda, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

The Star Wars™: The Card Game FAQ is now available for download. Compiled by our very own Jedi Masters, this living document clarifies rules, answers common questions, and introduces errata designed to resolve issues that prevented two cards from functioning as intended. Rulings in the FAQ are official and should be used at tournaments in conjunction with the core rulebook and forthcoming tournament rules.

Players and tournament organizers looking forward to the 2013 Regional Championship tournament season for Star Wars: The Card Game Organized Play can choose from the high-res version (pdf, 14.4 MB), which includes mouse-over card images for quick reference, or the printer-friendly low-res version (pdf, 1.0 MB). Both versions are also available on the game’s support page.

Click to download the FAQ: high-res or low-res

Our Star Wars: The Card Game design team offers additional insight into the FAQ’s design.

From the Mouths of Our Jedi Masters

Hello, Star Wars™: The Card Game players! Welcome to the game’s first FAQ release. This document is intended to be used as a supplement to the Star Wars: The Card Game core rulebook. As the game evolves, so too will this document, which will be updated at intervals to cover the most recent developments in the game and metagame.

In this initial FAQ, you will find advanced timing rules, answers to a number of common questions that have come up in the early weeks of the game’s release, and a number of definitions and clarifications that should enable players to navigate the more advanced aspects of the game.

The document’s first section, “Card Errata,” addresses a situation in which the timing of “after you refresh” effects was preventing the newly placed shields created by a couple of card effects from persisting beyond the phase in which they were placed. Observant players will notice that we have addressed this issue on two levels. The first issue we noted was that the timing trigger of “after you refresh” had been defined too early in the rulebook (at the end of step one of the refresh phase), and we have therefore moved this trigger to a more natural place, after all three of the “refresh” steps have been completed. Additionally, we have also released errata on two cards, Fleeing the Empire (Core Set, 56) and Fleet Command Center (Core Set, 57), so that their effects now initiate at the end of the refresh phase. This was done to further remove these specific cards from the problematic “after you refresh” trigger.

The second section consists of general entries that cover a variety of broader topics. Here, players will find rules clarifications that handle general game situations (such as the simultaneous resolution by multiple players of a single effect), definitions that help explain how the language of the game functions (such as entries defining the word “to” or the concept of “moving damage”), and formal explanations about the treatment of specific game areas or states (such as the entry on the discard pile, or the ruling on facedown captured cards).

The third section provides players with an explanation of how to handle and understand advanced timing situations that may occur during play. It looks closely at the steps involved in playing a card or initiating an effect, and it includes a detailed examination of nested effect sequences.

The fourth and final section of the document includes a number of frequently asked questions and the official answers to those questions. This section is intended to help players with both the correct interpretation of the rules, as well as the context and reasoning behind those interpretations. It contains the questions that have been most frequently asked through the FFG website. If you have a specific question that was not covered in this document, we urge you to use the link on the site and submit it.

We hope this document can help you better enjoy your games of Star Wars: The Card Game. May the Force be with you!

   –The Star Wars: The Card Game Design Team

There’s no better time than now to continue your training in the Force. Download and study the Star Wars™: The Card Game FAQ. Then join the worldwide community of Star Wars players during our 2013 Regional Championship tournament season!

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