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Substance of Shadows spell

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#1 Kopesh



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Posted 31 January 2013 - 03:38 AM

I have a question about the spell Substance of Shadows. When it says that attacks don't do damage, does that include spells that do damage too? Currently, our Grey Wizard is practically invulnerable as he casts that spell constantly. He is never in any risk of dying in battle and has become insufferably arrogant as a result.

Would it be fair for me as a GM to say that Substance of Shadows gives no protection against spell attacks? I have thought of making it so that spells cause 2 stress instead of 1.

Please, give me your thoughts on this.

#2 k7e9



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Posted 31 January 2013 - 05:33 AM

Arrogant in character or at the gaming table? If it is the character who is arrogant it can be seen as interesting roleplaying, if it is the player who is arrogant you might talk to the player first. Instead of throwing rule changes his way, that might create a (bad) conflict. Talking about it might solve the issue alltoghether.

It could be ruled that magic attacks will damage the character. It does mention weapons and attacks, so probably they were thinking about normal, physical weapons. Furthermore it could be argued that magical weapons would still damage the character as the character is basically turning into an etheral (similar to ghosts, wraiths etc), which can be damaged by magical weapons and spells in the warhammer fantasy battles game (but not by normal weapons). An argument against could also be made, offensive spells beeing attacks.

In my games I'd rule that spells, magical weapons and any other sort of magical attacks to damage the character is most true to the warhammer lore (at least for me, comming from the battles game initially). Allthough, I would not include wizards, magical weapons etc. in every fight just to get at the gray wizard. Do not overdo it, the player will feel targeted.

A tip is to contact FFG's customer support and ask, with an "official" answer it would be easier to rule that spells, magical weapons etc can harm the character (if that's their ruling).

Lastly, stress could really build up fast if attacking the character a couple of times each round, and stress buildup could be as dangerous as actual damage (you do fall unconsious when above 2*WP I believe. and the stress could generate insanities, black dice to spell checks and so on).

#3 SHazle



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Posted 01 February 2013 - 08:09 AM

As the spell reads, he only avoids damage in the reckless stace, not the conservative stance. If cast Recklessly, he suffers 1 stress from "weapons and attacks". I don't see where it states that the attacks have to be sucessful. If he's atackes by a lowly rat, then he suffers one stress. A group of 6 rats is 6 stress per turn. Turn one makes him in distress and turn two has him unconsiouss due to stress, even if he's maxed out at 6 WP.

Throw a couple of swarming attacks at him and when he goes down the second time he may reconsider his tactics.

It doesn't have to be rats, it could be a pack of dogs, or an angry mob.

#4 Emirikol


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Posted 02 February 2013 - 12:54 PM

Ohhh, that could result in insanity at a very rapid pace  :)


Me likey.



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