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Unlikely Heroes (Session Report)

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#1 The Professor

The Professor


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Posted 07 February 2013 - 03:13 PM

Somewhere, not far from our reality, an ancient all-seeing being known by Scholars of Mythos Lore at Miskatonic University as Yibb-Tstll. Unbeknownst to our intrepid Investigators, this evil entity could detect their every move. In that distant place, a "Cycle of Calling" or to others, a "Doom Track" ticked forward until such time as Yibb-Tstll, a Great Old One would return to destroy the non-believers. Fortunately for Arkham, no one bothered to tell a certain Gangster, Professor, Politician, and Reporter.

The sun seemed to burn brighter above the gambrel rooftops and the birds sung with earnest resolve. Autumn had come to the city of Arkham and the cool air from the north seemed somehow to rejuvenate everyone.  This simple product of nature proved to be a powerful force for good, given the task before four unlikely heroes attempting to stop the encroaching madness.  Mike McGlen, still mourned the loss of his associate and friend, and he vowed to avenge his death…or die trying. Harvey Walters knew that he had been right all along, but now needed to experience what he had read in those dusty journals, tucked away in the recesses of the Miskatonic University Library. Charlie Kane knew that if he could get the support of the public that would go a long way in helping their desperate cause. Finally, Rex who long suffered under his family's Curse, felt as though a great weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. While each of these men had their own personal stories and reasons for pursuing clues which would protect their city, it was only through their combined effort that Arkham would remain safe.

At the edge of town, a strange gate had appeared in the Woods, while another opened, according to reports received by the Arkham Gazette, at Wizard's Hill in Dunwich, quiet and peculiar town which lies to the west of Arkham.  Rex, using his contacts raced to this town by train, arriving on the morning of the next day. Meanwhile Harvey cast an Astral Travel spell making his way to an Other World. Mike had attempted to clear the streets, but a strange thing happened as he was rendered immobile. According to the doctors at Arkham's Asylum, Mike and his roommate, Charlie was babbling some such nonsense when they were brought in for treatment. In the end, according to the preliminary report, Mr. McGlen has a Compulsive Disorder, while Mr. Kane suffered from Delirium.  Wanting to leave this "nut-house" Mike handed a Tome, entitled Dhol Chants to Charlie, saying "Here, it talks about Allies or some such thing - I'm not in need of any friends. But you're a politician; you can use all the friends you can get." Charlie coaxed Mike into giving him so money toward his reelection and promised to take it easy on those individuals who lived in the shadows. Mike made his "contribution" as he checked himself out and pulled his coat tight as the wind grew chillier.

Harvey made his way across the expanse of that Other World, finding a way back to Arkham only with great care and resolve. Strange surroundings so they were, these peculiar portals secured themselves in some fashion with the fabric of his own reality. Now, having returned to Arkham, he cleared his eyes, bringing his tuition in the arcane to the fore as he used the clues he had discovered most recently to rend the gate from its other-worldly connection and seal it with permanence as to not draw forth more of these nightmarish beasts from beyond.  Upon reflection, did he realize that he had just visited that accursed place, Lost Carcosa, made famous by the play which recently opened in the city's main theater.  As he moved to the edge of the Woods, he reached into his bag, drawing forth a tattered copy of The King in Yellow, the book which served as the basis for the play. After reading several chapters in the moonlight, he absently dropped the book into the clearing, and finding one of the wretched cultists, which preyed upon the weak-minded, moving along the streets, Harvey attacked him with the vitality of a man many years younger.  As he stood above the crumpled form at his feet, he exclaimed "Eureka!” He now had the proof he sought. His smile faded quickly from his face as he realized that this, he knew, was only the beginning.  

Leaving the Asylum, Charlie still felt uneasy, but gathering strength and donning a dark cloak to conceal his furtive movement, he slipped past the strange beings which now inhabited the once quiet streets of Arkham.  He made it to the Newspaper and after speaking directly with the Editor-in-Chief and handing over a not-so-insignificant amount of money, the Arkham Gazette would run an immediate print of Charlie's complete platform, ensuring a victorious election, and moreover, the support of the people.  His dealings with the paper had earned him a retainer which would prove useful in financing his campaigns.  Through an odd turn of events, which is to say they were unplanned and for the ever schedule-conscious Charlie, proved unsettling at first, did he end up at the Strange High House in the Mist located to the south more than a day's train ride in the coastal town of Kingsport.  While there, he took the opportunity, ever the politician, to spread his name and get to know the locals.  He made his way to the town via the precarious route which included the Causeway and the Wireless Station.  Once in the city, the effect of his presence seemed calming to the residents and while they talked of rifts tearing the fabric of reality, his words soothed them and life went on without fear.

Rex arrived in Dunwich and after only a brief respite at Bishop's Brook Bridge, he carried on to Wizard's Hill to investigate the strange portal which appeared at this cursed location. Nothing of his days as a Reporter prepared him for what he saw when he entered the luminous opening on the side of the mound.  Before him, it seemed to be nothing but vast distances, far too great to comprehend.  His encounters, albeit brief made a lasting impression. Black and muck-soaked stone walls erected in a non-Euclidian manner disturbed Rex's mind, but he managed to push through finally to the other side.  When he returned to Dunwich, Rex knew that he must in some way seal this place as to prevent vile creatures from using this gate to transit from that obsidian nightmare land to this location. How long he had remained away in that distant place remains unknown. Equally baffling is what happened next to the Reporter.  According to his own testimony taken after the incidents recorded here, no sooner did the portal vanish from sight, did a shock so fierce occur where he stood, and another luminous portal appeared in almost the exact same position.  The seal had been utterly destroyed and Rex into the void vanished once again.
He knew the streets better than most in Arkham. He had to know them because that's where Mike lived, on the streets. It was there, over the next few hours and days did he manage to rid the streets of myriad denizens spawned elsewhere and arrived in this quiet New England town to terrorize its inhabitants. Not if Mike could help it. After nearly a week of this Gangster's killing spree, aided by both his tenacity and a machine gun he had carried for nearly a decade, did he finally deign to visit the Science Building to ascertain a bit more about the creatures.  It was while he watched dissection that he overheard talk of portals and gates. He thought he would investigate for himself, finding one near the Unnamable.  Not one to back down from a fight, he figured the best place to tussle with them would be on their own turf. The Great Old Ones hadn't counted on the likes of Mike McGlen, but then few knew what he was capable of when he put his mind to it.    After what amounted to several days, Mike emerged from that same gate which he entered. Beyond the portal's threshold did he gaze upon structures with impossible heights. Mythos scholars often describe in this fashion the Great Hall of Celeano.  In a report filed at St. Mary's Hospital, he had murmured something about the stars and the blackness…the unending blackness.

Over the next fortnight, did these men travel the across the breadth and length of Arkham, Dunwich, and Kingsport.  Shortly after Mike and Harvey emerged from their respective expeditions to Other Worlds, did Rex race to Kingsport. Rex had only recently returned to Arkham and sealed a gate to the Plateau of Leng at Independence Square. Upon arriving in Kingsport, he took the Tome, De Vermis Mysteriis from Charlie and he voraciously read the cryptic passages to fully understand the power within. Nearly 100 miles from the city of Kingsport in that mysterious town of Dunwich did a once luminous gate located at Gardener's Place shimmer brightly and wink out of existence.  

While Arkham escaped destruction by a powerful being from outside our reality, the four men knew that their city and those nearby would ever be free from the Great Old Ones.

Investigators:  Mike Mc Glen, Harvey Walters, Charlie Kane, and Rex Murphy

GOO:  Yibb-Tstll

Duration:  15 Mythos Cards

Final Score: 26 Points (Doom Track: 11 - Terror Level: 0 + Investigators: 4 + Gate Trophies: 8 + Monster Trophies: 3)


Good: Initially all Investigators were Blessed (Mike and Harvey retained it for the entire game) thank to the first Mythos card; Charlie lost his Blessing, but picked-up a Retainer which he kept for the rest of the game; all but Rex Passed their Personal Stories; Socially Connected gave Charlie another Ally and Rex had Thomas Malone +1 Lore and +1 Fight.
Bad: Patient Claims Madness Caused by Words Mythos card; Rex cannot pass his Personal Story

Mike Mc Glen, Gangster

Money and Clue tokens:  $10 and 0 Clue Tokens

Common Items:  Tommy Gun

Skill: Expert Occultist

Special Cards: Benefits (Psychic and Visions) and Blessed

Madness: Compulsion

Gate Trophies: Great Hall of Celeano and the Underworld

Monster Trophies: Cultist and Star Spawn

Harvey Walters, Professor

Money and Clue tokens:  $9 and 5 Clue tokens

Common Items:  Molotov Cocktail

Unique Items: Brazier of Souls

Spells: Voice of Ra and Astral Travel

Skills: Speed and Bravery

Special Cards:  Blessed

Gate Trophies:  Plateau of Leng, Lost Carcosa, and The Abyss

Monster Trophies: Gug, Color Out of Space, and Goat Spawn

Charlie Kane, Politician

Money and Clue tokens:  $14 and 1 Clue token

Common Items:  .45 Automatic, Axe, and Dark Cloak

Unique Items: Dhol Chants

Spells: Premonition and Greater Banishment

Skills: Luck

Allies: Earl Sawyer and Ryan Dean (Bound Ally)

Special Cards: Retainer and Detriments (Tainted)

Madness: Delirium

Monster Trophies: Byakhee x 2

Rex Murphy, Reporter

Money and Clue tokens:  1 Clue token

Common Items:  Map of Arkham

Unique Items: Crystal of the Elder Things and Flute of the Outer Gods

Spells: Wither, Flesh Ward, and Markings of Isis

Skills: Performer

Ally: Thomas F. Malone

Gate Trophies: Plateau of Leng, R'lyeh, and Another Time

Monster Trophies: Formless Spawn and Goat Spawn

The Professor




#2 jgt7771


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Posted 08 February 2013 - 03:37 AM

There is nothing more frustrating than having a Gate Burst on top of you.  You have to repeat this chore all over again, but you don’t get any time to prepare, which usually means you’re traveling through a Gated Location THREE times!!

Now now…”Rex ‘cannot’ pass his Personal Story” is not precisely true.  You just need to be Changed, find Granny Orne, learn Mythos Lore, and have both Research Materials.  Or know a certain Violinist…

Thou art a dangerous man with a pen, Professor.  (Gambrel rooftops?  Really? estrellaestrellaestrellaestrellaestrella)  Excellent session prose!

What was that noise?

#3 eiterorm



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Posted 08 February 2013 - 06:11 AM

A well-written session report, good sir! I especially enjoyed the following lines. ^__^

The Professor said:

According to the doctors at Arkham's Asylum, Mike and his roommate, Charlie was babbling some such nonsense when they were brought in for treatment. In the end, according to the preliminary report, Mr. McGlen has a Compulsive Disorder, while Mr. Kane suffered from Delirium.


Before him, it seemed to be nothing but vast distances, far too great to comprehend.  His encounters, albeit brief made a lasting impression. Black and muck-soaked stone walls erected in a non-Euclidian manner disturbed Rex's mind, but he managed to push through finally to the other side.


#4 The Professor

The Professor


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Posted 08 February 2013 - 12:11 PM

@jgt :  Yes, there are a few combinations that would allow Rex to Pass his Personal Story…he's just not THAT lucky.  As for the comments on my writing…thanks!

@eiterorm:  appreciate the feedback…I really enjoy penning these session Reports…it makes it so much better, so much more vivid!

The Professor




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