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How are the Investigators balanced?

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#1 Sinthioth



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Posted 29 January 2013 - 05:36 PM

So it's fairly obvious to figure out the balancing of the Skills track in the context of itself, but I was wondering if anyone had ever figured out how they balance the weight of the Skills, the character's special ability, and their starting items all together to make a decent investigator? I would imagine it's all balanced according to how much your average skill roll is increased by any given thing, and there must be point values such as the average bonus given by a Common Item, Spell, ect. And then Sanity and Stamina factor into it…somehow. It must be pretty complicated, but this forum's broken down just about everything about the game, so I was wondering if anyone had any inklings as to the formula for making investigators, as it were? :)

#2 Full Doom Track

Full Doom Track


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Posted 29 January 2013 - 06:26 PM

I know that there was at some point, information from the designers around how they set up each character from the core set and then used that concept to create the remaining investigators.  I wasn't around during the game's inception or even the early stages of it so I could be dead wrong here, but most investigators are given about $25 worth of items/skills to make things work out.  I know that one of the long time forum guys here can offer more information or perhaps it's located in an FAQ somewhere but I believe that was the general concept.


Despite using this, some of the special abilities of investigators are so unique (Patrice / Mandy) that I'd say it is impossible to balance them.  They are still unique and provide us with the games we have today but it is clear that some investigators are considered far stronger than others.


This may provide you with more information about investigators, how often they're used and how useful they are considered (generally).  This is Tibs Arkham Horror Stat sheet and is an active spread sheet of more than 9000 games of Arkham Horror logged in and submitted by many of the forum users here and from a variety of other places around the web (along with Tibs himself).  I consider this tool extremely useful and reference it often along with contributing to it.  You can find more information on the sticky at the top of this forum.



Good luck and I hope this gets you started in the right direction.

#3 Judgement Dave

Judgement Dave


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Posted 29 January 2013 - 09:44 PM

If Strange Eons has it's validator set to the correct values, it looks like Investigators get $35 of starting possessions, clues and cash, with clues being worth $2 each and the following valuations for random possessions:

  • Common Items $3
  • Unique Items $5
  • Exhibit Items $6
  • Spells $4
  • Skills $10
  • Allies $10
  • Gate Trophies $7
  • Monster Trophies $5/3 (which rounding brings to $2 for 1, $3 for 2 and $5 for 3)

It also prices extra skill points at $8.

Strange Eons has a balancing adjustment for special abilities applied to the characters focus.

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