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Battle Reports (tribute to Robomummy)

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Posted 07 February 2013 - 06:22 AM

As his or her Battle Reports thread kinda went into a discussion about the Final Testament mission, I figure it's only fair that we continue these reports in a new thread with less discussion (it was a good idea Robomummy, hat's of to you!)

Robomummy said:

"So i figured we should have a thread where people can post what is currently going on in their Only War games, any interesting things that have happened to maybe give other people Ideas for missions or funny moments in a campaign or maybe just update people on you progress though a campaign.

In my campaign so far the group played a small campaign I wrote for the Tanith 1st. So far during the campaign the players have been sent out as flank scouts for a convoy of tanith troops marching to the capitol city of the planet. The players had to brave trecherous mountain terrain and thick jungles in order to protect the convoy from blood pact. Notable actions so far is the elimination of a Blood pact ambush and an enemy convoy. Also the players accidently called in an artillary bombardment on a camp of refugees that were fleeing the blood pact (awarded medals for braveyr because they told their commanding officers that it was a large enemy camp). Next they will be headed into the city.

so what has been going on in your Only War groups."


Whoseyes said:

"We started with the Against the Savages adventure and are still playing a campaign in the jungle world of Skyrinne. Main enemies are Orks, although the PCs had an encounter with some misterious combined human forces (autochtons and deserters from their own regiment). They suspect that these human forces are allied with the Orks, but High Command told them to dismiss those ideas.

They've also encountered an old subterranean astartes command post (with a land speeder!). In that base they found the coordinates of the tomb of one Space Marine captain that's emplaced in Ork territory… the PCs are eager to find that tomb and its treasures…

Because of this discoveries and the fact that none of the squad members have died in 3 months of activity, they are starting to be seen as heroes by some other soldiers and hated by their Liutenant. A Comissar has been sent to accompany them from now on…



Future plans are to attack the main Ork base (if the PCs want to, try to find the SM tomb also) and then move forward to another planet/campaign."


AtoMaki said:

"Currently we play a special "High Threat Tactical Assault Team" (codename: Zulu Squad) what means that everyone in the Squad has carapace armour instead of flak and ripper guns instead of lasguns. All characters have Bulging Biceps and various "durability" Talents (like Iron Jaw). The Squad has 1 Operator (squad leader/tech specialist), 1 Medic (me), 1 Heavy Gunner (with a Lascannon) and 2 Storm Troopers. 


We started with the Final Testament campaign, but we had to abandon the adventure, because we broke it (we did a perfect crash landing and managed to capture the Ordinatus at the very beginning - and no, the campaign cannot handle unusual Squads, so if you want to start it with one, then your GM will have some hard times with it!). 


So for now, we are on the Fortress World of Mrish, trying to purge an all-female Nurgle cult. But stuff is getting weird around there. Originally, Mrish was big with "fertility enhancing" methods to maintain a steady population, and the cult sprung from the victims (roughly 90% of the women on the planet), but lately we've encountered some pretty interesting stuff, like weird superhumans fighting alongside the cultists and some sort of greater daemon who looks exactly like a human woman in the late stages of pregnancy with the compulsory Nurgle-y horns. And we also miss the usual Nurgle things, like diseases and rot - but every women in our regiment became pregnant as soon as we made planetfall. To make things worse, we also have a Radical Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor who - guess what - a woman :D."



The relevant battle report posts actually on topic in the original thread. (copy paste quotes didn't work :S ) Keep the reports comming! :)

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Posted 07 February 2013 - 11:38 PM

I'll see if we can get some more reports going by adding my own.

First some backstory..

We come from a world called Nabatea, a Forge/fortress world close to Rynn, homeworld (?) of the Crimson Fist space marine chapter. When Rynn was attacked, our legion and many others were sent to aid, how ever this also left our planet unfortunate enough to end up on the wrong end of our own Ork invasion. With little defences left, the world was quickly overrun, though a few cities managed to hold out for a while and all over the planet guerilla warfare was the only way to slightly slow the ork advanced.

Because of the heavy influence of the mechanicum on Nabatea, the air outside is too polluted to breathe, which leaves our people with rebreathers as basic equipment, something always kept close just in case. It's gone to the point where most people simply keep them on at all times, because they feel breathing without one feels weird.

When the Nabatean legion returned they had lots of work to do, and the Great war began. Eventually our people managed to purge the planet from the greenskins, as much as you can when it comes to their kind. Now and then they pop up again but for now they are kept in check.

So, we have good relations with the mechanicum (+10 to get bionics and such), all the fighting with orks has of course given us hatred towards them, in addition our long fighting + bad living conditions has made us tough (Die hard? Grants us the Toughness aptitude). We also have good relations with the Crimson Fist (no bonus or anything, though we will from time to time colaborate with them and play as a space marine kill team if necessary).


Now, our battles.. We started out (5 players) as droptroopers. This seemed like fun… ;) We began with a sergeant, medic, tech-priest and two weapon specialists, one melee/ranged hybrid (me) and the other a ranged specialist who focused on heavy weapons as well. In addition, as a first time playing this for some of us, we received a NPC sergeant to show us how things are done more or less. Our first mission was to secure an ork infested planet somewhere with the aid of the Vostroyans and one other known regiment, though I can't recall which one. As it happened, our legion arrived first…

As soon as we arrive we are bombared by the greenskins who had full air superiority (not what our intell had said) and so we were ordered to drop down to the planet while the imperial fleet fell back and regrouped. We were boarded by orks shortly after that and had to fight our way to the dropships. I lost an eye in that initial combat (almost both) but we dealt with them and proceeded. As we came closer to the surface we were shot down and had to jump, leaving our heavy weapon specialist inside the crashing dropship. We were days away from our original defensive position and had to find our squadmate. We found him, and the operators, captive by a few greenskins and about to be gunned down so we stopped them while taking a few hits, the medic got hit by a doubledakka or something and lost a fate point and fainted. We carried him for a few days to the closest allied city, only to find it overrun by orks, walked around it to the next which was also overrun… We managed to find a small outpost with a few orks in it and some vehicles, which made us decide we had no choice but to take it. All in all I think there were around 8-10 orks, a runtherd + 20 or so gretchin and a Nob. By surprise we managed to get the first "guards" (half asleep anyways) and with some luck and a few fire grenades which we got through a lucky mission assignment gear roll, we managed to win. We only lost our NPC sergeant and a comrade, though the tech-priest lost his fate and we were all injured.

We drove through another outpost, some PDF troops who reluctantly helped us a bit.. We would be back though. We continued on and finally made it back and received some medical attention, a few days later the actual campaign could start.

The PDF troops we encountered earlier had failed to follow orders and join with the rest of the troops, a scout troop had been sent to investigate and never reported back. We were sent in to eliminate any threats. We learned that day that even though not bad at stealth, the chance for 5 people to all succeed isn't too good. Sooner or later someone fails :) We did beat them though, it was in the middle of the night and we had some good tactical maneuvers and bunkered down in good positions.The tech-priest, run out of fate points, didn't make it though. Afterwards we found the civilians trapped in a room with strange symbols, reported it in and were told to seal them back in and stay back. A few minutes later the building was burned down napalm style. A valkyrie came to pick us up and as the hatch opened we saw a man inside. A man with the 'I' of the Inquisition.


To be continued… :P (off to work)


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