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Talisman World Events

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#1 Uvatha



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Posted 01 February 2013 - 07:26 PM

I just finished this idea for a game add-on. It might need a bit a tweaking, I’m not too happy about “world events” but I can’t think of a better name?Talisman World Events

At the start of game the player who has first turn draws three world events from the world event deck. World events are not considered normal events when one is discarded it goes to the world event discard pile and another is drawn in its place.. The player who has the current turn draws world events when needed.

3 Magic Flux: Any player can pay 2 Fate to counter a spell just cast, discard magic flux after its effect.

2 Working Day: At the start of the current players turn they may lose their turn and gain 2 gold, discard working day after its effect.

1 A Royal Kiss: Any player who is a toad can turn back to normal discard a royal kiss after its effect.

2 Strong Foe: The next combat any player fights against a enemy, double that enemies strength for the duration of the combat discard strong foe after the combat.

2 Potent Spirit: The next psychic combat any player fights against a enemy, double that enemies craft for the duration of the psychic combat discard potent spirit after the combat.


1 Touch of the Ice Queen: The next time any player draws a card from the frostmarch expansion “show symbol” the player who drew it losers their next three turns.


1 Dark Reaper: The next time any player loses a life all other players lose a life as well discard dark reaper when its effect ends.


1 The Dark Lord: While this card is in play the lord of darkness is immune to spells and characters special abilities, discard the dark lord when a player defeats  the lord of darkness.


1 The Eagle Lord: all enemy add  1 to their attack score in both battle or psychic combat. Discard the eagle lord when any character leaves the highlands by the eyrie.

Blood Moon

1 Lure of the Wolf: The next time any player rolls on the werewolf chart each Lycanthrope character must lose a life. Discard lure of the wolf after its effect.

1 New Day: Next time it becomes day discard this world event and all other world events and redraw 3 new world events.

1 Dark Night: Next time it becomes night all evil characters heal a life all good characters replenish a fate and all neutral characters gain 1 gold. Discard Dark night after its effects.

1 Cult of the Pumpkin King: When a player lands in a field space and are about to draw adventurer cards there, they may draw 2 extra adventure cards than normal. Discard after Cult of the Pumpkin King its effects

The Sacred Pool

Holy Quest: The next time any player lands on the city, village, chapel or castle they may accept a warlocks quest, discard holy quest when its effect ends.

Hero of the age: The next time a player gains a strength or craft and they already have 10 strength or craft they also have to discard all quests they are on, gain a Talisman and gain a quest reward. After hero of the age effect ends remove it from the game.

Let me know what you think or any better ideas?

#2 Uvatha



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Posted 02 February 2013 - 02:02 PM

#3 Uvatha



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Posted 02 February 2013 - 02:07 PM

Sorry for second post for some reason "enter" is not making another line for me typing text in? Anyways, 36 done added alot of interesting stuff.. Strange Shops and Pick Pockets are for the City exspanion (which I still am waiting on :)). I'm excited about these I have to say. Its version 0.1 no playtest going to print and test, edit, re-word then get going on the card backs. The set (of course) is designed to make Talisman even harder hehehe of course. But also make players think more about the choices they make in a hostile world… Well its hostile now :). Of course all welcome to put input in.

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