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Thoughts on this first mission

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#1 Ansalagon



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Posted 11 February 2013 - 10:31 PM

We are a group of friends that has started playing Deathwatch together.. we are 3-4 persons (depending on circumstances). So far we have mostly been training to learn the system (read fighting tyranieds in the watch fortress training area, though we have rolelayed the events).

Though there has been a small expidition to a planet where the group had to travel to an ancient becon relay, to retrive some data on tyranieds. The Hive tyrant had been killed so there was only sporatic fighting on th planet. However a group Novamarines who had initially been sent to retrive the data was long overdue. So the party fought their way through tyranieds that seem much more organised than they should, found the data, Found the dead Novamarines (whos armor was intact and, their bodies seemingly unharmed and with no obvious reaon to why they were dead), and were extracted. But it is time for a real mission, not just something like the pick-up task they signed up for last time…

So i want to surprise them…

So due to doubts that has been raised by Epistolary Axineton, they are getting a test mission. They must go to a planet that is under siege by tyranieds and activate another relay to gather more information. they will not go near the cities where there are brutal fighting, as the relay is located in a more islated place.. so the mission:

1) Join up with the local IG garrison

2) make their way through the dense forest with the IG (and keep them alive when the tyranieds jump at them)

3) Fortify the walls arounds the relay and get ready to repuse any aproaching Tyranieds, as the relay will require time to activate and will attract the tyranieds while it does so…

- they will get extra credit if any of the IG make it throught to go on guarding the site

- Intel suggest large hordes will swarm the relay once it starts powering up

- Possible that there are a vanguard organisms present in th forest…


There, a simple testing mission to see if the squad can work. But of course, things don't always go according to plan… Here is what will actually happen:


As their Storm Raven get green light to land, one of the AA guns fire at it, and get a very lucky shot… The ship chrashes.. They barely manages to get out of the burning wreck, before a figure in Power armor  shouts "FOR THE DARK GODS!" and they  find themselves neck deep in traitor marines and heretics.. This group of traitors has figured it is a fine sacrifice to their gods to kill deathwatch marines and take their geneseed (if anything is left)… So after the group have dealt with the traitors they suddenly find themselves without support, low on surplies and perhaps wounded… This is their chance to prove themselves and pull through with the mission, dispite the odds sudden goes against them…


Thoughts and suggenstions are most welcome :)


#2 TechVoid



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Posted 14 February 2013 - 08:04 PM


although I like plot twists, I did not fully grasp your idea. Is there really a Tyranid Invasion going on and now the Kill-Teams faces Traitor Marines in addition to the Xenos?

If the Tyranid Invasion is in full progress I guess a Squad of Traitor Marines would be the least problem. ;)

My suggestion would be to try to make the Kill-Team work together with the Traitor Marines that they have chance to survive together the horror of the Tyranid Invasion.


-- TechVoid

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