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Tolsmir's Deck Thread

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Posted 30 January 2013 - 10:33 AM

Howdy Guys!

I had a friend introduce me to this game about a month and a half ago and, while not initially sold because of my "only 2 players is boring" mentality, I've been bitten by the Runner bug hard and am now completely hooked. At the moment I have 2 core sets (or corsets, if your significant other is reading and wants to have a bit of a laugh!) and have built myself 2 runner and 2 corp decks. I have borrowed some cards from my friends expansions that he isn't using but I am also planning of obtaining my own expacs in the nearish future.

My first runner deck was a Shaper and I totally love the mid-late game power Kate has with the right rig. Assuming I'm not up against a quick advance NBN (coincidentally the second Corp I decided to build) and I remember that everything in Jinteki has to possibilty to hurt me, I do quite well with Kate. My second Runner, just rigged up in the past day or so, is an Anarch. I'm "bringing the Noise" with this one as I've seen this particular deck leave even the most capable of Corporations grasping for straws as he digs four and five deep into R&D and then trashes all the valuable things with imp.

My first corp deck was HB as I was completely enthralled with all the Bioroids. I like their flavour and the fact that if the runner doesn't make first click runs against things like Heimdal or Janus, he is going to have to pay out the nose to get around them. I may be running a bit slower version of HB as I have opted for running Mandatory Upgrades but when you do score one or more of those in a game the runner always seems to be scrambling to get in front of me. I haven't yet tried my quick advance NBN with Scorched Earth's splashed in but I've watched a couple play and they seem very effective.

Anyways, the purpose of this thread is so that I can post my deck lists and get feedback from the community on them. Anything constructive is awesome and helps me build continue to evolve my decks. I've already gotten a lot of help from just lurking these forums and reading about other people's decks so let me end this introductory post by giving a BIG thank you to the community here and to Brighton in particular, whose Shaper and HB Handbook posts were immensley helpful when I first started building my decks.

Run Hard, Play Harder,


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Posted 30 January 2013 - 10:38 AM

Shaper Deck; Kate "Mac" McCaffery

  Modified Runner: Shaper (Kate "Mac" McCaffery)  
  Amount Cards Influence
  1 Ninja 2
  1 Femme Fatale 1
  1 Pipeline  
  1 Snowball  
  1 Battering Ram  
  1 ZU.13 Key Master  
  2 Gordian Blade  
  1 Crypsis  
  1 Magnum Opus  
  3 Rabbit Hole  
  2 Akamatsu Mem Chip  
  3 Personal Touch  
  1 The Toolbox  
  2 Cyberfeeder 2
  2 Armitage Codebusting  
  2 Liberated Accounts 4
  2 Infiltration  
  1 Aesop's Pawn Shop  
  2 Tinkering  
  2 Diesel  
  3 Sure Gamble  
  2 Modded  
  2 Special Order 4
  2 Stimhack 2
  2 Helpful AI  
  2 The Maker's Eye  
Total: 45   15

This is my current Kate deck. She can take a turn or two to get rolling but once I get a couple breakers out, there typically is very little the corp can do to keep my from mowing through their ICE. That assumes of course that my economy is good but I've only ever had one game where it failed me. I have already spotted some places where change can be made. Mainly in the form of swapping out my Akamatsu Chips for Dyson ones once I get myself the data packs. I love being able to go all the way down the "Rabbit Hole" and put a huge kink in any trace the corp wants to run and "Tinkering" makes it so that if I am missing a breaker early, I can get past a pesky ICE anyways.

Let me know what you guys think!

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Posted 30 January 2013 - 10:41 AM

Anarch Deck; Noise

  First Build Runner: Anarch (Noise)  
  Amount Cards Influence
  1 Aesop's Pawn Shop 2
  1 Ice Carver  
  1 Wyldside  
  3 Armitage Codebusting  
  3 Cyberfeeder  
  1 Grimoire  
  2 Easy Mark 2
  2 The Maker's Eye 4
  3 Déjà vu  
  3 Demolition Run  
  2 Stimhack  
  2 Infiltration  
  3 Sure Gamble  
  3 Imp  
  3 Data Sucker  
  3 Medium  
  3 Parasite  
  3 Djinn  
  3 Crypsis  
Total: 45   8


Freshly built and going to play test tonight. I can't find much wrong with the build atm, but thats just in my theory crafting. Biggest potential downfall I see is that I am only running Crypsis in favour of a Virus heavy build. We shall have to see how that plays out. Wish me some luck!

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Posted 30 January 2013 - 10:45 AM

Corporation Deck: Haas Bioroid

  Modified: 1/29 Corp.: Haas Bioroid    
  Amount Cards Influence Agenda Points
  3 Accelerated Beta Test   6
  3 Mandatory Upgrades   6
  3 Priority Requisition   9
  2 Enigma    
  2 Ice Wall 2  
  2 Wall of Static    
  3 Heimdall 1.0    
  3 Tollbooth 6  
  2 Viktor 1.0    
  3 Ichi 1.0    
  1 Janus 1.0    
  3 Sensei 3  
  1 SanSan City 3  
  2 Ash 2X3ZB9CY    
  1 Melange Mining Corp    
  3 Adonis Campaign    
  2 Aggressive Secretary    
  3 Pad Campaign    
  3 Hedge Fund    
  2 Archived Memories    
  2 Biotic Labour    
Total: 49   14 21


This is the most recent build of my HB deck. I had some cell portals in here but I took them out because if I got them late game they just weren't useful (though I will admit the idea of sending the runner back to Janus was mightly entertaining!). I put a third Sensei in to get more mileage out of it as I've found it useful (especially in front of Ichi 1.0) and I also included SanSan as a way to try to quicken the pace of my agenda scoring. I've never had much of a economy problem but having Adonis Campaign in faction is probably the answer to most of that.

Let me know you're thoughts!

#5 Tolsmir6891



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Posted 30 January 2013 - 10:48 AM

Corporation Deck: NBN

  First Build Corp: NBN    
  Amount Cards Influence Agenda Points
  1 Private Security Force   2
  3 Breaking News   3
  3 Astroscript Pilot Program   6
  3 Restructured Datapool   9
  3 Data Raven    
  3 Draco    
  2 TMI    
  3 Tollbooth    
  3 Enigma    
  3 Matrix Analyzer    
  1 SanSan City Grid    
  2 Red Herrings    
  2 Ghost Branch    
  1 Melange Mining Corp    
  2 PAD Campaign    
  3 Hedge Fund    
  2 Big Brother    
  2 Closed Accounts    
  2 Psychographics    
  3 Scorched Earth 12  
  2 Beanstalk Royalties 2  
Total: 49   14 20


This is the first build of my quick advance/scorched earth NBN deck. I've based it upon a friends deck that, from what I've seen, is very effective. The only change I made was to run Beanstalk Royalties over Aggresive Negotiations because it seems to me that the more money I have, the better I can make use of things like Matrix Analyzer, Psychographics, and Draco. Testing this one out tonight as well!

#6 Evazorek



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Posted 01 February 2013 - 04:42 AM

Nice thread, some interesting deck ideas here. Interested to see how the decks performed.

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