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The Five Writers of The Enemy Within reloaded, and the design changes to the WFRP3 game contained within

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#1 Emirikol


    ~Ĉiam subskribi antaŭ-nup kun Fimir

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Posted 02 February 2013 - 03:34 AM

I finally go around to reading my copy of TEW reloaded.  I notice that there were 5 writers of the product, but only Graeme has  commented about its production.  Anybody notice a different writing style to various areas?


I also see that FFG wizened up a little regarding producing the stuff INTERNAL to the text instead of only relying on the cards this time.  There seem to be a lot of updated layout methods presented within (perhaps thats reflected by the new art and layout people)?


WITHOUT SPOILERS, what do you think of the new layout?



#2 Pedro Lunaris

Pedro Lunaris


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Posted 02 February 2013 - 07:48 AM

I didn't get my copy yet, but for some reason I'm more thrilled about the product now that you shared this fast insight about layout changes, E. Thanks!

#3 Emirikol


    ~Ĉiam subskribi antaŭ-nup kun Fimir

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Posted 02 February 2013 - 09:07 AM

Here are some things that I like:

  • Maps contained in-line with text
  • Monsters are all in stat-bars
  • Lots of side-bars for adaptation
  • Multiple side-plots so the scenario comes to life
  • Clue handouts are also reprinted in the text
  • Character backgrounds are reprinted in the text
  • The Template for "the Black Cowl" is also printed in the text
  • There is a plot-summary reprinted again in the middle of the scenario (194 pages, you kind of need a reminder)
  • Artwork is top notch again (I don't care for the head on the pike picture, but that's just personal taste)
  • Some of the NPC's have their dice pools listed so you can just pull and play (they're not pre-rolled, just listed as "which dice")
  • All of the NPC/s/beasts have their "suggested" action if it goes beyond basic. THey didn't waste space reprinting the Actions, but they are listed (and are on the action cards).
  • They reprint "how to read the monster cards", even though monsters are also listed with their stats in easy-to-reference in-line text (for those of us who don't use cards)
  • THEY USE ALL THE PRODUCTS:  Everything from Winds of Magic, to the GM's guide, to Hero's Call are referenced and used in here.  As usual, they are not crucial for play, but it's good to see that it is clearly evidenced that they are being used and can be expanded upon.


What other improvements in design have you all seen in there?


What kinds of things are we going to be wanting to come up with for supplemental GMing technique?


I'll probably be doing the following for supplemental GMing stuff:

  • I've already put it into a magazine holder so the first 15 pages don't get thrashed from read-re-read
  • Post it notes will be copious (the glossy paper is hard to write on).  On the Reckless Dice podcast, you can see Gitz has already destroyed his copy with highlighter, but I think this is inevitable anyways.  I typically write a LOT of notes in my scenarios ~ you should see my now-ruined copy of 1e "The Dying of the Light" which I used pencil throughout.
  • I'll probably album-sheet all the extra monster abilities separate from my main-stack of monster/action cards.  
  • I don't use nemsis sheets, but I'm going to make one or more just for fun on Strange Eons
  • Minor spoiler: I'll be having full maps of Averheim (gitzmans), MIddenheim (Ashes of Middenheim or online map), and Altdorf (Spires of Altdorf
  • There will be  an NPC chart handout for all the players with random faces on it that the PCs can start fillign in the blanks on.  I find that if they have a "fill in the blanks guide" we are all much more apt to remember what the hell is going on between game nights.
  • Players will have to email me the details of their backgrounds (the answers to those questions).
  • Players will definitely be making new characters for this.  I'm going to stress that at least three players needs to play a career with the following traits:  NOBLE, Academic, Urban



Campaign Set-Up:

  • I'll probably obsidian portal a lot of it for reference (if we don't just Yahoogroup it like we usually do), and have downloadable files such as the map of empire, etc.





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