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Stark Strategy

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#1 floworcrash



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Posted 10 February 2013 - 08:35 AM

I've yet to play a full fledged 6 - player game yet, which sucks, but I have been mostly playing 3 player games. So my questions here are really about 3 / 4 player scenerios. 


I played as Stark for the first time last night, and I had a lot of trouble. I feel the Northmen are at a disadvantage to Lannister and Baratheon. They are lower on the Supply track, and holding the north provides little advantage. For example, in the same number of moves as it would take Stark to get a couple of crowns and barrells, Lannister can take 3 / 4 strongholds. Baratheon can sack King's Landing and move into the Riverlands. 


I'm curious of how the veterens handle being Stark. This game is fantastic, but I'm curious of how you folks open in thre North, especially in a 3 /4 player perspective. 



#2 Joeyk1985



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Posted 17 February 2013 - 12:47 AM

My previous post on stark beginnig moves on ur "trapped in white harbor topic" was actually based on a 6p game.

i just realized that u actually meant 3-4p

i generally dont play those only 2 games so far as i quickly found them to be boring and not requiring much strategy or diplomacy

theres always an imbalance in those and most of time ppl come up with different house rules (iron bay closed, arbor closed, etc…)

#3 floworcrash



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Posted 17 February 2013 - 01:18 AM

Believe me Joey, if I could play a full fledged 6 player game I would! I have 2 friends who are into the Song of Ice and Fire and gaming…otherwise I have pulled another person in but they aren't going to be regulars. 


I hope someone answers my local games post. I'd love to form a regular group. 

#4 DarkLoic



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Posted 20 February 2013 - 11:16 PM

floworcrash said:

I'm curious of how the veterens handle being Stark. This game is fantastic, but I'm curious of how you folks open in thre North, especially in a 3 /4 player perspective.

My advice :

First, make an "alliance" with the Baratheon, so you can focus on the Lannister.

Second, put pressure on the Lannister as early as you can.

Third and finally, when the Lannister is no more a threat, betray the Baratheon and take the victory !

#5 Verya



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Posted 04 March 2013 - 01:15 AM

I think I can say I'm a decent Stark player and I manage to play to the final just about every game. Either nearly losing or nearly winning.

My early strategy is just holding my own and securing the north. I save all my power for the initial clash of kings, never bidding on anything but a couple on the King's court. I secure supplies first, then start pumping out power from the north, while I slowly creep into the Vale, if I can manage, take Eyrie. On GJ front and on Baratheon sea, I make sure my defences are best I can provide with supports and defence orders. If anything breaches my sea defences, I immediately pull back troops to winterfell to avoid losing it, that can be devastating. General aim is to hold my own till turn 6-7 with 3-4 castles. By this time I have tons of power to bid, since I havent bid my power on anything. Hopefully a clash of kings comes up turn 6-7, I take the iron throne, then the King's Court. After that… winter comes :) Nothing really ever goes as planned in this game, but I think its a solid strategy.

#6 BenStark



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Posted 13 March 2013 - 09:50 AM

The strategy that has worked best for me is quickly securing White Harbor, Moat Cailin, and the Bay of Ice(?).  Then move south.  Move your ship out of the Shivering Sea and try to muster more ships from White Harbor to hold that water way and use it as a bridge down into the Eyrie. 

Don't waste time consolidating the North unless you've got the time to kill and want to use it to essentially "store" units in areas and consolidate power.  It's a waste of turns to try to bring the whole North under your control.  The best strategy I've been able to use employ as Stark (which I usually am since they're my favorite house and everyone else usually has another house they want to play) is be aggressive from the get-go.  Strike up an alliance with one of your neighbors (you're going to betray them anyways, so no fuss about which one) and begin working in a direction.  Then, backstab your neighbor and take control of their territories. 

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